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Grayns - Sugar-Free Home Rice Cooker

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Rice need not be unhealthy and could be nutritious if something was done to reduce the excess, unhealthy sugar and carbs...

- Grayns isn't just for rice but any starchy foods -

In response to ever-growing diabetes, obesity, and heart disease epidemics, Grayns developed an ingenious technology that scientifically cooks starchy foods like rice, potatoes, pasta, and grains and removes the excess, unhealthy sugars which significantly lowers glycemic loads.



Cook Healthier & Feel Better with Grayns Rice Cooker:

  • Glycaemic Load — Lab test results show a 35% reduction of the glycemic load to levels suitable for a diabetic diet and prevention of diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.
  • Maintains Nutrients — Unlike conventional cookers, Grayns cooks rice thoroughly but does not reach boiling temperature which allows harmful starches to dissolve while retaining vital nutrients.
  • Feel Full Longer — Not all carbohydrates are created equal, with Grayns retaining the slowly digestible starches (SDS)which eliminate full feeling sugar spikes and hungry feeling dips.
  • More Energy — Slowly digestible starches (SDS) are gradually digested and more slowly released into your bloodstream, providing you higher energy levels for longer.
  • Any Starchy Foods — Grayns is not just for rice, cook other starchy high RDS foods like potatoes, pasta, noodles and other grains like quinoa, millet, couscous, etc.



Cook Precisely & Automatically with Grayns Rice Cooker:

  • Customization — In addition to presets for different types of grains of rice, you can also personalize your cooking to how soft or moist you prefer, and then save your favorite settings to memory.
  • Sensomatic™ Cooking — Automatically “senses” the optimum cooking settings for different varieties of rice and automatically cooks to their unique optimal requirements.
  • Intelligent Interface — Easily navigate to your favorite saved settings or use Grayns user-friendly default settings for temperature and moisture settings.
  • Better Texture — Creates fluffier rice with 50-70% more rice volume by completely gelatinizing and expanding each grain, allowing 3 cups of rice to easily feed 5-6 people.
  • Perfectly Cooked — Microprocessor and Sensomatic technology provides accurate heat-sensing that enables cooking a variety of sugar-reduced rice effectively and automatically.


To be digestible rice has to be cooked, but when cooked in conventional rice cookers, rice becomes sugar and quickly spikes circulating blood sugar within half an hour, almost as fast as candy.

The real problem with rice is something food scientists call Rapidly Digested Starch, which quickly breaks down into simple sugars and carbohydrates with a lot of RDS tend to have a high glycemic index which causes blood glucose to rise rapidly and stay high longer.


The conventional rice cooker revolutionized how we cook rice, turning a once tedious and time-consuming process into something that is now simple and fast.

However, what makes the home rice cooker convenient, also makes us much less healthy and adversely affects our health without us realizing it by leaving the unhealthy starch that's dissolved in the water to gets back into the rice.

Not so with Grayns, its revolutionary technology automatically ensures better-tasting, longer-lasting, and healthier food using our proprietary 4-stage healthy cooking process called Revocook.




In a conventional rice cooker, the water is absorbed by the rice and the rest evaporates with no water drained away, leaving unhealthy starch to remain in the rice.

Noting this fundamental problem and its adverse health effects, Grayns began developing an ingenious solution that scientifically and precisely cooks starchy foods with a four-stage process that removes the unhealthy starch water and lowers the glycemic index to doctor recommend levels suitable for a diabetic diet.

Ingeniously invented by Yushitada Minami and commercialized by Toshiba in 1956, the home rice cooker became a trendy appliance revolutionizing the way we cook.

Since its invention, many improvements have been made, such as making it a multi-function cooker, but the fundamental and problematic method for cooking rice has remained the same. Rice and water are put into the cooking bowl and boiled above 100°C until the water evaporates with all starches, including the unhealthy RDS remaining in the rice and ending up in our bodies.

Grayns's patented 4-stage cooking process optimizes temperatures, moisture, and time to ensure excess, unhealthy Rapidly Digested Starch (RDS) is discarded.


Slowly gelatinizes rice at precise temperatures to release unhealthy, Rapidly Digested Starch into the water while still retaining nutrients.

With the Grayns rice cooker, it doesn’t matter what type of rice you’re cooking because its Sensomatic Technology allows for the rice to cook at just the right gelatinization temperature depending on what type of rice or other starchy food that you are cooking.


Holds the optimal gelatinization temperature, compelling most of the unhealthy Rapidly Digested Starch out of the rice.

Just getting the temperature right isn’t enough, you’ve got to maintain this temperature to allow for all the unhealthy rapidly digestible starches (RDS) to debond from the rice and dissolve into the water while all the essential nutrients remain within the rice.


Unhealthy Rapidly Digested Starch is transuded through the rice to be drained away into the Grayns starch collection tray underneath.

Unlike the conventional rice cooker, the RevoCook technology doesn't allow for the water with all that unhealthy RDS back into the rice. With Grayn's ingenious REVO Intelligent Drainage System (RIDS), this water is drained from your rice, leaving you with healthier, naturally tasty rice that has a proven lower GI (Glycemic Index).


