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HearNotes Premium WireFree Earbuds

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Quick overview


We Hear You

We share your dream of mobile music freedom. 

We heard your earbud problems, and like you, we were tired of getting tangled up.

It bothered us that the industry’s response was not to solve this problem, but to ignore it. Year after year in an ever-changing world, the technology is the same, the design is the same and the underwhelming user experience is the same. You said you were being forced to make a choice between convenience and a premium listening experience. And although you may not have been aware of it, a small team of fellow dreamers in San Francisco, California, was listening. 

After more than 18 months of intensive research, development and refinement, we're proud to present HearNotes WireFree Earbuds with Kleer Technology – the only earbuds that deliver lossless, uncompressed, high fidelity stereo audio without a single wire to get in your way.

We set out on the road less traveled to make good on the promise of truly WireFree earbuds.We weren’t going to hide behind tricky wordplay and flashy marketing. In fact, we started by stripping away all the noise and getting back to the basics. We had to walk away from the industry standard, Bluetooth, and build HearNotes from the ground up.

Every detail of The WireFree Solution has been carefully considered and refined to create the ultimate portable audio product.

  • The ergonomic design and lightweight materials – each piece weighs less than a quarter – ensures all-day comfort with virtually no fatigue. 
  • The universal transmitter comes with it’s own power supply so it won’t cause battery drain on any of your devices. And you’ll never experience signal drop-off or interference as long as you’re within its impressive 50-foot range.
  • The premium balanced armature speakers were expertly engineered to accurately reproduce the high fidelity audio transmission your earbuds receive from the transmitter. It was specially designed for music playback, and delivers a rich soundscape with deep lows and crystal clear mids and highs.
  • The sturdy carrying case is fitted with a high-density foam insert, perfectly cut to snuggly fit each piece, and features an easy-to-read LED fuel gauge so you’ll always know just how much battery your HearNotes have.

What's Inside

The HearNotes Solution includes: 2 Earbuds, 1 Transmitter, 1 Charging Pad & Carrying Case (*Includes Micro USB cord and Wall Adapter.)The HearNotes Solution includes: 2 Earbuds, 1 Transmitter, 1 Charging Pad & Carrying Case (*Includes Micro USB cord and Wall Adapter.)

KLEER technology was built for one thing, and one thing only: WireFree music listening. It was engineered with the singular purpose of streaming flawless, uncompressed audio with inference immunity, extremely low latency and dynamic performance. It enables two independent, uncompressed audio signals to each earpiece for a true high fidelity stereo transmission.


We want you to run, dance, and bask in total freedom when your favorite song comes on.We want you to enjoy your music, anyway you like, without worrying about getting tangled up or pulling an earbud out by the wire. 

We want you to listen to your music, your way.

Be free to listen to your music, your way.Be free to listen to your music, your way.

WireFree means premium, hi-fi stereo audio from a pair of untethered, lightweight earbuds. It means style, comfort, mobility and convenience.

And, most importantly, WireFree means freedom. Freedom from wires, freedom from tangles, and freedom from subpar audio delivered by wireless earbuds.

WireFree is what wireless should be.

Run freely without wires and earbuds that won't fall out.Run freely without wires and earbuds that won't fall out.

This dream is all about making portable audio history together, and we wanted to do something special to commemorate this campaign.

Introducing HearNotes Nova, a Kickstarter exclusive. This limited edition run of 250 is only available to our backers, because this marks the beginning of something brilliant…the start of the WireFree Revolution. And your HearNotes Nova will always serve as a reminder that you helped make it happen.

We've been proofing, refining and Beta testing units since June 2014, and are pleased to report that HearNotes WireFree Earbuds are nearly complete!  We're in the process of vetting contract manufacturing candidates, while also beginning to prepare final production documentation. Based on our current timelines, we expect to begin shipping no later than Fall.

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