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Grush - Gaming Toothbrush

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Quick overview


 Grush Brush, Grush Mobile Game, and Grush Cloud 



The technology includes: 


                                                Grush Cloud Services






                                                        Grush Game I: Monster Chase

                                         Chase and brush away baddies hiding in the teeth



                                                     Grush Game II: Toothy Orchestra

                                       Transform the Grush Brush into a conductors wand   




                                                           Grush Game III: Brush-a-pet

                          Help raise Gavin Giraffe by brushing over the course of a year 





                                                                       Parental Dashboard



Interactive Gamification: 

Grush Apps are interactive games and apps that receive motion data from the Grush Brush and integrate it with a simulated image of teeth or any game theme. The games are designed to guide children to brush properly according to the American Dental Association’s child brushing recommendations. The child can battle monsters, fly spaceships, or ride a pony, all while being instructed in the ideal brush position and duration of brushing. 

Peace of Mind: 

The Grush Cloud stores statistical brushing data for parental tracking / monitoring. The Parental Dashboard App is used to track kids' brushing over time and reward them accordingly. 




The standard package includes:

  • 1 Grush brush (Runs on AAA batteries included)
  • 1 Universal Cellphone holder for the bathroom mirror 
  • 1 Replacement brush head
  • 1 Comic book style instruction guide for kids
  • 2 Grush games downloadable from our website, Google Play ™ or iOS App Store
  • A parental monitoring dashboard app to track your children's brushing habits directly from your mobile device.
  • A lifetime subscription of Grush Cloud where your Kids' brushing data is stored for you and optionally for your dentist.   





Q: My Son is 3 1/2 years old.  Can he use Grush?


A: Yes.  The ADA  (America Dental Association)  Suggests children start to brush their teeth once their first set of teeth grow in.

Q: Is Grush safe for Kids?


A:  Yes!  Grush has no loose parts.  The brush is fully sealed and water-proof.   We only use high quality and child-safe materials.  Remember, we are fathers of young boys.  

Q: Do you have a Grush for my girl?

A: How can we forget girls?!  Yes, we  have a Grush for girls. Please specify age and gender when you back us. 

Q: Is the Brush head replaceable?


A:  Yes.  Our package includes 1 Grush brush and one replacement brush head.

Q: What mobile phone operating systems does Grush support?

A: Grush supports both Android and iOS. You will be able to download games from both the Apple App Store and Google Play™


Q:  Do I need to buy a smartphone for my kid to use Grush?

A:  That's not our intention.  You can place your smart phone in our well designed and universal cell phone mount.  Some kids use their parent’s phone anyway now.  Even better,  You can reuse a retired smartphone from your drawer.  




Q:  Is Grush a motorized tooth brush?

A:  No. To train children with proper brushing technique and to develop life long brushing habits, Grush is a SMART manual brush.  

Q:  Do you have Grush for different age groups?

A:  We have two different models of Grush for age groups 3-5  and 6 and up.  We also have games designed especially for these age groups. 

Q: How long should Kids play Grush?

A:  Dentist suggested  Children brush for 2 minutes,  twice a day. hashtag #2min2x Same for Grush. We do find some kids tend to brush teeth longer just because of our games.  We set the maximum brushing time at 5 minutes.

Q: Can Grush be hacked to play games instead of brushing teeth?

A: We have a brush movement pattern detecting mechanism to make sure your kids are brushing while they play.  If your kids can even hack this, enjoy your time with the next Steve Jobs. :)    

Q: What is the warranty?

A: We will provide a one year warranty from the date we ship your Grush. 

Q: What games can I get?

A: The basic package includes two standard games.  The selection of games will grow quickly.  You can access games from our website, Google Play™ and the Apple store.   

Q: What's your shipping cost?

A:  US shipment is included in the cost.  For international shipping, please add $25 to your order

Q: Is the picture shown in video exactly same as the one we are going to receive?

A: No, the picture is only for prototype.  We will have a much better looking product with your help.  With your backing, we will design different industrial designs and send them to you for voting. The winning designs will be used for the different age groups and genders.   


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