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J·R·LIGGETTS All-Natural Shampoo Bar

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9.99 $9.99

jr liggett shampoo bar

jr liggett shampoo bar

Made from pure natural vegetable oils. No detergents. No synthetic fragrances. No preservatives. No animal products or testing on animals.

We completely support the ethical treatment of animals.

shampoo bar

J.R. LIGGETT'S - The Brand You Trust

Handmade in Cornish, New Hampshire

Hand-Cut and made using a centuries-old recipe, no two of our J.R.LIGGETT’S Shampoo Bars are exactly alike! We make them the way they did over 100 years ago here in New England.

All-Natural Formula

Made without synthetic oils, detergents or chemicals, it's a very mild sulfate-free shampoo. Perfect for permed, colored and naturally curly hair. It offers clean, healthy, beautiful hair without stripping all your natural oils.

Long-Lasting Protection

A blend of rich oils like Olive, Coconut and Castor Oil nourishes your hair with antioxidants and Vitamins A, B & E which can rejuvenate dull hair.

  • All Natural Oils
  • Promotes Healthy Hair
  • No Plastic! 1 Bar equals 1-2 Plastic Shampoo Bottles
  • GMO Free
  • No Animal Products or Testing on Animals
  • No Preservatives, Artificial Colors or Synthetic Fragrances
  • No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)
  • Most people can get a comb through their hair without using a conditioner.
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Travel Ready Shampoo Bar EZ Pouch Pack6 Variety Shampoo Mini Bars Sampler Pack2 Original Formula Shampoo Bars with Solid Wood ShelfShaving Foam Natural, Hypoallergenic Formula Safe for Sensitive SkinOrganic Lip Butter - Variety Pack
Key Features Ideal for travel, gym, camping, backpacking and more. The water repellent, EZ-pouch belt loop can be easily attached to backpacks, tents, etc Great way to try all six formulas and see what works best for you. Ideal for those with allergies or sensitivities, our shampoo is gentle and safe for all hair and skin types! Smooth, Comfortable Shave: Formulated with Saponified Olive and Coconut Oil, our rich shaving lather instantly upgrades your daily routine! Soft, moisturizing and soothing for long lasting daily protection.
Benefits Includes an EZ-strip to wrap around the bar for easy removal from the pouch and serves as a mat for the shampoo bar. Includes our entire line of Vegan shampoo bars: Original, Herbal, Tea Tree and Hemp Oil, Moisturizing, Jojoba and Peppermint and Virgin Coconut and Argan Oil. Maximize the Life of Your Shampoo Bar with our solid wood shampoo shelf. Your bar dries between uses allowing it to last longer. Long-Lasting Hydration: With a blend that is rich in Vitamin E Hemp Oil, Almond and Safflower Oil, our foam shaving cream moisturizes and rejuvenates dry skin! Delivering a dose of minerals and antioxidants. Includes all three types KOKUM, COCOA and MANGO.
Convenience TSA Compliant: For traveling minimize liquids in your carry-on with our TSA Compliant shampoo bars. TSA Compliant: For traveling minimize liquids in your carry-on with our TSA Compliant shampoo bars. A fabulous gift idea, its contemporary style, will look great with any décor. Our Shampoo Shelf is both durable and long-lasting. Safe for Sensitive Skin: SLS-free and hypoallergenic, our moisturizing shaving cream is a must-have for those with sensitive skin! Natural SPF, NO Scents, NO Flavors, NO Colorant, NO Palm Oil, NO GMO’s.
shampoo bar original formula shampoo bar herbal formulashampoo bar tea tree hemp oilshampoo bar moisturizingshampoo bar jojoba pepermintjr liggett shampoo bar coconut argan oil
Ingredients Saponified Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil Saponified Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, & Vit. E Saponified Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Almond Oil, Tea Tree Oil & Hemp Oil Saponified Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Mango Butter, Virgin Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Vit. E & Aloe Vera Saponified Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil Saponified Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil; Virgin Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, Vit. E
Fragrance Essential Oils: Rose, Lavender & Spearmint. Just smells clean! Essential Oils: Rosemary, Lavender, Cedar Wood, Petigrain & Lemon No Fragrance Added No Fragrance Added Essential Oils: Peppermint Essential Oil No Fragrance Added
Recommended Use Works well for nearly anyone, including people with severe allergies and sensitivities. For general usage. Herbal smell that is refreshing and not overpowering. Works well for dermatological issues like itchy, flaky scalp conditions. Good results reported for psoriasis as well. Sensational for hair that has been damaged by chemicals, chlorine, and color treating. Works well in normalizing the natural oils in your hair and on your scalp. Very gentle and refreshing, has a creamy feel. A truly Luxuriously thick lather that moisturizes and conditions you

