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iPin Laser Presenter

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$48.95 $55.00

What is iPin?

Short Answer: 
iPin is a super cool gadget that turns your iPhone or Android phone into a laser pointer (and wireless presenter).


It's so cool that even Steve Wozniak (co-founder of Apple) carries one by his side.

Source: Business Value (China Edition) March 5, 2014 Page 14.

Long Answer:
The original iPin is the world's smallest laser presenter for the iPhone (it works with iPad and iPod touch as well). It is so small, it fits almost completely inside the headphone minijack. Together with the free iPin app, you can wirelessly control presentation slides on your computer right from your phone. No more fumbling for the misplaced laser pointer, wireless presenter and batteries. iPin is the only laser presenter you ever need and it is always by your side, on your phone.



Here's a serious video about iPin...

But be sure to check out the funny version at the top of this page first!

iPin turns our hero Pete (and you) 
into the King of Presentations

Now you can fire lasers and magically control any iPad, Mac or PC!


Now see real life Pete use the iPin...

FREE iPin app

There's an iPin for Android too!

iPin for Android works with almost any Android device with a micro USB port. Together with the free Android app downloadable from the Google Play Store, you now have all the iPin laser pointer and wireless presenter features on an Android.

One more thing...It's really easy...

to use iPin by itself to wirelessly control presentations on Mac/PC computers BUT if you are lazy like Pete or just simply don't want to deal with WiFi connections or installing host programs on computers, you would then use BTtogo.



BTtogo allows you to control any public computer with virtually zero setup even if there are security firewalls

While iPin for iOS/Android alone can perform wireless presentations, some setup is required on the host computer and all devices need to be on the same WiFi network.

BTtogo makes it easier for performing wireless presentations anytime, anywhere, on any public computer, even when there are security firewalls and no WiFi. It's plug-and-play with virtually zero setup.

  • Works in conjunction with iPin for iOS/Android
  • Works with any public Mac and PC computer
  • Bluetooth connection. No WiFi required.
  • Store your presentation files on a micro SD memory card (not included)
  • Insert micro SD into BTtogo which then connects to computer via USB
  • Plug-and-play. Virtually zero setup on host computer.
  • No host program required
  • Works even with security firewalls
  • No need to transfer presentation files to computer
  • USB bus powered. No batteries required.

There are 8 different versions of iPin for iPhone due to different lengths and the way different iPhone models audio minijack are powered. We will verify with you which version you want prior to shipping. 

         Shipping in February 2015


  1. iPin for all iOS devices except iPhone 6 Plus (Standard)
  2. iPin for all iOS devices except iPhone 6 Plus (Extended)

    Shipping in March 2015

  3. iPin for iPhone 6 Plus only (Standard length for iPhone without case)
  4. iPin for iPhone 6 Plus only (Extended length for iPhone with <2mm case)
  5. iPin for iPhone 6 Plus only (Standard) for EU devices
  6. iPin for iPhone 6 Plus only (Extended length) for EU devices
  7. iPin for all iOS devices except iPhone 6 Plus (Standard) for EU devices
  8. iPin for all iOS devices except iPhone 6 Plus (Extended) for EU devices




Don't trust Pete? Trust Woz then!

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computer and inventor of the Apple I and Apple II, counts on Teslas, Segways, Nixie Watches, not 1 but 3 iPhones and the iPin Laser Presenter amongst his daily arsenal of gadgets.


Source: Business Value (China Edition) March 5, 2014 Page 14.



Still need some convincing?


No copycats.

Fun things you can do with the iPin

#1 Be a Force to be reckon with

#2 Be helpful to others

#3 Play with pets

Direct pets AWAY from traffic NOT towards traffic. 

#4 See how laser guided missiles work

Ok iPin doesn't divert laser guided missiles, just like energy drinks don't make you grow wings!

Time for Pete to get out...

Because It's Only Serious Stuff Below

(aka Product Specifications)

 iPin Store

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