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Glow In The Dark putty

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15.95 $15.95


Charge Glow in the Dark Thinking Putty by exposing it to a light source and it will radiate a bright green in darkness.

Intensify the fun and record an object's silhouette onto the surface of the putty. Or use the optional black light keychain to draw, doodle, and write with light on the putty's exterior.

Glow in the Dark Putty will also provide hours of "daylight" fun as it can be stretched, pulled, molded, bounced, and even ripped in half (and put back together again, of course!). Made in the USA.

For people who like:
  • desk accessories
  • gifts for kids
  • gifts for the inner child
  • made in the usa
  • office toys
  • toys

Features & specs

  • Contains 1/5 lb (90 g) of putty
  • Glows brightly when lights are off
  • Stretch it, bounce it, and rip it in half!
  • Write on it with black light
  • Made in the USA

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Like regular (aka awesome) thinking putty, but it also glows in the dark!

At Vat19, we're big fans of putty. Like other cool fidgeting devices, putty just never seems to get boring. In the case of Glow in the Dark Putty, the fun is amplified when the lights are turned off.

Glow in the Dark Thinking Putty.
Glow in the Dark Putty emits a bright green glow when the lights are turned off.

Bounce it! Stretch it! And rip it like paper!

Because putty is a slow-moving liquid (precisely it's a non-Newtonian fluid), it is blessed with some unique physical characteristics. Simply put, the rate at which force is applied to the putty directly corresponds to how it behaves in response to that force.

When the force is applied slowly, the putty will act more like a liquid. When the force is applied rapidly, putty behaves like a solid. So, when pulled slowly, the putty will stretch. However, when dropped or tossed, the putty acts like a solid and bounces. And when a shearing force is applied quickly, the putty will rip.

So, charge up your putty (simply hold it next to a bright lightbulb for a few seconds), and enjoy this non-Newtonian fluid as it glows in the dark!

Glow in the Dark Krypton Putty can be bounced, stretched, and torn.
Glow in the Dark Putty exhibits the characteristics of both a solid and a liquid.

Shadow puppets? How about shadow putty!

Imprint silhouettes onto the surface of your Glow in the Dark Putty by resting an item on it while charging it with a bright light. When you remove the item, a detailed silhouette remains. That's fun, y'all.

Imprint the silhouette of objects using Glow in the Dark Putty and a light bulb.
Temporarily save an object's silhouette to the top of the putty.

Doodle on the putty with optional black light keychain

Glow in the Dark Putty glows when "charged" by a light source. As it turns out, black light works great for this purpose. And with our keychain-sized black light keychain, you can draw, scribble, or write messages onto the putty.

Use the optional blacklight keychain to write onto the surface of the putty.
Transform your putty into a glowing Rosetta Stone with the optional black light keychain.


Krypton Thinking Putty DEFINES eerie, outer-space, alien, radioactive green! Charge with sunlight or our Blacklight Keychain for fantastic brightness! Wakeup before sunrise to see it glowing hours later!



Amber Thinking Putty's exotic jack-o-lantern glow is simply awesome! Use with our Blacklight Keychain for a glow visible in a lit room! After about an hour, the magic fades...until next time!



You'll swear you can see the electrons buzzing around -- generating Ion Thinking Putty's icy blue glow. An extraterrestial turquoise glows all night long. Use our Blacklight Keychain to light it up! Then dim the lights, zone out, and enjoy a soothing, hypnotic experience.



Glowing purple like the night sky before dawn, Aura Thinking Putty's unique color is sure to catch the eye. Charge it up with our Blacklight Keychain, darken the lights, and enjoy Aura's violet hue for an hour or two.


We know you'll LOVE Thinking Putty so weGUARANTEE your TOTAL SATISFACTION! If you are not 100% delighted with your putty purchase, we will happily refund your entire product purchase price!


Warm up to Heat-Sensitive Hypercolor Putty, a Thinking Putty that changes hues using just your body heat.

From Crazy Aaron, the deranged genius who brought you Magnetic, Glass, Illusions, UV and Glowing putty, comes a whole new way to play with some of the coolest stuff on earth.

Just holding the putty for a little while turns it a totally new color. Squeeze the Sunburst putty to change it from orange to yellow or knead the Twilight putty to get it to morph from purple to blue.

Don’t worry; Heat-Sensitive Hypercolor Putty still sculpts, tears, bounces, stretches, and even shatters like other Thinking Putties. So go ahead and play with it, but don’t be surprised when you’re holding a totally new color of putty in your hand.

