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Heroine Make Mascara Advanced Film

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12.99 $12.99

Image result for ヒロインメイクマスカラ アドバンストフィルム

Long time durable curl Hot water + face wash clean OFF! I want to maintain an upward curl all day long! But I want to drop it! Well to girls! New generation third mascara!

Image figure Image figure

POINT 1 durable curl

Up all day long! Strong curl lock ※ 1

At the moment of painting, it dries and strongly fixes the curl. 
Rubbing and moisture resistant shape retaining polymer blend throughout the day * 1 
Upward curling persists.

※ 1 day of activity time <investigation by our company. In effect there are individual differences. >
Hard film that does not contain water and keeps the curve Keep upwards until night
<The figure is an image. >

Moreover! Water does not fall strongly in polo polo

Heroine makeup conventional film
It's glaringly fallen in the water and falls down!
Third mascara
I put it in water and rub it with my hands.
<Our investigation. The photograph is an image. >
Eyelashes, Eyelashes!
Image figure
<Image is an image. >

POINT 2 easy off

Rakuchin "hot water + face wash" off

Refresh with hot water, Just wash off with the usual face wash!

How to drop eyelashes and mascara

~ First boil in hot water ~
Image figure
Before using face wash (or cleansing agent), pinch your eyelashes with your fingers and moisturize mascara with warm water (about 38 ° C).
~ Next with a cleanser ~
Image figure
Please wash with a lather wash well. 
(If you are using a cleansing agent, use it in warm water and then use it before cleansing.)

Secret of easy off

If it is a surprise new prescription advanced film that is easy to fall weakly to the weak point water of our conventional film, it is nice to keep it in a steady state and turn it off with ht water and face wash! Both
<Image is an image. >
Eyelash cosmetic liquid ingredient combination
4 types of eyelash essence Do not forget to care for the eyelashes formulated with (eyelash protection ingredient) .
Camellia oil, wild rose oil (caninabara fruit oil), argan oil, royal jelly extract
<Image is an image. >

LINEUP line up

Long with 5mm fiber! Powerful beauty long

Filled thick and thick! I feel no sense! Dense volume

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