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Halo Back Smart Screen Protector

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40 $40.00

What is Halo Back?

Halo Back is the first smart screen protector in the world. The invisible back button let your iPhone go back easily. With this little magic, you can operate your phone with a single hand.




If you are using iPhone 6 /iPhone 6 Plus, you have probably felt our frustration: cannot reach back button on upper left corner, unable to control with one hand, drop the phone and break heart. Traditional screen protectors “sacrifice” themselves in accident, but you still live in fear and inconvenience.

Before: cannot reach back button on upper left corner


After: go back easily with invisible button


Little magic brings convenience and elegance!

Double touch or Swipe?

Feedback from beta testers

Feedback from a beta testerFeedback from a beta tester
Feedback from a beta testerFeedback from a beta tester
Feedback from a beta testerFeedback from a beta tester

What else?

Feedback from a beta testerFeedback from a beta tester

Besides smart, Halo back is also an excellent glass screen protector just like the good ones you can get from Amazon or other stores. 

  • Extreme clarity  
  • Feel like touching Retina HD Display  
  • Easy application  
  • Protection from scratch to high impact drop
If you are a user of iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, Halo Back works great for you. Take it and make your iPhone perfect! 

How can it be smart without charging?

You are electric

Firstly you need to learn the type of screens that almost all handheld devices now use, which are known as “capacitive touchscreens”. Unlike old “resistive touchscreens” (think sale machines in checkout lines and certain screens in hospitals), capacitive touchscreens require contact with something that can conduct electricity (e.g., your finger) to function. Capacitive touchscreens work like this: humans conduct electricity and touchscreens have an electrical charge. When you touch the screen you distort the screen’s electrostatic field at the point (or points) of contact which triggers the intended action in the device.

We lead current  

For Halo Back, we add a circuit layer to traditional glass screen protector. It helps to lead current when you press lower left corner of the screen, so that the back button works.

Tech Spec  

  • Compatibility: iPhone 6 | iPhone 6 Plus  
  • Crystal Clear: High-grade tempered glass provides ultimate clarity. Its nano coating repels natural skin oils making Glass simple to keep clean and looking great  
  • Height: 130mm | 150mm  
  • Width: 59mm | 69mm  
  • Depth: 0.21mm  
  • Weight: 6g | 8g

Nothing change to original operation. Just one more choice for you.

  Long shot! Apply and Use a Halo Back demo.


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