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ICEKAP Delux 2.0 - Compress Cap Headaches migraines

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79.99 $79.99

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First of Its Kind – Patented Headache Therapy

Since its release, ICEKAP has reached global medical support including recommendations from Natural Health Practitioners, Neurologists and Registered MD’s.

ICEKAP Therapeutics Inc. is also proud to support the National Children's Cancer Society and is used in their hospitals all over the world.

But what makes Icekap unique? Well, the soft micro-fleece and adjustable occipital tension band allows your head to melt into the fabric while also creating the correct compression. The special ponytail loop gets hair out of the way. It is thispatented trio that creates the optimized therapeutic compression you’ve been looking for.

200% Longer Cooling for Longer Lasting Relief

We all know it can take longer than an hour to soothe a migraine, yet many other headache icepacks only last that long!

As a medically recognized device, Icekap comes with 5 Therapy Grade Non-Toxic Gel Ice Packs that last up to 3 hours! They remain soft when frozen, and can be heated OR cooled for your needs. Icekap lets you customize how many ice packs to wear.

Finally, each ice pocket is strategically placed for targeted relief to a key area, or soothing all over coverage.

Customizable to Fit Your Changing Needs Best

Who can know exactly how pain or tension will manifest on any given day? Often the occiput needs a little TLC, while other days it’s those aching eye sockets.

But with Icekap, you can meet those variations head on … so to speak. Fill it with 5 ice packs for all-over coverage, or just a few for target relief. For the sinuses or eyes, pull forwards or better still… wear Icekap backwards!

Our advanced design also means Icekap conforms to your head so you can sink in for a comfortable sleep.

strap heal icepacks cube neuralgia freezer velcro long lasting round reuseable sleep flat

Tension Melting Materials, and Design

Icekap comes in 5 sizes with an easy-to-use adjustable strap for the perfect compression. LOOSELY measure the LARGEST circumference of your head to determine size. Move up in size if on the half inch measure or if less compression is desired.

  • Up to 20” Small - Children
  • Up to 21” Medium - Children and smaller adults
  • Up to 22” Large - Adult
  • Up to 23” XLarge - Adult
  • Up to 24” Double XLarge - Adult

Image result for ICEKAP Delux 2.0 - Compress Cap Headaches migraines

Unlike other hats, Icekap features a unique ‘back flap’ for full coverage to the occipital, and neck, as well as crown, temporal, parietal, and frontal regions.

Polyester/spandex gives optimized compression while the mesh and fleece inlay offers soft comfort. It’s fully Machine Washable, and of course long lasting for years of relief.

neck womens freeze pain microwavable lavender heating pad

Won’t Fall Off Overnight, Or Any Other Time!

You’d think 5 gel packs might slip around and create uneven weight tension. Well, some do - but this is the original patented Icekap, and it doesn’t. Here’s why…

Each Gel pack “pocket” is sized for each gel pack, so they fit snug without slipping. Next, you get to choose the size most fitted to your head to prevent bunching or ‘riding up’…

… And finally, the “beanie” shape combined with adjustable straps keeps Icekap fully conformed to the shape of your head – no matter how restless you sleep!

injuries beanie bag reusable cool eye large flexible stop medical bands women my brain

Patented USA and CANADA … And Designed by a Fellow Migraine Sufferer

Icekap Therapeutics is a Canadian owned company holding the patent for this life-changing device. After suffering debilitating migraines herself, Andrea designed Icekap to help people get the full coverage and hot/cold compression that simply didn’t exist until now. Icekap was so remarkable it became recognized by the medical profession and continues to be prescribed as the gold standard in warming / cooling compression caps. We know you’ll love it too, it's heavenly!

How your Icekap works...

Icekap uses a combination of cryotherapy, aromatherapy and pressure therapy to treat symptoms. Cryotherapy is the general use of cold temperatures in medical therapy or the removal of heat from a body part. During a migraine inflammation in the head and neck cause pain. Both heat and cooling therapies use temperature manipulation to reduce migraine/ headache pain and inflammation. 

