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Icy Hot Smart Relief TENS Back Pain Therapy Set

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49.99 $49.99

Icy Hot Smart Relief TENS Back Pain Therapy Set


Includes 1 Unit, 6 Reusable Pads and 6 Batteries, Adjustable to 63 Levels, Wire Free, Drug Free
Introducing SmartRelief, from IcyHot, the pain relief authority. Finally, SmartRelief brings TENS technology to millions of pain sufferers in a very convenient, affordable way. TENS (short for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) blocks the body’s pain signals by sending gentle electrical pulses along the nerve, which reach the brain before the pain signals do. It also helps encourage the body to release its own natural pain-relieving endorphins. TENS therapy is regularly prescribed by doctors every year because it’s a safe, drug-free way to treat moderate and/or chronic pain.

Traditional TENS units can cost hundreds of dollars. But SmartRelief makes this technology available at a fraction of the cost, and without a prescription or even the cost of a visit to a doctor.

SmartRelief targets back pain, with no restriction on how long you can use it. It’s not a drug, so when used as directed, it won’t interfere with other medications you are taking. There are no wires and no odor, so no one will know you’re using it. You can wear SmartRelief all day at work or during your favorite activities like gardening, hiking or bicycling.

The electrical pulses of SmartRelief are generated by a small, battery-powered device. It’s remarkably small – only half an inch thick and smaller than a credit card. It easily snaps onto an adhesive patch and activates two small electrodes that pass the gentle electrical pulses through your skin and block your pain. It provides the same type of TENS relief you find in physical therapy facilities.

SmartRelief takes pain relief to a whole new level – 63 to be exact. You can easily raise or lower the intensity level to customize the relief you need. Just turn on SmartRelief, and turn off pain.

1. Snap the electrical unit onto the electrode pad.

2. Peel the pad from its clear plastic backing to expose the adhesive. Place the pad onto your skin right on top of the area you are experiencing pain. Be sure to save the plastic backing for reattaching the pad when your treatment session is complete. Each pad is good for about 12-30 uses, depending on skin type.

3. Press the On/Off button to activate the gentle electrical pulses. An LED light will come on to let you know the unit is on. To increase intensity, press the + button. To decrease intensity, push the – button. There are a total of 63 intensity levels so you can customize your experience for optimal relief level to fit your pain.

4. The unit will automatically turn off after 30 minutes. If you wish to continue use, simply push the on button and adjust the intensity level for 30 more minutes of treatment. It’s safe to use SmartRelief all day, if necessary.

5. When you decide to remove the unit, turn it off then peel the pad slowly from your skin and reattach to the plastic backing and store in resalable pouch. The electrical unit can be left on the pad, or you can unsnap it to store separately or change the battery.
SmartRelief is a great solution for targeted back pain relief. You won’t have to suffer for days waiting for an appointment with your doctor.

Doctors frequently recommend TENS technology to relieve:
• Arthritis pain
• Muscle strains
• Back pain
• Joint pain

Doctors recommend TENS more often than medicated patches, pads, rolls, and sleeves combined.

Do not use SmartRelief on headache pain, chest pain, neck pain or anywhere above your shoulders.

Inside the SmartRelief Back Pain Therapy Kit is the battery-powered electrical TENS unit. It’s about half an inch thick and smaller than a credit card. It has an ON/OFF switch with a small LED light to let you know the unit is on and the battery is good.

You’ll also get one adhesive pad (specifically designed for the back) and a battery. The electrical unit simply snaps onto the back of the pad, then the pad is placed onto the skin over the area in pain.

Plus 5 Additional: Refill Pads & Batteries

Can I use SmartRelief in combination with other topical pain rubs?
Topical pain rubs can be used before and after the use of SmartRelief. However, topical pain rubs should not be applied to the site of pain immediately before applying the SmartRelief electrode pad. Applying topical pain rubs in combination with the SmartRelief electrode pad may damage the electrode pad and prevent you from experiencing optimal results from SmartRelief

Can I buy additional adhesive pads?

Yes, refill pads are available.

How does SmartRelief reduce pain? 
SmartRelief is placed right over the area in pain. It works by producing electrical pulses which travel to the brain faster than the body’s pain signals, thus blocking the pain symptoms. It also encourages the body to release its own natural pain relieving endorphins.

How long do I leave the SmartRelief pad in place?
Sessions last 30 minutes or less (if you manually press the off button). You can use SmartRelief for consecutive 30-minute sessions according to your pain relief needs when used in accordance with User Manual.

Can I adjust the intensity?
Yes. The SmartRelief unit can be adjusted to 63 different intensity levels so you can find just the right amount of relief you need. It truly is customized pain relief!

Can I use SmartRelief anywhere?
As long as you can keep it dry, you can enjoy the soothing relief of SmartRelief wherever you go – at work, movies, school, traveling, on airplanes, and even during physical activities like walking, gardening, biking, exercising, etc. However, excessive perspiration may loosen the adhesive contact of the electrode pad to the skin.

Is it OK to use SmartRelief if you have a pacemaker?
No. SmartRelief is not to be used if you have a pacemaker, defibrillator, or an internal TENS unit. Also contraindicated for use with implanted medical devices containing metal.

Will SmartRelief work on chronic pain?
Yes. The unit can be adjusted to increase the intensity of the pulses to help relieve pain as needed.

Can I use SmartRelief on headaches or neck pain?
No. Do not use SmartRelief on headache pain, chest pain, neck pain or anywhere above your shoulders.

Can I use SmartRelief while pregnant?
No. Do not use during pregnancy or if you think you might be pregnant.

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Quick Start Guide

Check out our Quick Start Guide for more information.
 PDF, 540K, 2 pages
Instruction Manual - opens PDFInstruction Manual - opens PDF

Instruction Manual

Or view our Instruction Manual for even more information.
 PDF, 943K, 2 pages

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