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Joseph Joseph Double Dish

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The Double Dish Snack Bowl makes it simple to discreetly discard the leftover shells, wrappers, pits, and toothpicks from your favorite snacks.

A traditional serving bowl nests inside a larger collection dish which acts as a concealed trash bin. The collection dish features three wide "mouths" for depositing refuse and a ledge to support the top snack dish.

Made from durable melamine, the Double Dish is dishwasher safe and available in two color styles: white/stone and green/white.

The snack bowl with a built-in trash can

The Double Dish Snack Bowl is an incredibly simple, yet clever invention. It features a snack bowl which rests inside a larger container that collects your cherry pits, pistachio shells, candy wrappers, toothpicks, and more.

The Double Dish Snack Bowl collects its own trash.
Deposit trash from your snacks into one of the three "mouths" of the Double Dish.

Perfect for candies, nuts, olives, and more

The Double Dish is ideal for any snack that leaves something to be discarded. All of the wrappers, shells, toothpicks, and pits are conveniently collected underneath the snack bowl.

To access and discard the trash, simply lift the top dish.

Simply lift the top dish to empty the trash of the Double Dish Snack Bowl.
All of the discarded material is collected in the bottom of the Double Dish for easy access.

Available in two color combinations

The Double Dish Snack Bowl is available in white/stone and green/white. Delicious Hershey's Kisses and ballpark peanuts are not included.

Double Dish Snack Bowl is available in a variety of color combinations.
The Double Dish is available in white/stone and green/white color combos.

Double Dish™ Large




Double Dish™ Large is an enhanced version of our original Double Dish™ serving bowl design.

Its bigger size provides several compartments for serving a variety of snacks and foods and a convenient area for storing cocktail sticks or toothpicks.

Its unique design offers the same benefits as Double Dish™, with its integrated collection bowl beneath for disposing of unsightly food waste.

Made from 100% food-safe melamine.

• Main serving dish with compartments for a variety of snacks
• Cocktail stick/toothpick holder
• Integrated collection dish for collecting and hiding food waste
• Made from 100% food-safe melamine



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