HOW TO USE A NATURAL SHAMPOO BAR: Step by step tutorial

  • Clean, Healthy, Beautiful Hair: J.R.LIGGETT’S Vegan shampoo bars remove the built-up sebum that can clog and damage hair follicles! Used regularly, it promotes a radiant, healthy shine that’s never greasy. You may find you no longer need conditioner.
  • Ideal: For those with allergies or sensitivities, it's gentle and safe for all hair and skin types! Allow the bar to air-dry, each bar is approximately equal to 24ozs of liquid shampoo. A mild clean scent derived from essential oils.
  • Long-Lasting Protection: A blend of rich oils like Tea Tree, Olive, Coconut, Castor and Hemp Oil our shampoo nourishes your hair with antioxidants and Vitamins A, B and E. Most people can get a comb through their hair easily without using a conditioner.
  • All-Natural Formula: Made without synthetic oils, detergents or chemicals, it's a very mild sulfate-free shampoo. Perfect for permed, colored and naturally curly hair. It offers clean, healthy, beautiful hair without stripping all your natural oils.
  • Handmade in Cornish, NH: Hand-cut and made using a centuries-old recipe, no two of our J.R.LIGGETT’S shampoo bars are exactly alike! We make them the way they did over 100 years ago here in New England, making J.R.LIGGETT’S the brand shoppers trust.


  • NO GMOs – NO Gluten – NO Palm Oil – and made from 100% natural edible vegetable oils.
  • NO Animal Products or Animal Testing,  NO Preservatives or Artificial Colorants.
  • NO Detergents to strip all the natural oils from your hair.
  • NO Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, DEA or any other Petroleum based Detergents.
  • NO Plastic Bottles to throw away, and not contributing to massive landfills.

  • YES – 100% Ecologically Correct – EARTH FRIENDLY AND PEOPLE FRIENDLY
  • YES – simple to use, produces a luxuriously thick lather, and rinses out clean and easily.
  • YES – works well for gray and silver hair; permed, colored, or naturally curly hair.
  • YES – works well for people with Allergies, Sensitivities, and Allergic Reactions.
  • YES – requires NO Conditioners because it does not strip away all of your hairs natural oils.
  • YES – gives your hair body and manageability, while leaving it soft, healthy & smelling clean.
  • YES – great for “Leave No Trace” Backpacking or Traveling, and is TSA Airline friendly.
  • YES – made by an Ethical and Ecologically minded company for the last 30 years.


Read some of the LETTERS  we get from satisfied customers!

Contains No SLS


I was talking with a friend the other day about J.R.LIGGETT’S bar shampoos, and she commented, “You know, I’ve never really come across a bar shampoo that made me go, ‘Wow’!  I had the thought, well, maybe we need to realize that what isn’t in a bar shampoo may be just as or more important than what is in it… which brings me to what is not in J.R.LIGGETT’S line of bar shampoos.  No SLS.  No DEA.  Please, allow me to bring some clarity to the situation. SLS is defined as Sodium Laurel Sulfate, a detergent surfactant which is commonly used as a cleaning agent in all sorts of personal care products or any product that requires suds… Doesn’t sound too bad, does it? Except for the fact that detergents were developed by the Navy in 1942 from petroleum based products to do one thing, strip oil! That’s great if you’re a battleship, last night’s lasagna pan, or maybe a car engine, but hey, we’re talking about your scalp here! I mean, hello, let’s not go ‘overboard’ here…

