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Kali – Antibacterial Dishcloth

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Quick overview


We’re using sponges to keep our dishes and the area around kitchen sink clean… But in doing so, we’re turning these sponges into dirtiest objects in our homes - a paradox! It’s a fact long proven by the British scientists, and it’s often discussed in the media:

Yes, when a sponge is visibly dirty and starts to emit foul odor, we throw it out, but does it solve the problem? Not at all - bacteria infest the sponge since day 1, and are not affected by dishwashing liquids. Some can even survive microwaves:

Get rid of the bacteria breeding ground in your own kitchen, switch your sponge for The Kali!

The Kali is a special antibacterial dishcloth. Thanks to its unique bristles, it cleans any surface perfectly…

...and is easily self-cleaned with tap water

The Kali will help you wash your dishes easily, and keep your kitchen clean!

The Kali is made of super-porous material - bamboo fiber, which absorbs three times more liquid than ordinary cotton

The bamboo fibers which compose The Kali’s material contain natural antiseptic - the bamboo kun. This substance destroys up to 70% of bacteria and prevents them from multiplying

The Kali allows you to keep any surface clean, not only dishes - from tabletops and shelves to home appliances. The Kali removes all stains, leaving no traces or stains.

Wear-resistant, sturdy and dense, The Kali will serve you 20-30 times longer than ordinary sponges, fully keeping its properties along the way. Ultimately, when you consider its service time, The Kali turns out to be cheaper than the obsolete solutions

How I came up with The Kali?

It all started pretty simple - I caught a cold. Nothing too serious, pretty common in Fall, but a week later my ear was aching pretty badly. I was looked at by the doctors, and they said the reason was the Moraxella Catarrhails bacteria, which often resides on dishes. This was the final drop. I’ve long been fed up with these pieces of foam - they keep tearing up, are hard to clean, take a while to dry. It’s really uncomfortable when there’s dirt in your kitchen, moreso when this “dirt” can give you an infection.

I’ve decided to use rags instead - they’re dense, are quicker to dry, and more convenient. But the regular cloth didn’t fit - it was bad at dishwashing, and wasn’t much better at self-cleaning than sponges were.

I needed a special kind of rag, with piles and antiseptic and ecological material. Half a year of research later and it became clear - I needed a dishcloth out of bamboo fiber.

In early 2019 it was clear to me that such dishcloth could potentially replace sponges entirely, ridding us of these concentrations of dirt. I traveled to China to visit a factory that could fulfill an order based on my project. The prototype had proved itself perfect - the dishcloth is amazing at its job and washes all surfaces easily and effectively, while serving for a long time.

So here I am, offering The Kali to you. Let’s get rid of bacteria!

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