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HAPPYPO Easy Bidet

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19.99 $19.99

Squeeze and enjoy fresh clean

Introducing HappyPo...the Bidet for Everyone!

Why should intimate well-being and cleanliness be expensive (like bidets) or full of chemicals (like wet wipes)? shouldn't.

That's why we designed the HappyPo Easy-Bidet. This simple, portable, squeezable shower helps you feel cleaner than ever, wherever you go. You get all the benefits of bidets: It's better for your skin, better for your health and better for the environment. At the same time, it's hassle-free. Since we, Oliver and Frank, started this company in early 2017 in Berlin, we got featured in almost every German zero waste store, won an investor on "Shark Tank" Germany and received amazing support from midwives and proctologists. The HappyPo Easy-Bidet is perfect for cleanliness-conscious people, people with sensitive nether regions, people who want to reduce their toilet paper imprint and everyone that loves to feel great. Discover how great YOU will feel.

Freshness That You Will Love

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Wellness and Hygiene is Only A Stream of Water Away

HappyPo might be the easiest bidet to use in the world. Just fill up and squeeze the HappyPo for a comfortable and accurate stream of water that cleans gently. No batteries needed.

Well Suited For Sensitivities And Increased Hygiene Needs

Fill it up, clean, dry off – fresh. You experience improved hygiene from pure water. We want you to feel confident every day with HappyPo so that you can have your mind free for the nicer things in life.

Just What The Doctor Ordered

Cleaning with water is the top tip of many health experts. Especially when you're facing hemorrhoids, CEDs, UTIs or post-partum troubles, you should avoid toilet paper by doctor's orders.

A New Luxury – To-Go

HappyPo is 100% portable. With the HappyPo Easy-Bidet, you can travel in style, cleanliness, and comfort. HappyPo comes with a convenient travel bag, so cleanliness is never far away.

Why you should try HappyPo today

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100% Refreshing Cleanliness

Be clean. Cleaning with water is the most thorough AND the most pleasant way to ensure that no smells or health hazards are left behind. It was never easier to get that freshly-showered feeling after every bathroom visit.

100% Irresistible Gentleness

No more over-wiping and stressing your skin while trying to get clean. Whether you use HappyPo for your behind or your intimate areas. Perfect for your wellbeing, comfort and confidence.

50% Reduction in Toilet Paper

You're not only helping yourself, you're helping Mother Earth, too. Around 270,000 trees are cut down everyday to produce toilet paper. By using toilet paper only for drying and with the HappyPo, you can cut this in half.

Technical Details

Manufacturer HappyPo
Part Number FX-IAUY-EBWE
Item Weight 3.52 ounces
Product Dimensions 11.02 x 2.36 x 1.97 inches
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No
Size 1 Count (Pack of 1)



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