Grayns de-moisturizes the excess healthy water from the healthy cooked rice to make it fluffy and delicious.

The last stage of the RevoCook technology ensures that your healthier, better-tasting rice is also superior in texture. By removing the excess moisture or de-moisturizing your rice, these little grains become soft and fluffy – in other words, precisely, perfectly cooked rice.




With these simple tests, you’ll see how rice cooked in a conventional rice cooker is no different from the simple sugars often attributed to causing diseases such as diabetes. What’s more, you’ll see how Grayns rice differs from conventionally-cooked rice with lower glucose levels, better color, fluffier textures, and longer table life.


Lab Analysis & Blood Test Results:

  • Update #3 - Blood Tests: 90% Substantially Lower Level

  • Update #2 - Lab Test Results: 35% Fewer Carbohydrates


To conduct this test, simply cook a bowl of standard white rice using a traditional rice cooker and observe what color you see in the rice.


The content of rapidly digestible starch or RDS causes cooked rice to take on a slightly yellowish tinge, which is what you’ll find with rice cooked in a conventional rice cooker. Why is this not good? As the term RDS implies, this starch gets broken down into simple sugars by the body and enters the bloodstream quickly, causing sugar spikes in the bloodstream. When this happens, the strain is placed on the body to cope with the sudden increase in blood sugar.

On the other hand, because Grayns rice is low in RDS content, the rice you get is plain white. Grayns rice is high in slowly digestible starch or SDS, which, when digested, gets released slowly and gradually into the bloodstream, causing no strain on the body’s blood sugar level control mechanism.


To conduct this test, you'll need to consume standard cooked and Grayns cooked rice to observe your Blood Glucose readings.

Rice cooked in a conventional cooker has an extremely high glycemic index as the sugar in rice stays back in, causing your blood glucose to rise quickly and stay high longer. The glycemic index (GI) is the rate at which a carbohydrate is converted into sugar and absorbed into the blood system to trigger high blood sugar which in turn makes the body to react to produce insulin. Rice cooked in the Grayns Rice Cooker is 30 to 35 percent lower on the Glycemic Index; hence, blood glucose levels never spike to dangerous levels and fall back to normal very soon.


To conduct this test, simply take a spoonful of cooked rice and chew on it for roughly 5 minutes to observe how the rice tastes.

The high rapidly digestible starch in conventionally-cooked rice makes it sweet after a few minutes of chewing. On the contrary, chewing on Grayns rice for as long as you can don’t change the taste of the rice – it stays neutral in flavor, bringing out perfectly the characteristics of other foods eaten together with rice. Just the way it was initially intended to be.


To conduct this test, have a regular meal of conventionally cooked rice and Grayns cooked rice on different days to see how feel?


When you eat conventionally-cooked rice, the starch is rapidly digested into your bloodstream, causing you to feel full almost immediately after eating. Once the body’s blood sugar control mechanism kicks in and the sugar levels in the bloodstream dip, you’ll start to feel hungry again. This isn’t true with Grayns cooked rice because it isn’t high in rapidly digestible starch or RDS but rich in just the opposite, slowly digestible starch or SDS. So while your hunger might not get instantly gratified eating Grayns rice, you will feel full and have higher energy levels for longer as the starch from the rice is gradually digested and slowly released into your bloodstream.


To conduct this test, leave a bowl of rice Grayns cooked and conventional rice to sit out at room temperature for 24 hours.


Conventionally-cooked rice, if left in room temperature will go bad after about 24 hours and will start to give off a very distinct smell. The reason for this is the fermentation of the rapidly digestible starch and is also why we sometimes feel bulky and uncomfortable after we’ve eaten conventionally-cooked rice. Grayns rice with its low RDS content, however, doesn’t have this problem and not that you should, but you can leave a bowl of Grayns rice in room temperature for up to 5 days, and it’s still good.





Check out the latest Grayns news:

  • Update #4 - Manufacturing: Detailed Delivery Timelines

  • Update #3 - Blood Tests: 90% Substantially Lower Level

  • Update #2 - Lab Test Results: 35% Fewer Carbohydrates

  • Update #1 - Thank You Program: Earn Your Grayns for Free



Using Grayns is Simple and Easy:

