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Salty Cooler

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With salt, cool.

Cool in the power of salt, comfortable cool mat.


The Salty cooler

"To feel the coldness, the power of salt."

World one-of-a-kind, new materials and ice Salt adoption

Heat wave of the year record-breaking continued, does not fall temperature even at night, summer does not take a good sleep unable to sleep well nightly.

In terms of electricity costs it takes the use of air conditioners and fans, should many people you run over a cold by too cold.

As "too hot" is due what is Negurushi of overlap of "cold too."

Cool mat has been developed to the measures "Salty cooler". It absorbs quickly body temperature by the force of the salt,

Cycle mechanism that controls the skin temperature escape to the outside will create a reasonably comfortable summer sleeping environment.

Because only lay of course, the electric bill is 0 yen and economic eco-products.

It is not until now, please experience the optimal cool mat "Salty cooler" in a new sense-heat measures of the world only one

About function


Here is awesome! Mechanisms of effect


When the "Salty cooler" touches the body, medium material repeat the crystal-water-soluble dissolves the salts, which is the main component in the boundary of about 30 ~ 32 ℃ close to the skin surface temperature "Ice Salt" is, not too cold in the mat It will control a comfortable skin temperature.

Absorb the mechanism .01 body temperature

It takes place in that it is higher than the crystallization temperature of about 30 ℃ of salts, and liquefaction by the "endothermic reaction" that melts and takes heat from the surroundings. It has been well utilized in cold storage agent in recent years, refrigerated to SALTYCOOLER is not required. Just lay in bed and futon, you can experience a pleasant coolness.

We want to release the mechanism .02 heat

When the crystal temperature is about 30 ℃ lower, Chu-zai that melted in the absorbed heat began mass (crystallization), then release the heat to the surroundings by heat transfer. Thus Salty cooler, repeat the heat radiation and heat absorption can maintain a constant temperature of approximately 30 ℃, this cycle will be permanently sustained.


Also Some of the room, and a summer resort.


Medium-material has become a 3 divided independent structure, you Hiyase evenly on the entire surface to prevent bias in the contents to be worried about. Compact and collapsible for along the crease, storage is also convenient, portable can also not only bed space of the available can bedroom anywhere in the room, office work also comfortable to spread to the PC chair of the company. Of course, it is also effective to pet summer heat measures.



By formal research institutions in Japan, measuring the body temperature change of about 90 minutes during sleep under hot and humid environment. As a result, while the temperature conventional mat gradually rises, "Salty cooler" we found that it is possible to keep the room temperature at about 2 ~ 3 ℃ low temperature. The result of the measurement of the cooling time in thermography, and it was found that even coldness has elapsed use after 60 minutes has been sustained.

World one-of-a-kind testament


Just lay without having to cool in the refrigerator, will persist pleasant cool feeling. "Salty cooler" is cool in the acquired power of salt a utility model registration No. 3179185, is comfortable cool mat. In regard to this product, we have to get the trademark registration No. 5,551,285.

The evolved ice Salt 2015 model


Sales started in fiscal 2012, cool mat that was sold out 4,500 copies in just one month, "Salty cooler". In addition since 2013 it is evolving, to raise the adopted thermally conductive the amount re-adjustment and new material of the middle material, add a waterproof function on the surface material was born in the care easy to shape. In consideration of safety, a result of the skin irritation tests, the results of a "no irritating" has been obtained for the ice salt medium material.

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