There’s even more bad news when it comes to SLS… how about ‘Probable Routes of Human Exposure’? (Hope you’re sitting down….) Occupational exposure to Sodium Lauryl Sulfate may occur through inhalation of dust particles and dermal contact with this compound at workplaces where SLS is produced or used. The general population may be exposed through the use of food additives, and other consumer products such as detergents, shampoos, and toothpaste products containing this compound.    SLS has showed penetration into the eyes, as well as systemic tissues (brain, heart, liver, etc.)  SLS has also shown long-term retention in tissues. Because SLS and related substances are widely used in many populations on a daily basis in soaps and shampoos, there is an immediate concern relating to the penetration of these chemicals into the eyes and other tissues.  This is especially important in infants, where considerable growth is occurring, because a much greater uptake occurs by tissue of younger eyes, and SLS changes the amounts of some proteins in cells from eye tissues.  Tissue of young eyes may be more susceptible to alternation by SLS.  SLS forms nitrates, possible carcinogens, when used in shampoo and cleansers containing nitrogen based ingredients.  These nitrates can enter the blood stream in large numbers from shampooing, bubble baths, bath and shower gels, and facial cleansers. These synthetic substances are used in shampoos for their detergent and foam-building abilities. They can cause eye irritations, skin rashes, hair loss, scalp scurf similar to dandruff, and allergic reactions.

One of the reasons that I was sold on JR’s bar shampoo, was ‘the fact of what it lacked’. Right off the bat, I loved the idea of no plastic container, and then, after doing some research on SLS and DEA, I became an instant convert to the idea of a shampoo that didn’t contain these chemicals that are basically, harmful to my skin and most likely, internal organs.

And then I went a bit further and began reading about DEA. Equally frightening info here: Diethanolamine (DEA) is a chemical that is used as a wetting agent in shampoos, lotions, creams, and other cosmetics. DEA is widely used because it provides a rich lather in shampoos and keeps a favorable consistency in lotions and creams. DEA by itself is not harmful, but while sitting on the store shelves or in your cabinet at home, DEA can react with other ingredients in the cosmetic formula to form an extremely potent carcinogen called nitrosodiethanolamine (NDEA). NDEA is readily absorbed through the skin and has been linked with stomach , esophagus, liver and bladder cancers. The following cosmetic ingredients are among those contaminated with DEA: Cocamide DEA or Cocamide Diethanolamine, DEA Lauryl Sulfate or Diethanolamine Lauryl Sulfate, Lauramide DEA or Lauramide Diethanolamine, Linoleamide DEA or Linoleamide Diethanolamine, Oleamide DEA or Oleamide Diethanolamine, or Any product containing TEA or Triethanolamine.

You know, I get a bit riled when I grab an innocent looking product off a store shelf featuring a ‘green’ label with photos of luscious fruit or sublime line drawings of leaves and plants, only to flip it over and read that this so-called ‘natural’ product contains these harmful chemicals.  What a sham!

To be honest, I read about the danger of SLS a few years ago. I even took a quick inventory of the products I use on a daily basis and found most of them contained the dreaded SLS and some even contained DEA. I shrugged my shoulders and mentally threw up my hands, thinking, “Sure it contains harmful chemicals, but hey, I’ve been using (and absorbing) this for years, it’s too late now to change, and what would I use instead?” Okay, Head in the Sand approach. New wiser and simpler approach: Pull head out of sand and give it a good shake, because there are products that don’t contain these chemicals. There is a shampoo bar that’s good for my health and hair, and it’s use can elicit not only a hearty, enthusiastic, high-five ‘Wow’!, but also a deep admiration for a product that in it’s entirety, can give me peace of mind just by using it.  I mean, why take chances with our health when the answer is right in front of us?

Reproduced from a customers e-mail we received.

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