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Hakata Torimon Sweet Gift

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The story behind the birth of Meigetsudo

Winner of the Monde Selection Gold Award for 20 consecutive years!
"Hakata-dori-mon" was born from our commitment to making sweets.


Winner of the Monde Selection Gold Award for 20 consecutive years!
"Hakata-dori-mon" was born from our commitment to making sweets

Meigetsudo's "Hakata Torimon", which is popular as a souvenir of Fukuoka / Hakata's specialty as a souvenir of ordered sweets / Japanese sweets,
was completed in 2008, and a new factory was completed. Melting white bean buns are deliciously baked every day.
"Hakata Torimon" has won the Monde Selection Gold Award for 20 consecutive years, and
is now the flagship product of Meigetsudo as world-class Hakata confectionery! And, of course, the number one popularity is immovable! !!
Hakata-dori-mon was born on March 8, 1993, but by the time it was born, there was a
long way to go due to the "stickiness" of Meigetsudo's sweets making .

I want to make such sweets (manju) that customers will be impressed with and want to eat again! The
story of the birth of Hakata-dori-mon, which began with a strong commitment to making sweets.
This is an excerpt from the summer 2008 issue of "Hakata Monogatari", a comprehensive catalog of sweets from Meigetsudo.

I want to make a manju that no one has eaten yet .

Around 1985, Meigetsudo established the concept of Hakata Western Japanese sweets.
However, it didn't lead to a hit.
As new products were born one after another, familiar customers who knew Meigetsudo from old times said,
"Why don't you have buns? Why don't you make that delicious bun?"

◆ Meigetsudo Manju, which many fans have been waiting for

Meigetsudo announces Hakata Western Japanese sweets one after another.
All of them were delicious and were well received at the time of their release, but they did not last long
and it was difficult to create a hit product.
At that time,
the store manager at the site says that customers are requesting to eat buns .

fact, there were quite a lot of fans who wished for the revival of Meigetsudo, which has released hit products such as "Meigetsu Manju" and "Hakata Jiman" .
Hakata Western Japanese sweets, which had to continue making new products without seeing the goal, were
gradually putting pressure on management. The impatience and fatigue began to cast shadows day by day, and at that
time, the customer's voice, "I want to eat buns," echoed comfortably.
"You can make use of your experience and compete in your field of specialty." Everyone would have imagined the revival of "Hakata Jiman."

However, Takuya Akimaru dismissed the voice that came up from the scene and showed no room for consideration.
"The president who responds so seriously to the voices of customers ..." surprised the company.

◆ Project start driven by customer feedback

The idea at that time was this. "Fukuoka already has one of the best buns in Japan.
There is no chance of winning even if you try later. Besides, even though you have started a new initiative, you
do not want to go for easy sweets making. Meigetsudo's blockbuster bun The revival of "Hakata Manju"
will be appreciated temporarily, but as a result, it will not be possible to obtain customer satisfaction. "

However, customer demands do not meet at all, and on the contrary, they are increasing day by day.
Takuya finally raised his hips, as pushed by the voices of the fans.
First of all, do you research and really ask for "Hakata Jiman" or "Meigetsu Manju"?
I investigated what kind of sweets are supported by young people today. Next, I thoroughly investigated the famous buns all over Japan.
Then, he set up three issues and started making buns.

1. 1. Develop buns that are not found anywhere else in Japan.
2. 2. Make buns that become more delicious as the days go by.
3. 3. Use the best ingredients possible.

It is said that the facial expressions of the development staff were tighter than usual.
This condition was like telling me to give up the bun.
However, for Takuya, who wants to make such sweets that customers are impressed with and want to eat
again, that was a condition that he could never give up. The whole company has begun to make buns that no one has ever eaten.

What is Monde Selection?

Monde Selection
is a world food contest that has been held since 1961 by the European Community (EU) and the Belgian Ministry of Economy for the purpose of improving the quality of sweets .
Nowadays, the target is expanded to alcoholic beverages and foods in general, and it is known as an internationally prestigious contest,
with food manufacturers in more than 50 countries around the world , including European countries , exhibiting
their own products.
Monde Selection judges hygiene, taste, packaging, ingredient labeling, etc. on a 100-point scale,
and a gold medal is given to products with 80 points or more,
but it is extremely difficult for the same product to win the gold medal in a row. It is a prestigious award.
Meigetsudo's masterpiece manju "Hakata Torimon" has won the "Gold Award" from Monde Selection for 20 consecutive years.
(From 2007 to 2020, we received the "Highest Special Gold Award" in a row.) The
"International Excellent Quality Award" is also awarded to foods that have won the Gold Award for the third consecutive year.


Hakata's masterpiece manju "Hakata-dori-mon" sold from March 1993.
Thanks to the patronage of each and every one of us, we have been able to grow rapidly as our flagship product.
We will
introduce the opinions and impressions from everyone who sent us to the questionnaire as "customer's voice" on our website, but in order to respond to that voice, we
will continue to stick to Hakata and stick to the taste and service. "
We will deliver Hakata Western Japanese sweets in the spirit of "Better & Different" .
While taking pride in the various awards we have received , including Monde Selection ,
Meigetsudo aims to become a long-established store in Hakata for 100 years , with a feeling of gratitude to all of you in delicious sweets .

"Hakata-dori-mon" award history

59th 2020 Monde Selection
"Highest Special Gold Award"
58th 2019 Monde Selection (Rome, Italy)
"Highest Special Gold Award"
57th 2018 Monde Selection (Valencia, Spain)
"Highest Special Gold Award"
56th 2017 Monde Selection (Valletta, Malta)
"Highest Special Gold Award"
55th 2016 Monde Selection (Budapest, Hungary)
"Highest Special Gold Award"
54th 2015 Monde Selection (Lisbon, Portugal)
"Highest Special Gold Award"
53rd 2014 Monde Selection (Bordeaux, France)
"Highest Special Gold Award"
52nd 2013 Monde Selection (Sweden, Stockholm)
"Highest Special Gold Award"
51st 2012 Monde Selection (Athens, Greece)
"Highest Special Gold Award"
50th 2011 Monde Selection (Brussels, Belgium)
"Highest Special Gold Award"
49th 2010 Monde Selection (Frankfurt, Germany)
"Highest Special Gold Award"
48th 2009 Monde Selection (Venice, Italy)
"Highest Special Gold Award"
47th 2008 Monde Selection (Vienna, Austria)
"Highest Special Gold Award"
46th 2007 Monde Selection (Barcelona, ​​Spain)
"Highest Special Gold Award"
45th 2006 Monde Selection (Prague, Czech Republic)
"Gold Award"
44th 2005 Monde Selection (Brussels, Belgium)
"Gold Award"
43rd 2004 Monde Selection (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
"Gold Award"
42nd 2003 Monde Selection (Brussels, Belgium)
"Gold Award"
41st 2002 Monde Selection (Paris, France)
"Gold Award"
40th 2001 Monde Selection (Portugal)
"Gold Award"
26th National Confectionery Expo "Received the glory of Nakajima Kikka" "Received the Tea Ceremony Iemoto Award"
25th National Confectionery Expo "Received the glory of Nakajima Kikka" "Received the Honorary Governor's Award"
(Technical category)
24th National Confectionery Expo "Received the Tea Ceremony Iemoto Award"
The 23rd National Confectionery Expo "Received Honorary Governor's Award"


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