  • Standard Cooking — The default settings are set for most kind of rice; Long grain, medium grain, and short grain.
  • Customize Your Rice — Customize the settings according to your preference and taste. At default, the setting is 0.5 for both softness and moisture. For softness, the higher the number the softer is the rice. Conversely the lower the number the harder the rice. This is true for ‘moisture’ as well. The lower the number the drier the rice. Customization is may be necessary for a different type of rice e.g brown rice etc.
  • Customize Cooking — The default settings are set for most kind of rice; Long grain, medium grain, and short grain.
  • How To Soak — Rinse the rice and make sure the rice does not exceed the maximum level. Put the rice and strainer basket into the rice cooker, then add the exact amount of water. Please wait until the ‘completed’ sign appear and the water will then transude into the collection tray. The light indicator will turn to green.
  • How To Soak and Cook — ideal for various types of brown rice. It will soak to the time you set, and straight away continue cooking. It is also suitable for certain types of rice. You can set the time of soaking as long as you want and cooking will start upon completion of soaking time.
  • Washing Grayns — Remove the inner pot, steel ball, strainer & starch collector from the rice cooker and wash them in warm, soapy water with a soft sponge. Rinse completely, then dry with a soft clean cloth. Any residue of vinegar or salt may cause your metal parts to corrode. Always clean thoroughly after each use.
  • Wet Wipe Only — To clean the heating plate and thermo-control plate, use a sponge and dishwashing soap to polish or remove any residue. Then wipe with a damp cloth. Allow drying completely before reusing. You must keep the heating plate and thermocontrol plate free from any foreign objects. Wipe clean to clear from any starch collected
  • Cleaning Steam Vent — Take out the Steam Cover, wipe with a damp cloth the cover and the top of the steam ventilation lid to remove dirt and starch.
  • Cleaning Starch Collector — Pull out the Starch Collector from the rice cooker. Take out the Drain Cap and dispose of the starch collected. Handle with care, heat content may cause injury.



Design Specs of Grayns Rice Cooker:

  • Model TORC 3.3 Model No. GRC0113T33 Version V1.0 Power Supply AC220 – 240V ~ 50Hz or AC100 – 120V ~ 60 Hz 550W Power Consumption (Approx.) Cooking 550W Standby Mode 3.5W Capacity Rice 0.5 ~ 5 cups Water 3.3L Power Cord Length 47" Weight (Approx.) 160 ounces Dimension Width 11.90" Length 12" Height 11.70"





Mr. Hishamuddin Mohammad: Review of Grayns Rice Cooker


  • “I have a single kidney and am diabetic to boot. So the Grayns rice cooker has truly been a life-saver. My blood sugar is in control and the best part is that I still get to enjoy my rice! My doctor, who’s asked me to drastically reduce my rice intake can’t complain now. A great product! Just what I needed!”



Mr. Bob: Review of Grayns Rice Cooker


  • “Two months ago, I was overweight, diabetic and frequently falling sick. Then my friend introduced me to the Grayns rice cooker and as they say, the rest is history. Regularly eating Grayns rice saw me losing 5 kilograms within these past two months and I’m on my way to losing 5 kilograms more after which I’ll be at my ideal weight of 60 kilograms. I have to say congratulations and thank you to Grayns for coming out with such a great product!



Mr. Fauzi Hassan: Review of Grayns Rice Cooker


  • “My father died because of diabetes so I’m aware of how devastating it can be to lose your health. I’ve been on Grayns rice for two months and I can certainly feel the difference. My digestion is better and I don’t feel bloated or suffer from reflux. I’ve lost more than 2 kilograms but have never felt more energetic! There’s just so much good from Grayns rice that I just don’t eat any other rice now. There’s just no reason to”.



Mr. James: Review of Grayns Rice Cooker


  • “I’m a type 1 diabetic. I live with a permanent insulin pump attached to my stomach and I have to be extremely careful of what I eat. I’ve been eating brown rice in small quantities as a way to get my energy supply but it’s always been a struggle striking that balance between rice being an energy supply and source of excess sugar. Until now, that is. Discovering the Grayns rice cooker allows me to eat white rice and after every meal, I don’t even have to pump in the same amount of insulin as I did before. I definitely recommend the Grayns rice cooker to others like me”




Our core team has combined the experience of more than 50 years in global product development, entrepreneurship and operational experience, and a track record in commercialization of new technologies operating across European, U.S and Asian business environments.


Zeeshan is a proficient and accomplished Scientist and Design Engineer that focuses on products that solve problems for humanity, with a number of inventions to his credit including the world’s the first all-electric amphibian car, SmartPools range of Counter-Current Pools, and now Grayns, the world’s first healthy rice cooker.



Research & Development at Ascenteus Research: A technology generator with the right combination of technical and commercial skills.

  • Responsibilities: Chief architect for all new technology developments, Design production flow and set up standard operating procedures for commercial production, Indigenize components and materials to reduce cost while promoting the use of Malaysian Suppliers and GoodsChief architect for all new technology developments, Design production flow and set up standard operating procedures for commercial production, Indigenize components and materials to reduce cost while promoting the use of Malaysian Suppliers and Goods


Senior Manager of Technology at Perusahaan Otomobil Elektrik: A company involved in the design and manufacture of special-purpose electric vehicles.

  • Responsibilities: Design & invent new products and technologies that solve future transportation and environmental problems, Evaluating & training local suppliers as regards their manufacturing capabilities and localizing components to reduce import content, Conduct research on the latest technologies related to public transport and energy industry, Designing vehicles and vehicle components & accessories, Designed production line for the production of vehicles sent to Sydney Olympics 2000, Involved in testing and homologation for a new concept lightweight monorail system.

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