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Igloo Dome Pillow

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Quick overview


Igloos type wearing a sleep pillow
IGLOO (igloo)

I tried using.

Pet tent?
Disaster prevention hood?

President, like?
It is a pillow with a dome.

But I certainly is going become disaster prevention Hood (lol)

Could not sleep recently.
Before going to bed I saw PC or smart phone is get a restful night's sleep.

Igloo pillows, three layers of hard polyurethane and soft polyurethane, cotton will be modified freely.
Only urethane cotton only change hardness of Pillow polyurethane, both up and down.
Sleep in the experiment, perfect for my pillow height, softness.
Cover is washable.

I can't sleep it's not your favorite pillow and cum! Also called fine.
Her favorite pillow set is OK. ( check the size of the pillow! )

Used in industrial products, sound-absorbing sponge to calm.
Block light in aluminium sheet.

Sleep is a good feeling like the blocked ear softly and dark.




■ product details
Nice but short period of time. Dome developed a sleep specialist in sleep quality to you.

Elements of the three to get a good night's sleep

1. quiet space
2. space light doesn't
3. sense of stagnation in a reasonable

This dome is fulfill these three elements.
Born in around my face to cover a reasonable sense that can sleep calmly.
Adopt a special structure to block light and sound in the dome portion of the IGLOO.
Compared to a typical urethane high absorption rate, and look into the dome quietly ear blocked, such as
I still have a soft ear plugs;
By adopting aluminum dome structure, realized the ideal tranquility. Shading rate is 99.9%.
You can sleep and must care about brightness in this family are watching TV.
Dome looks look cramped.
For depth in the IGLOO, no sense of frustration as it looks.
Is the perfect environment to create silence in the theater feel and sense of security.
New bedding mist onset form.
Sleep revolution change life to you.
Wear the Dome Pillow
■ product details
Dome: cotton, polyester, polyurethane, polyethylene, aluminum, PET
Cover: 60% cotton, 40% polyester
Pillow inside: polyurethane, cotton, non-woven cloth

Product size (approx.):
Dome: 72 width x depth 55 x 36 cm (height)
Pillow: width 58 x d 44 x 13 cm
Package size: approx. 59 x 44 x 22 cm

[Weight] about 1235 g

Country of origin: China

[JAN] Navy: 4531661058360

■ Division
Health, sleep, bedding, pillow, pillow and pillow
■ advertising prepared by
076-242-1122, Matsumura Corporation

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