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KAMIKA Black hair cream shampoo

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62.99 $62.99

40代でもまだ間に合う うるツヤ黒髪はシャンプーで変わる スカルプエイジングケアシャンプー  黒髪クリームシャンプー 黒髪スカルプ スカルプシャンプー KAMIKA カミカ楽天ランキング2冠達成 ありがとうございます 楽天ランキング シャンプーランキング 1位 スカルプ・ローションランキング 1位 デイリーランキグ1位 リアルタイムランキング1位たくさんのお喜びの声 レビューが届いております!たくさんのお喜びの声 レビューが届いております!徹底検証!楽天・アットコスメで受賞されている理由はコチラシャンプー コンディショナー トリートメント これからはKAMIKA1本でOKえ!? 泡立たないの?クリームシャンプー植物由来のクレンジング成分で頭皮の汚れを落としますクリームで汚れを落とすうるおいを与え、汚れやニオイを落とす1本5役のオールインワン90%以上の天然由来成分実感にこだわり丁寧に作り上げたクリームシャンプー



“Repeated white hair dyeing hair” “Worry about volume…” As you age, your worries will increase. Therefore, Order Supplement researches and develops shampoos that can maintain gloss and volume while taking good care of the scalp. Black hair cream shampoo KAMIKA was born.

KAMIKA is a new brand of original order supplements that was born under the concept of “regaining the original strength of hair and creating beautiful and voluminous black hair forever”.

KAMIKA does not foam

KAMIKA does not foam

For those who are worried about the hairiness and volume of hair that has been repeatedly dyed with white hair, damage due to strong stimulation and friction is not good. KAMIKA does not use strong synthetic surfactants. Also, because it doesn't foam, it is washed while scalp and hair.
The ingredients penetrate deeply into the stratum corneum, and you can expect shiny black hair.

You might be surprised by the non-foaming shampoo, but it's important to wash with cream
This is amazing! Special ingredient content
Formulated with hematin and melitan
Formulated with hematin and melitan

Hair that is worrisome with age. “ Hematin ” and “ Meritan ” make your black hair shiny . Cream shampoo makes it easy for the necessary ingredients to fit into the scalp and cares for the hair you care about with age.
As you continue, you can expect natural black hair from the inside.

A bounty component of the sea that supports a clean scalp environment
A bounty component of the sea that supports a clean scalp environment

A bounty component of the sea that cleans dirt and smells and keeps the scalp clean . It keeps the hair moisturized and helps to grow the hair firmly from the root.

◆ Macombu Extract ◆ Sea salt

9 plant extracts that support hair loss and thin hair and support the scalp environment

9 plant extracts that support hair loss and thin hair and support the scalp environment

KAMIKA is formulated with nine plant extracts that help prevent hair loss, dandruff and itching. By supporting the scalp environment and improving the scalp environment, we support a state where healthy hair is easy to grow.

◆ burdock root extract ◆ mandarin root extract ◆ rosemary leaf extract ◆ garlic root extract ◆ arnica flower extract ◆ scots pine cone extract ◆ citrus kizuta leaf / stem extract ◆ holland mustard extract ◆ roman chamomile extract

Keeps your hair moist and easy to unite

Keeps your hair moist and easy to unite

Fruit stem cell extract that has been attracting attention with non-perishing apples, honey that is nice for the scalp and hair, and 4 types of oil . It keeps hair that tends to be pattered repeatedly by dyeing and coloring white hair, and keeps it moist and glossy.

Shampoo, conditioner treatment is OK with one KAMIKA!

KAMIKA does not foam

I can't spend time on hair care while I'm busy every day! I think that there are many who say. KAMIKA is a short-time care that requires only one shampoo / rinse treatment. It is well received that it is easy to continue because only one is required.

raw materials Water, isopropyl palmitate, cetanol, glycerin, DPG, cetrimonium bromide, stearyl alcohol, glyceryl stearate, polyglyceryl-10 laurate, kebukawa seed oil, ethanol, alkyl (C12,14) oxyhydroxypropyl arginine HCI, squalane, honey , Sunflower seed oil, dimethicone, argania spinosa kernel oil, isostearic acid hydrogenated castor oil, ethyl hexyl glycerin, hydroxyethyl cellulose, lactic acid, polyquaternium-7, amodimethicone, dicocodimonium chloride, steartrimonium chloride, ceteth-20, hematin , Arnica flower extract, nettle flower / leaf / stem extract, Dutch pepper leaf / stem extract, burdock root extract, Kizutaki leaf / stem extract, garlic root extract, red pine bulb Extract, Roman chamomile flower extract, rosemary leaf extract, apple fruit cultured cell extract, lecithin, xanthan gum, dextrin, acetylhexapeptide-1, polyquaternium-51, Ascofilm nodosum extract, sorbitol, macombu extract, sea salt, BG, Fragrance, menthol, PPG-3 caprylyl ether, phenoxyethanol

* The information is current as of June 2019. Package specifications and prescriptions may change without notice due to renewal.

How to use KAMIKA

You may feel embarrassed that it doesn't bubbly, but if you use it correctly, your hair and scalp will become dirty.

① Brushing before washing

① Brushing before washing

It ’s NG to start from the beginning! Gently brush with the brush tip.

① Brushing before washing

② Wet hair and scalp

Wet your hair and scalp with hot water. It is very important for removing dirt and increasing blood circulation of the scalp.

① Brushing before washing

③ Take KAMIKA and apply it to your scalp

It is easy to get acquainted with dividing it into several times without taking out the amount to be used at once.

* Because it uses gentle ingredients for hair and scalp, it will not foam

① Brushing before washing

④ Rinse with hot water

Rinse firmly until the scalp is no longer ridiculous

If you are worried about hair loss or hurt ...


Please check before ordering


Internal capacity 400g
Shipping method Free shipping anywhere in the country Within 7-10 days after ordering your order, we will deliver the product via Sagawa Express. ※ Okinawa, remote islands and some products will be delivered by another delivery company
Precautions for use ◆ Use with caution to make sure there are no abnormalities on your skin
◆ Stop using it when it does not fit your skin, that is, in the following cases. If you continue to use it as it may worsen the symptoms, we recommend that you consult a dermatologist or specialist.
・ If you experience redness, swelling, itchiness, irritation, color loss (white spots etc.) or skin darkening during use ・ When the above symptoms appear due to direct sunlight on your skin
◆ Do not use on areas with abnormalities such as wounds, swelling, eczema, etc. ◆ If it gets into your eyes, rinse immediately

<Notes on storage and handling>
◆ Please keep out of reach of infants
◆ Do not store in places with extremely high or low temperatures or in direct sunlight.

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