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BIBILAB - Japanese Cotton Wife pillow craftsman

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279 $279.00

To summon the secondary daughter-in-law to tertiary it was forward one step to "a secondary wife dream to summon to tertiary." Anime fan eternal pillow holding humanoid was released in 2014 towards the dream "Watayome". Based on the challenges and know-how gained in the manufacturing process, bedding, superb Japanese craftsman was completed by gathering of various fields such as sewing is "Japan Watayome". Color and silhouette adjustments that worked to "fool the machine" to the slogan. Through the test individual of a few tens of bodies, we have finally succeeded in making mistaken as "human nude" to the SNS. "Bare skin of smooth" person seems to feel even expression such as "Punipuni sense of subcutaneous fat." We are pursuing a quality that does not live up to your secondary wife.※ Limited stock for strict production management, it might get time to delivery.


You can choose whichever you like Watayome sister Contact

You can choose whichever you like Watayome sister Contact

Please choose the closer of your secondary daughter-in-law and the size. You have to dress up in a commercial clothes and wig so that easy to image. It is not included with the product.


The most important of use

The most important of use

and dress the "official costume" of secondary daughter-in-law to love, please both the living. This is the concept of Japan Watayome.Please immersed in the sense of superiority of that it was not possible with conventional Hugging pillow + cover "in the same dimension there are daughter-in-law." In addition, Japan Watayome also official Kos also can not say that there are many without distribution amount is far less expensive. Therefore, please purchase only comrades who can empathize with this values.


Choice of clothes

Choice of clothes

Sister (158cm) is "Women M", younger sister (140cm) is "Women S", "children 140-150" will be the measure of clothes size. Conventions may vary by vendor. And to understand the various parts size of Watayome, please purchase on the confirmation.


Hugging comfort

The presence of a person feel at "all", "Puni", "load"

Hugging comfort

And feel that Innovation of human-specific "Puni", I am a fusion of comfort holding that Innovation "load" of holding pillow. Especially urethane cushion that stretched around evenly around the cotton Japan factory unique technology. This is the elasticity of the secret reminiscent of a human muscle and subcutaneous fat.

Washed possible. Smooth skin color skin you have expressed your skin

Washed possible.  Smooth skin color skin you have expressed your skin

Smooth of is spandex cover representing the skin at the touch. It washed possible in not take off in the spine of the fastener. It will keep a clean state.

Neck sits

Neck sits

We've produced a spine stuffed with cotton to the cylinder of fabric. Neck will sit firmly. There is no hardness and foreign body sensation.


Specific examples of using

As holding pillow

Hugging comfort

Realistic holding comfort that convinced Even if you do not know the reality. There can be no a cylindrical holding pillow, you can experience a real sense of security.

Good as counselor


You can share the excitement                                                                                 To tutor pretend


Reproduce the ideal of a scene, such as a wall Don chin Kui                                    "Tsu it was dwarf Bathing"


Drive Dating                                                                                                            Park Dating


There are people who can you wait at home                                                            Product size

About Body Type

So that it is not too restrictive character of the image, we have fabricated aware of the standard types. The slogan "fool the machine", I repeated the test using an image recognition algorithm of SNS. A result of trial and error, I finished in about realistic color and silhouette is mistaken as "human nude" at the time of image post.

Inappropriate imagesCrystal of skills and knowledge of the artisanSize comparison


WY158                                                                                       WY-140

Product size (no cover)



WY-140                                                                                     WY-158



Washable cover


Please Totonoe lightly shape before use                                                                   It arrives in a compressed state


The person having to worry about the home delivery terrorism

[Home delivery terrorism corresponding shop is here]
※ will deliver in plain boxes and "cushion" notation as image.  

Product specs 

Product name Japan Watayome (sister) 
Japan Watayome (sister) ※ on the label of the packing box as a "cushion (large / small)" is denoted, we are committed to your privacy protection. The convenience of exceptionally shop-like system, there is the case that the documents that were referred to as "Japan Watayome" is separately attached. Such If you would like to avoid "home delivery terrorism", please consider purchasing the "home delivery counterterrorism shop". 

Product No Japan Watayome (sister): WY-158 
Nippon Watayome (sister): WY-140
Color Flesh-colored Weight WY-158: 1.4 kg 
WY-140: 1.1 kg
Size WY-158: Height 158cm B84cm W59cm H83cm 
WY-140: Height 140cm B70cm W53cm H70cm
Material Cushion body: the fabric / tricot urethane foam, wadding / polyester cotton 
cover: 82% polyester, polyurethane 18%
JANCODE WY-158: 4589946132854 
WY-140: 4589946132847


  • ※ material on the nature and structure, making it easier to ignite. Because it is very dangerous, tobacco, please do not use absolutely beside the fire, such as a stove.
  • ※ because it has been compressed packing, it requires some time until the product swell.
  • ※ Dimensions there is some individual differences.
  • ※ Please wash the contents exactly as described in the always cover tag of when washing.
  • ※ attachment and detachment of the cover, or the like when carrying, please grab the body portion to the main body cover both. There is a risk of damage to grab only the head and arms.
  • ※ cover the back of the zipper, it uses a friendly plastic zipper on the skin. There is a risk of damage to the momentum carried out by the well opening and closing. Please note in advance.


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