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Golfzon SwingTalk

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Swing & Listen, your voice partner, SwingTalk - Golfzon


Don’t pause your swing – SwingTalk brings you instant voice feedback
instant voice feedback

SwingTalk is unlike any other swing analyzer products. Voice feedback function gives you seamless swing practice experiences. When you swing, it gives you instant tempo & speed feedback with real-time voice alarm so you don’t need to stop and see smartphone display.

With SwingTalk, improve your swing by yourself

With SwingTalk, improve your swing by yourself image
Play like a pro. SwingTalk thoroughly analyzes your swing with comprehensive analysis data. It shows you not only tempo, club speed, club trajectory but also actual movement of the shaft, key point analysis - shaft angles throughout the shaft. Track your swing with SwingTalk and improve everyday.

All-in-One Device

With SwingTalk, improve your swing by yourself image With SwingTalk, improve your swing by yourself image With SwingTalk, improve your swing by yourself image
Choose more convenient and efficient. SwingTalk is fit to all kinds of golf clubs including drivers, woods, irons, hybrid, wedges and putters. It analyzes not only your swing but also putting with one device and it support both iOS and Android so you don’t need to purchase additional products.

Main Functions

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Voice Feedback

SwingTalk provides you with instant voice feedback, allowing you to concentrate on your swing rather than watching the screen

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Easy & Comfortable

The lightweight sensor snaps on to the grip, rather than the shaft, to maintain the weight balance of a club for more natural swings.

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Actual movement
of the shaft

The trajectory of club and shaft is measured and displayed, allowing precise analysis as well as detailed information of the movement of shaft and timing of the release.

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True path of club head

Nine characteristics of the swing are determined and analyzed including factors such as ball type and the trajectory of the club and the face angle.

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Key Point Analysis

The swing is analyzed by breaking the movement into phases, such as address, backswing, backswing top, downswing, impact, and more.

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SwingTalk Cloud

You can save and load your swings with the SwingTalk Cloud and you can replay them whenever you want.

  • Swing analysis

    Swing analysis

    You can watch your swing in 3D, through a full 360 degree view. You can also view key factors of Your swing such as club trajectory, tempo, speed, and the swing type, which determines the movement of the ball on an intuitive screen.

  • Self-test

    Swing test

    You can examine Your swing type and consistency after you have made 10 swings.

  • Test Result


    You can edit the content that will be displayed on the Swing Analysis screen.

  • My Statistics

    My Statistics

    Past swings that are automatically synchronized and saved in Swingtalk Cloud can be loaded and replayed again to compare them to current swings in a single screen

  • Test Result

    Test Result

    Shows the history of Swing Test results, and scores the consistency of the tempo and speed of various clubs

  • Test Result


    You can connect Swingtalk sensor and smartphone using Bluetooth.

How it works
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Step 1

Download the free Swingtalk app from the Apple App Store or Google Play store.

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Step 2

Insert Swingtalk sensor to the hole on the club grip.

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Step 3

Pair to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.

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Step 4

Take a swing! You can analyze your golf swings in the SwingTalk app.


  • What is Swingtalk?

    Swingtalk is a device that provides comprehensive data on your swing when it is attached to the grip of a golf club. Swingtalk sensor provides a perfect wireless connection to your smartphone using Bluetooth. Users can view the trajectory of their swing in 3D, and key data such as swing tempo and club speed is provided through audio, allowing the user to concentrate on their golf rather than watching the screen. By using the Bluetooth earphone or headset, the smartphone doesn't even need to be in immediate proximity of the user - it could be kept safely in their golf bag, for example.
  • What are the advantages of Swingtalk?

    All levels of golfers, from beginners to professionals, can benefit from using Swingtalk. For golfers to develop their skills, a thorough analysis and improvements of several key factors are essential. Swingtalk analyzes these key factors and displays the result through your smartphone, allowing users to develop their golf skill level.
  • Where can I download the SwingTalk app?

    Swingtalk is available for both iOS and Android devices. Search for "Swingtalk" in the App Store or Google Play to download the app for free.
  • How do I charge the Swingtalk sensor?

    The sensor can be charged using a USB cable. Fully charging the device will take about 1-2 hours. Connect your USB cable to the charge port on the side of the sensor to start charging. The round LED, next to the charge port, will show a red light to indicate that it is charging, and the light will be turned off when charging is complete.
  • How long does the Swingtalk battery last?

    After a full charge, the battery will last for about 2-3 hours of usage.
  • How do I connect the Swingtalk sensor and the Swingtalk app using Bluetooth?

    The Swingtalk sensor needs to be paired with your smartphone using Bluetooth when you first use it. If the Swingtalk app is running, please quit the app first. Press and hold the power button of the Swingtalk sensor to turn it on. The blue light of LED on the sensor indicates that the device is ready to be paired. Activate Bluetooth in your smartphone's settings. Select "Find device" to detect a pairable device. When "Swingtalk" appears on the pairable list, please select it. When the pairing is complete, the LED light on the sensor will flash in blue. Finally, executing the Swingtalk app will automatically connect the sensor to the app. Once the sensor is paired, turning its power on and executing the app will automatically connect them to each other.
  • How do I install the Swingtalk sensor?

    The sensor can be easily installed on all kinds of clubs, including drivers, wedges, and to putters. Simply insert the Swingtalk sensor into the hole at the end of the grip and align it with the grip to complete the installation. Since the device is installed at the end of the grip, the user's swing will not be disturbed by the sensor.
  • How do I align the Swingtalk with my club?

    Please align the LED on Swingtalk sensor with the mark of the grip, which is pointing to the square position of the club face as shown below.
  • My Swingtalk sensor keeps moving.

    Please fully insert the sensor until the bottom of the sensor adheres to the grip. The bump on the needle of the sensor should be inside the grip to ensure correct installation. The sensor may be pulled or tilted by strong impacts, depending on the user's swing style. If this occurs, please align the sensor again.
  • Can left-handed golfers use Swingtalk too?

    Yes. Left-handed players can switch the "right-handed" option to "left-handed" in the settings of the app.
  • Where can I find the data of my swing?

    Please log in with your Facebook account or an e-mail address. The data will be saved to the "Swingtalk Server," where the user can load the information whenever desired.
  • Can I compare my swing with the swing of another player?

    Yes. Simply select one of your swings that has been saved to the Swingtalk server to compare it with your current swing, or even a professional golfer's swing.


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