For people who like:
  • desk accessories
  • gifts for kids
  • made by hand
  • made in the usa
  • office toys
  • relaxation
  • science

Features & specs

  • Changes color with heat
  • Contains 3.2oz of putty
  • Stretch, tear, shatter, sculpt, and bounce it
  • Made in the USA
About Crazy Aaron's Puttyworld
· Is Crazy Aaron a real person?
  I am an honest to goodness, living, breathing person and I do bear an eerie resemblance to our company logo. My hip cartoon alter ego is busy revealing the day to day workings of Puttyworld all across social media on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube!  
· Where is Crazy Aaron's Puttyworld located?
  Crazy Aaron's Puttyworld International Headquarters are located in the western suburbs of Philadelphia, PA.

For more information visit About Us.

· What am I supposed to do with Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty?
  Play with your Thinking Putty at home, school, work, the car, anywhere! Bring your Thinking Putty with you to work or school and leave it on your desk. You'll find yourself tearing off a handful and using it to relieve stress while your brain ponders infinite creative possibilities. Soon after, you'll find your own unconscious energies breaking through -- creativity you didn't even know you HAD!

Sculptures and Dali-esque designs will flow from your own hands and "work" may even be transformed into FUN?!?!

· If I bring the Thinking Putty to work or school with me, will people think that I am incredibly cool?
  Yes, they will. I guarantee this! Your friends and coworkers will most likely try to steal some Thinking Putty from you. Thinking Putty in the hands of others creates uncontrollable and insane jealously. Perhaps they will try to befriend you and weasel their own large handful of putty from your personal supply.

Eventually you will probably want to order more Thinking Putty to feed the habits of yourself and your friends. (This is Crazy Aaron's plan for world domination.) Shortly afterwards, you will become a self-proclaimed monarch of a new Thinking Putty fiefdom. Your office or classroom will begin to look like a Dali workshop with Thinking Putty dripping from the ceilings. The unleashed and unbridled creative force of your workplace or school or home will make you all unstoppable.

· This whole thing sounds crazy, like a scheme to take over the world through fluoridated water supplies. Are you off your rocker?
  Crazy Aaron tells no lies but he is a little "crazy." Buy some Thinking Putty and see for yourself!  
Thinking Putty Information
· How much Thinking Putty is inside each tin?
  There is 1/5 pound (3.2 ounces) of Thinking Putty inside each 4" tin - enough for extra fun for kids or a large adult handful!  
· Is Thinking Putty non-toxic?
  Yes. Thinking Putty is a Made in the USA product. It is manufactured entirely in the USA from top shelf materials sourced from industry leading vendors. We take product purity and regulatory compliance very seriously. We are certified compliant with ASTM F963 and EU standards EN 71 Parts 1, 2 & 3 which cover tests for toy safety. Our product is CPSIA compliant with all regulations. Additional information is happily provided upon request.

Thinking Putty is inert, non-toxic, and safe. Thinking Putty contains no latex, gluten, wheat compounds, or phthalates. It is safe for use by people with sensitivity to wheat or latex and will not promote the development of latex allergies.

You should NEVER put Thinking Putty into your mouth, ears, or nose. You should never eat Thinking Putty. If a small amount is accidentally ingested, have no fear, you'll be able to play with it again in a few days.

· Is Thinking Putty safe for use by children?
  Yes! Thinking Putty is loved by everyone and is safe for children ages three and up.

Although Thinking Putty is completely inert, non-toxic, and safe, it may present a choking hazard to children if placed in the mouth or if a child attempts to swallow the product.

Please exercise extra caution around small children. Like all creative toys, Thinking Putty can get messy if left alone with young children. Thinking Putty should not be used by children under three years of age for this reason and should always be used by older children with supervision.


· There is Thinking Putty stuck in my hair or on my skin! How can I remove it?
  Don't panic! We can help you get your Thinking Putty out of your hair or off of your skin. We recommend using Rubbing Alcohol (the greatest precent Isopropyl Alcohol you can find--99% is ideal) from the drugstore. It is the easiest way to remove Thinking Putty from natural fabrics and hair. Some people will purchase antiseptic ethyl rubbing alcohol. This is NOT effective. More information and videos can be found here.  
· There is Thinking Putty stuck in my shirt/pants/rug/sofa/sheets! How can I remove it?
  Use Rubbing Alcohol (the greatest precent Isopropyl Alcohol you can find--99% is ideal) from the drugstore. It is the easiest way to remove Thinking Putty from natural fabrics and hair. Some people will purchase antiseptic ethyl rubbing alcohol. This is NOT effective.

Do a spot test first on a non-visible part of fabric to ensure the alcohol will not cause further damage. Liberally pour the rubbing alcohol onto the affected area. The Thinking Putty should liquefy and become easily removed with a paper or cloth towel.