The use of cold therapy (Cryotherapy) is believed to cause the swollen blood vessels to constrict, thus reducing the pressure of the migraine/ headache pain. The use of heat therapy increases blood flow, increasing the amount of fresh blood, oxygen and nutrients to the head. Icekap is extremely durable, made of high quality fabric and machine washable.

Icekap Essential Oil:

This combination of therapy grade essential oil, offers an amazing soothing and cooling effect to the migraine sufferer. Cooling to the touch, it offers instant relief and a wonderful sense of well being. Lavender oil has calming properties that aid in relaxation and reduce anxiety while peppermint oil has cooling properties that create a cooling and soothing effect. Distilled essential oils have been employed as medicines since the eleventh century and are 100% natural.

Icekap compression system

Some migraine/headache sufferers feel relief when pressure is applied to their head. To accommodate this, Icekap has an adjustable pressure band which allows the user to adjust the pressure of the cap to whatever tension they desire. The pressure system offers a comforting support to the key migraine areas – occipital, frontal, parietal and temporal regions. With this band the user can apply pressure to sooth the key areas of ‘pounding’ during a migraine. Icekap can be worn completely loose or tight as desired.


Sincere thanks and joy to you for trying Icekap.

Andrea Jones, ICEKAP founder

Why Use Ice to Heal Your Head During Migraines and Other Headaches?

 It is well known that applying ice to your aches and pains is beneficial for easing your pain, speeding up your healing time, and aiding in your overall road to recovery after an injury. Cryotherapy, the use of ice or cold in a therapeutic setting, has become one of the most common treatments in medicine. This is especially true when it comes to alleviating pain caused by migraines, headaches, overexertion/physical activity, concussions, cold and flu symptoms, chemotherapy and hangovers.

For years, migraine sufferers have being icing their heads and necks in order to seek relief from their pain. Why does applying ice to your head work so well? During a migraine or other type of headache, inflammation in the head and neck causes severe pain. Cold therapy can reduce this inflammation, therefore reducing headache pain and in some cases, reducing the need to take prescription medication.

The use of cold therapy (constant cold temperature) restricts the blood vessels and blood flow, reducing the inflammation that causes headaches and other aches and pains. Some migraine sufferers can feel relief from light compression to key pressure points on the head.  For added relief, a tension band in conjunction with the cold therapy can be used to further speed up the pain relief and enhance the experience. 

What Is the Best Way to Apply Ice to Your Headache?

Try an Icekap! It uses a combination of cryotherapy* and pressure therapy to provide an effective, natural pain reliever. The Icekap has a total of 5 soft medical grade gel packs that cover the temporal, occipital, crown and perietal areas of the head and neck for maximum therapeutic coverage. The soft medical grade gels provide soothing cold therapy for up to two hours and can be used warm or cold. The Icekap also has a built in adjustable compression band to provide a soothing pressure to key areas of the head.

Additional Features of the Icekap

  • Medical grade gels remain soft when frozen
  • Can be used hot or cold
  • Soft and stretchy fleecy inner material makes Icekap comfortable to wear
  • Provides fast, effective, all-natural relief for a variety of ailments
  • Adjustable tension band for compression
  • High-quality, extremely durable, machine-washable material
  • Affordable and reusable
  • Suitable for any age
  • Suitable for wearing in public
  • No more bulky ice or heating packs 
  • Icekap stays cool or hot for up to two hours

So far, there is no research or data out there to indicate that there is any harm in applying ice to the head. However, before doing so, you should talk to a medical professional to find out if cold therapy is right for you.

The Icekap makes it easy and comfortable to ice your head. To learn how the Icekap is helping others, please see our testimonials page as well as check us out on Facebook

* Cryotherapy is the general use of cold temperatures in medical therapy or the removal of heat from a body part. The use of cold therapy (cryotherapy) is believed to cause the swollen blood vessels to constrict, thus reducing the pressure causing the pain.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that Icekap Therapeutics Inc. is not intended to replace medical advice given by a professional medical practitioner. All information, content, and material of this website is for informational purposes only and is not intended to serve as a substitute for the consultation, diagnosis, and/or medical treatment of a qualified physician or healthcare provider. Please consult doctor for use with children.

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