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Irisohyama Cotton More Mask

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8.99 $8.99

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Inner gauze mask to protect your skin

"Cotton more Inside gauze mask" which cotton (cotton) is used, sticking to moist skin friendly feeling 

The cotton gauze on the inside of the mask suppresses "fuzzing" that is common in disposable masks. 
It is a mask that makes you feel comfortable with gentle comfort and even your skin and feelings.

The secret of comfort is in gauze

The secret of comfort is in gauze

To prevent stuffiness, 
Always comfortable

About 24 times moisture absorption, about 30 times moisture release 

By making it an inner gauze, hygroscopicity is about 24 times and moisture release is about 30 times * compared to ordinary masks. 

Keeping the moist feeling of the mask, 
Moisturize your skin and throat in proper condition. 
Controls moisture contained in exhalation, 
It also prevents stuffiness you care about. 
※ Comparison with our existing products.

The secret of comfort is in gauze

All day, 
Comfortable to wear

  • Nose fitter
    With nose fitter with excellent adhesion, 
    Keep beautiful and comfortable shape
  • Soft flat ear string
    Super soft material with a width of 5.0 mm. 
    It is difficult for an ear to have a desire to wear for a long time.
  • Inside gauze tailoring
    Extremely soft, moist skin friendly
  • Ω pleated processing
    Easy to talk to keep mouth space

Shut out droplets with filter *

Virus splashes, pollen, dust 
Adopted a filter that cuts 99%.

* Filtration efficiency test of BFE (filtration efficiency of splash of cough such as cold or sneeze) * VFE (virus splash filtration efficiency) test * PFE (fine particle filtration efficiency) test * pollen: filtration efficiency test of pollen fine particles Kaken test center measurement)
Shut out droplets with filter

Hygienic consideration with disposable & individual packaging

Hygienic consideration with disposable & individual packaging

Individual packaging convenient for carrying. 
You can use it with confidence in sanitation.

Everyone's happy 3 sizes

Normally · Small · Child's 3 sizes

Product specifications · Product lineup

Normally · Small · Child's 3 sizes
Body · Filter: polypropylene, cotton
Ear string: polyurethane, polyester
Nose fitter: polyethylene
Normally it is about width 17.5 × height about 9 cm
Small width about 15.5 × height about 9 cm
Children width about 13.5 × height about 8 cm
Material of packaging material
Box: paper
Individual packaging bag: polypropylene
Manufacturer's name
Iris Oyama Co., Ltd.


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