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KAKEHIKI Motive Lip Plumper

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42.99 $42.99


Rakuten Daily Overall Women Ranking ※ 1 
MAQUIA ONLINE Review Month Overall * 2

No. 1

Plump lips are women's secret weapons.

HIMITU Lip Plumper, which has gained a lot of support from the beginning of the launch, is an innovative plan-up * 1 that covers lip wrinkles and offers a lip-like lip lip balm. 
Renewed 2018/12/3 on "KAKEHIKI MOTIVE LIP PLUMPER"!

※ 1 by makeup effect


Just use it casually and it will be beautiful. 
The secret nectar weapon of the lip only for women who keep trying hard and keep busy everyday.

Kake Hiki Motive Rip Plumper (KAKEHIKI -MOTIVE LIP PLUMPER-)

Domestic first adoption! Formulated with "Neolipid® (Neolipid) Rip Plumper * 2". It is a lip balmper (a lip essence only) that completes the lips according to the ideal by simply applying a quick touch. Approach to all "dry, dusky, vertical wrinkles" that will change even the impression by the makeup effect of the face. Make your entire face gorgeous with healthy lips that are age-friendly. 
That is "KAKEHIKI-MOTIVE LIP PLUMPER-" (Kakeshiki Motive Lip Plumper.

※ 2 Achillea extract, oleyl alcohol, dioleyl tocopheryl methylsilanol (moisturizing ingredient)

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Attention component 
Blended with Neolipid® lip planer

A mixed ingredient (moisturizing ingredient) of C. versicolor extract, oleyl alcohol, dioleoyl tocopheryl methylsilanol, neo-lipid lip planer It is a savior of age-fighting lips who will receive an efficient plan-up *. Not only a single effect, it keeps the lip contour changed by continuing to use it, and it contains a luxurious beauty ingredient.

Word of the month ranking 1st place winning

With the support of many people, we won the first place in the month of February 2019 in the MAQUIA ONLINE Review Monthly Ranking. Thank you very much.

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