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IceMule Cooler

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79.95 $79.95


Whatever your adventure, you’ll need something cold to drink when you get there. But the hard coolers you’ve used are too heavy and bulky to take with you.  And the soft coolers you've tried are too leaky or just not as tough as you are (we know you're tough...we checked around).

We think it's time for something better.  Don't you?


The IceMule Cooler is the world’s most portable high-performance soft cooler. It combines the portability of a backpack with the performance of a hard cooler. It keeps ice intact for up to 24 hours. It rolls up for storage in its own stuff sack. It even floats! 

Unlike other soft coolers, the IceMule is not sewn together and it has no zippers - sewn seams and zippers leak. Instead, the IceMule’s design is based on the traditional dry bag concept and utilizes welded seams so the cooler can carry ice without leaking. 

The IceMule won't leak
The IceMule won't leak

But what makes these high-performance coolers is the double-layered shell that houses insulating foam between the layers - in essence creating an incredibly well insulated dry bag. Plus, the IceMule's watertight roll-top closure and side release buckle make it easily accessible and the padded back-strap makes it highly portable. 

Insulated design keeps ice intact and content COLD
Insulated design keeps ice intact and content COLD

We made the IceMule because we wanted to enjoy the outdoors without constraint. We wanted to go wherever we wanted and have a cold drink when we got there - whether it was on top of a mountain or deep into a bay on a paddleboard. Regular coolers just can’t do that. But the IceMule can. We made the IceMule for a simple reason – we believe that wherever you go, your cooler should go! 

And now, with your help, we’re expanding the IceMule family of coolers so that no matter what your adventure, there will be an IceMule designed for you!


“These coolers are phenomenal! Very rugged and sturdy, great for any outdoor activity and/or lounging!” – Ricky O’Connell, Atlanta, GA 

“Love this product and highly recommend.” – Debra Ruh, Richmond, VA 

It has been a long time since I have tried anything that worked as well and had such wonderful functionality as the IceMule Pro Catch cooler. This insulated cooler fits perfectly on the bow (which is "dead space") of the kayak and clips tightly in place to provide the perfect place to store your catch. I have tried the Pro Catch out in temps well over 90 degrees with fish that were caught in the early morning and not taken out until late in the evening and they were still cold to the touch. The other great thing about the Pro Catch is the ease of storage and cleaning. This is the last kayak cooler I will ever need. Thank you IceMule for making what the kayak fishing world needed.” – Mark Patterson, President, North Carolina Kayak Fishing Association 

 “I almost cannot remember a time when I did not carry the IceMule Cooler...It is so easy to carry and it folds down when empty, which is doubly important when the car is stuffed full even at the end of a trip to the beach. …If you need a soft-sided cooler that is very portable, easy to use, and just the right size for an afternoon out what someone needs, then the IceMule is definitely the way to go.” - online review at 

Ahhh. What you see when you open the IceMule. We like this view.
Ahhh. What you see when you open the IceMule. We like this view.

Building the IceMule Cooler

Building the IceMule Pro Cooler

Building the IceMule Pro Catch Cooler


The IceMule family is dying to meet you!  So here they are:

The IceMule Classic Cooler 

This is the highly versatile cooler that started it all. Until now, our classic blue IceMule cooler has only been offered in a 20L (18 can) size - but now we are adding two smaller sizes, a 10L (six-pack size) and a 15L (twelve-pack size).  Plus, we've improved the materials and construction in nearly every way.  With fabric that is 2x thicker and reinforced seams, this is an everyday cooler designed to be as tough and high-performance as technical outdoor gear that can cost much more.

The IceMule Pro Cooler 

These are serious coolers designed for extreme adventure. Or even just for when you have a lot of stuff to keep cold and don't want to lug a huge, hard, bulky cooler around!  With a 1000 denier exterior tarpaulin fabric, seams rated to 65 pounds, and a padded, ventilated backpack strap system, this is absolutely the world's most portable HIGH-CAPACITY, high-performance cooler.  And it comes in three sizes: Large (20L), Xtra Large (30L) and Xtra Xtra Large (at 40L...this thing is a MONSTER).   

The IceMule Pro Catch Cooler

Ever since we've been making IceMules people have been using them as catch coolers for kayak and paddleboard fishing. And many of them asked us to make them an IceMule specifically for fishing - so we listened.  Introducing the IceMule Pro Catch Cooler - everything you would expect from IceMule, now in a catch cooler.  Tough exterior and interior fabric so you can use it with or without a liner.   IceMule patented insulated dry-bag technology - and clips, straps and bungees all over so you can tie it down wherever you like.  We think it's the simplest and most effective catch cooler ever - And it comes in three sizes: Small (22 inches), Medium (32 inches) and Large (42 inches).

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