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IllumiBowl Clip-On Toilet Night Light

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Quick overview


About this project

You can now set your IllumiBowl to any solid color or color-changing. (White, Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple)

As Seen On

We've finished the prototypes and perfected the design. Moving foreword to the next stage of manufacturing requires expensive tooling and capitol to produce this at a discounted rate. With your help we can make this a reality and light up the lives of millions.

IllumiBowl's color changing night light will make your toilet bowl glow every time you walk into your bathroom. 

How it Works 

IllumiBowl's Patent Pending design will never leave you in the dark again.

Simply stick it on the outside of your toilet and forget about it. It will turn itself on when you walk in and off when you leave. It's simple, small, and clean. Modern design and state of the art manufacturing means your IllumiBowl will light up your bathroom for years and years.

Our First Fully Functional Prototype


What color is the light?

IllumiBowl is made with a color changing LED. It slowly changes colors every few seconds.


How long does the LED last?

Most 5mm LEDs have a life of 100,000 hours of constant use. This little puppy should light up your bathroom for years.

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