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Headoc - Relieve Headaches

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Quick overview



Headoc is a unique device combining 3 technologies to relieve stress, Headaches and migraines. The Headoc directly addresses problems caused by modern lifestyle in a simple and effective way.

The Headoc was created to relieve problems that everyday people suffer from – almost every day.

Modern lifestyle leaves less and less time to relax, breathe and ease away the stress gathered through the day. Stress, Headaches and Migraines have become so common. In many cases, we tend to underestimate their effect on our life and even ignore the effect completely.

We want to meet expectations at work. We want to enjoy our free time to be with our family, meet our friends and visit our parents. We find ourselves working harder, for longer periods. We forget that the more stressful and anxious we are – the less productive we are. We find ourselves struggling to make the most out of our day, and forget that sometimes we need to pause and breathe.


In this crazy lifestyle, we forget that one headache or anxious thought can easily ruin the joyful moments. Feeling good is important, and the Headoc is here to make sure you feel better.

 Anytime. Anywhere.

Headoc was made to solve everyday problems, for the everyday people

Our friends and family are those everyday people, and so are you. They came to us asking for a solution for their everyday problems – stress and headaches. After our success with the Eardoc (a device for ear infections and ear pain), they hoped we could help them get some relief for those issues as well.

We accepted the challenge. We started reading studies and researches on these conditions. We examined and researched innovative devices and traditional treatments for Migraines, Headaches, Anxiety and Stress. We found ourselves building prototypes, learning about how the body works and how the mind works. Each technology was closely examined, as well as its effect.

We chose the ones that were the best fit for our goals – to make people’s lives better.

De-stressing, Getting rid of those headaches, relieving those migraines and getting over that ongoing feeling of fatigue. Easily. Quickly. simply. A new solution that will aid as many people as we can. As simple as closing your eyes. In fact, you can start relaxing right now- Just close your eyes and think this is your cocktail waiting on the beach:



Feeling better? That's exactly what we are aiming for!

A large number of technologies was examined – what is their effect, how one benefits from them, and what happens when these technologies are combined.

A few months after we started our research project, we knew what we wanted to create: a small device, inexpensive and easy to operate. We wanted to do it using known technologies, approved by FDA and EC. That is how we created the Headoc. A device aimed to relieve several conditions, in a simple and affordable way.




The technologies in the Headoc are all aimed to fight stress, anxiety and migraines. Three technologies working synergistically for optimal results in minimal time.

 Combining these technologies wasn’t easy, but our R&D team made it happen. The combination of these technologies addressed the emotional side of the conditions as well as the physical side. Each technology has its own benefits, and together they are even more powerful. Together or alone, these technologies make you feel better, live better and function better in today’s fast paced lifestyle.

Behind the science - A short review of the technologies: 



Negative ions are a natural molecule found in nature which improves cognitive functions as well as affects mood and depression.

Negative ions can be found in the air around us at all times. Research has discovered they can affect our mood substantially. The concentration of Negative Ions in the air is minor, using devices such as the Headoc to generate higher levels of Negative Ions will bring positive effects on mood and depression.

Negative ions are currently used in bracelets and other items, mainly targeted for athletes. When spread in to the air, negative ions reduce depression, improve memory and enhance cognitive performance. Negative Ions have a positive effect on decision making and concentration required by the fast pace of modern lifestyle.

Environments with high negative Ions have a positive effect on cognitive performance and mood. Waterfalls, the Alps, the ocean and many outdoor sceneries offer high concentration of negative Ions. That is why we feel even better on vacation. Now, the Headoc brings Negative Ions to the palm of your hand.

Vibration has been proven to be a stress relieving technique which also improves blood flow. The Headoc utilizes the advantages of vibration therapy to assist with anxiety, pain and even improve sleep. The Headoc vibration is soothing and relaxing, and also aids the effect of the other technologies utilized in the Headoc.

The vibration’s intensity can be easily adjusted to suit a volume you feel comfortable with. The Headoc’s vibration mode also allows use of the Headoc as an applicator of creams or oils, providing a massage to the skin which helps the cream enter the skin and pores. The cream applicator is a standard part of the Headoc package, and can be used for beauty creams, massage oils, and other ointments meant for skin application.


Red light photo-therapy is proven to increase metabolism of muscle and tissue. NASA has used photo-therapy as a main part of astronauts care in space. Red light photo-therapy is frequently used in beauty care. It is marketed in professional devices of cosmetic care and home use devices.

Red light treatments can improve skin regeneration, which provides better composure of the skin as well as help minor wrinkles. In the medical industry, red light photo therapy has many uses. Research has shown that red light is linked with energy & metabolism in muscle, bone and other tissue. Moreover, it has even been suggested that astronauts can use LED blankets to prevent muscle and bone atrophy (degeneration of cells).



What has this got to do with stress and anxiety?

In Latin: “Mens sana in corpore sano”. In simpler words – a healthy mind in a healthy body. It means not only being healthy, but also feeling good. We all know about bad hair days and how compliments can improve our feelings. So, making our skin look and feel better is a great way to get those compliments going. More than a beauty characteristic, healthy skin will also improve blood flow and moisture issues.