If your Thinking Putty has adhered to a synthetic fabric such as nylon or polyester, Rubbing Alcohol may damage the fabric. Try WD-40 to loosen the Thinking Putty and remove it from the surface.

If all else fails, take your garment to the dry cleaners and let them know your stain is silicone based.

For more detailed information see here. Videos about removing Thinking Putty can be found here

· Can Thinking Putty stain fabric?
  Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Thinking Putty is best left in its tin when it is not being used. But if it does stay on fabric for an extended period of time, once the putty itself is removed (see above), certain pigments in different colors of Thinking Putty can stain certain fabrics. As with any product, we suggest watching children when they are playing with it to make sure it is not left on fabric for a long period of time. Feel free to contact us for additional help.  
· Does Thinking Putty dry out?
  No way! Thinking Putty is silicone based, not clay or earth based like other modeling compounds. Thinking Putty will never dry out or crumble.

The only reason to keep it in a closed container is to offer protection from dirt, dust, and hair that may otherwise accumulate.

· Is Thinking Putty like Gak™, Floam™, Noise Putty™, Slime™, Mars Mud™, or Goo?
  Absolutely not! Thinking Putty is in a class of its own - with its own unique physical properties and amazing colors.

Thinking Putty does not leave a sticky residue on your hands. You won't feel like you need to "wash up" after playing with Thinking Putty.

Thinking Putty is stretchy but bounces like a ball! It tears like paper, and can shatter like ceramic. Super Magnetic Thinking Putty can also be attracted to a magnet and our Hypercolors canchange color with the heat from your hand.

Unlike all other products, Thinking Putty comes in extra large handfuls and a rainbow of really awesome colors!

· Can I bring Thinking Putty through airport security or onto an airplane?
  Yes. Thinking Putty may appear superficially like the plastic explosives you see on TV, but the similarities end there. Thinking Putty will not appear as an explosive to either color X-ray or sniffer machines. It is neither a liquid nor a gel and is not subject to the criteria governing those objects. That said, security screeners have absolute personal discretion in exercising their jobs. They can confiscate anything they like regardless of the posted rules.

If you ever have your Thinking Putty confiscated, just let me knowand I'll make things right.

· Will Thinking Putty leave a residue on my hands? Does it smell bad?
  Thinking Putty does not leave a sticky residue on your hands. You won't feel like you need to "wash up" after playing with Thinking Putty.

Thinking Putty is classified as odorless but it does have a detectable "medicinal" smell if held right up to the nose.

· After lots of use and love, my Thinking Putty has gotten rather dirty. How can I remove bits of hair/dirt/fuzz from my Thinking Putty?
  So far, we haven't come up with cost effective way to clean Thinking Putty. If your Thinking Putty has collected too much stuff for your liking, we suggest you purchase a fresh tin.  
· Can you make custom colored Thinking Putty?
  We are able to create custom color Thinking Putty to match any PMS color or color sample.

We can add special effects to the Thinking Putty like metallic and electric swirls, glow in the dark, color flip-flop, sparkles and more.

Please email us for more information.

· Do you provide customized products for promotional or corporate use?
  Of course! You can see samples of our work and find out morehere. We can completely customize the packaging, size of container, color, and labeling to meet your special needs.

Just send us an email and let us know some basic parameters for your promotion (rough quantity, use, timeline, etc). We'll get back to you with prices, options, and photos of sample work we've done for other clients.

· What is this stuff? Where did it come from?
  During World War II, America's supplies of natural rubber were scarce. The Japanese had occupied many areas in the South Pacific where rubber trees are found.

Thinking Putty and many other silicone products were developed during World War II as American industries searched for rubber substitutes that could be used in place of natural rubber tires, gaskets, and seals.

In 1936, at the Mellon Institute of Industrial Research, Dr. Earl Warrick began experimenting with "organosilicon" chemistry - combining silicon (think: sand, glass, computer chips) with carbon (think: you and me, charcoal, and fossil fuels).

In 1943, he left the institute to join the newly formed Dow Corning Corporation. His research was refocused to help the war effort by developing a synthetic rubber substitute. Although he failed to produce a suitable rubber before the end of the war, one result of his experiments was a Silicone Bouncing Putty (the primary ingredient in Thinking Putty).

Although it had no industrial use, he kept some around - it made a nifty toy!

· Is Thinking Putty available in stores? Can I sell Thinking Putty in my store?
  Yes! You can also see a list of stores that carry Thinking Putty here. If you would like to carry Thinking Putty in your store, please call us at 866-578-2845 or email our Wholesale Manager, Cheyanne,

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