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InBe Flosser

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34.99 $34.99

Quick overview

34.99 $34.99

No More Putting Hands In Your Mouth
Sonic Vibrations Easily Displace Plaque

Dentist Recommended

The Easiest Way To Floss



Disposable Floss Heads

Made With Premium Quality Floss For The Best Results
Gentle Adjustable Ultrasonic Vibrations
Clean Deep To Remove Plaque, Tartar & Debris On Contact


Effortlessly Navigates Your Entire Mouth To Reach Every Tooth

Did you know just 1 out of every 10 people floss?

Studies conducted by the American Dental Association have revealed that as few as 10% of Americans floss daily. When asked, 73% of Americans admitted that they would rather go grocery shopping than floss their teeth.

InBe's objective:

InBe's goal is to create a flossing device that was both easy & fun to use. It's common that people do not floss, or do not like flossing, but flossing can be equally or even more effective than brushing your teeth when done correctly. 


Flossing Made Fast, Easy & Ultra-Effective

The NEW Innovative, vibrating flosser.

The secret is the gentle ultrasonic vibrations that remove plaque, tartar and debris on contact, even in the hard-to-reach parts of your mouth.

Inbe’s ergonomic, low-profile design effortlessly navigates your entire mouth to reach every tooth.

It’s lightweight and perfectly balanced, making it the easiest way to floss, PERIOD.

The Faster, Easier, More Sanitary & Fun Way To Floss!

We Took Sonic Vibration Technology, Inspired By Electric Toothbrushes, And Put It Into An Electric Flosser

The InBe Set

Features & Benefits
  • Curved neck designed to reach back teeth with ease
  • Pointer finger position under curved neck for better mobility getting in between teeth
  • Runs on single AAA battery
  • Satin finished aluminum laser etched handle
  • 3 sensitivity speeds (low, medium, high)
  • No-touch floss release button
  • Lightweight (1 oz)
  • 30,000 sonic vibrations
  • 1 minute flossing timer
  • Toothbrush heads last for a month and easily attach & detach


Additional Replaceable Floss Heads & Toothbrush Heads

Additional 3 month supply of floss heads & toothbrush heads added to your order (90 floss heads & 6 toothbrush heads)


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