  The 3 technologies Headoc is using are not new technologies and are used in many appplications separately. Each technology (Negative Ions, Red Light Photo-Therapy, Vibration) is approved for use by the FDA, CE and others. The production used to make Headoc is according to ISO and GMP standards, and all materials used in Headoc are of medical grade. 

The Headoc is made from medical grade materials. The components inside were reviewed closely, and customized to provide optimal results. Each component is important to the effect the Headoc creates. Have a look at what's inside the Headoc:

HEADOC by headoc1 on Sketchfab



The Headoc has an accessory (cosmetic cap) that makes the Headoc perfect for application and introduction of creams, oils and ointments on to the skin to improve tissue penetration and creams' absorbency in the skin.


We have the prototypes ready. We have submitted a patent for the Headoc. The technologies used in the Headoc are approved for use by FDA and EU. The Headoc’s concept is ready for the next level.

We need your help to get the first production lot running. Producing and distributing the first batch is expensive, but with your support it can be made.

The funding we receive will be invested only into the Headoc’s production process and planning future development of the Headoc. The funds raised will be used for:


  • Finalizing the Headoc’s design.
  • Preparation for mass production.
  • Purchasing the raw materials and components.
  • Manufacturing tools and molds required for production.
  • Establishing the production process and testing it.
  • Production!



Customer Service & Shipping:

  • Do I need to add the cost of shipping to my contribution?

    If you are in the U.S.A., shipping is included in your perk contribution. If you are outside of the U.S.A., please add $15 to your contribution for international shipping.

  • What if I forgot to add international shipping to my contribution?

    No problem! Use the "international shipping" perk to add the $15 for international shipping to your previous contribution.

  • Where do I put my address?

    You will be required to enter a shipping address when backing any of the product perks through Indiegogo. We will also be emailing all backers prior to shipping asking for updated mailing addresses. If your address changes before we ship your Headoc, feel free to email us at 

  • When will I get my Headoc?

    Shipping dates are estimated to be before or during July 2015.

Product handling and operation:

  • What conditions does Headoc treat?

    Headoc combines three technologies, and each of them has its virtues. The Headoc’s main purpose is to relieve Headaches, migraines and stress. However, the technologies have vast effects, and are used in many products to treat other conditions. These include – fatigue, anxiety, short term mental distress, dizziness, cramped muscles. In addition, the Headoc has positive effects on memory, cognitive functions and skin regeneration.  

  • How does Headoc work?

    Headoc uses a combination of three technologies. Each of them works individually, and they can work simultaneously. The Headoc works on a chargeable battery that lasts for several hours of constant use. The Headoc is charged by USB cable, connected to a computer or USB Charger. 

  • How long should I use the Headoc?

    The Headoc can be used several times a day, for variable durations according to your needs. The effect of the Headoc will be felt within minutes. However, the recommended use is 5 minutes and up to 15 minutes for optimal results. The Headoc can be used for up to an hour. It is recommended to use the red light in intervals of 5-6 minutes.  

  • Are the Headoc’s technologies approved by health authorities?

    The 3 technologies are not new technologies and are used in many applications separately. Each technology (Negative Ions, Red Light Photo-Therapy, Vibration) is approved for use by FDA, CE and others. The materials used in Headoc are of medical grade. 

  • Is Headoc safe?

    Headoc is safe for use if instructions are followed.

  • Who can use Headoc?

    The Headoc can be used by anyone age 3 and up. 

  • How long will it take for Headoc to provide results? 

    It varies from person to person. Certain people will feel immediate impact and for others it may take several days to feel the full effect. For most people, the Headoc’s effect should be felt in minutes, with emphasis on quick relaxation.

  • How do I charge Headoc?

    Each Headoc is shipped with a standard USB charging cable and can be connected to a computer or an adapter for charging. It is recommended to charge the Headoc overnight when the battery is weak.

  • How long does the battery last?

    The Headoc can be used for several days without charging the battery, depending on the frequency of usage - how many times a day and how long.

Headoc’s accessories:

  • Use of Headoc for cosmetic purposes  

    The Headoc can be used for application of creams, oils and ointments on the skin to improve tissue penetration and absorbance in the skin. The cosmetic cap is easy to use: 

    I. Place the transparent cap on the Headoc. 

    II. Apply the cream/lotion/ointment on the skin in the area you wish to cover.

    III. Start the vibration and red light (no need to turn the Negative Ions on) and start massaging the lotion in to the skin.

    IV. The lotion/ointment will be slowly absorbed into the skin.

    V. After use take of the transparent cap off the Headoc and clean it with a damp cloth or wet wipes. Store it in the box until the next use.

  • Use of Headoc for strong headaches  

    The Headoc is provided with a unique forehead cap which enhances the effect of Headoc. The forehead cap is used when you have a strong headache felt mainly in the forehead.  The forehead cap can also be used for relaxation of muscles or other parts of the body. Simply Insert the cap on the Headoc, start the vibration mode and apply on the forehead or intended area. 



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