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The main feature of modern devices is a hard glass surface which is activated by the touch of a finger. However, when people are wearing gloves they create a barrier between the finger and the screen. Glovys is an innovative solution which bridges this gap and enables capacitive touch screens to sense changes in pressure which enables usage with gloves.

All of your favourite gloves are now instantly compatible with your favourite device

Glovys handles all the gestures you are familiar with

Even without your gloves on


How does it work

Glovys is made from two metaled films with laser etched transparent circuits. The top and bottom films are separated by a very small gap. When you press the two circuits together they create a discharge and activate the screen below. Without using batteries and without calibration.

Easy mounting: Align - Press - GO

Silicone sticky pads on all four corners enable you to easily stick Glovys onto the front of your phone

The mounting force of the sticky pads has been extensively tested in critical situations like:dancing, riding the bike and pulling the phone out of jeans while seating. We are happy to report that Glovys will stay in place, no matter what!

The sticky pads are washable and reusable

You can also store Glovys on the back of your phone

Every Glovys comes with a Pocket where it stays protected when you want to carry it in your bag, jacket or jeans.


To keep things simple we are presenting Glovys in one color: the light blue. With enough support we can add more color options and we would like to propose with the classics: black and white.

Right now Glovys is compatible with: 

  • iPhone 3, 4, 5, 6 and 6 plus

Throughout the campaign we would like to find out which other phones, tablets, wearables and other touchscreen devices you would like to use with Glovys. We will try to make it compatible with as many devices as possible and open new rewards as we go. Please, take the survey below and vote for your favourite device:

Further development 

There is always room for improvement and since Glovys is a completely new product we would like to share the topics which we believe can further enhance the users experience. If there is someone out there prepared to share their knowledge to help us make Glovys even better, you are very much welcome to drop me a line at: 

The spacer dots: They keep the two films separated. When you press on the top film there needs to be only a part of it moving closer to the bottom film, rather than the whole plane in a uniform (gaussian) manner. The spacer dots are in themselves transparent and measure about 0.5mm in diameter but they form a plan-convex lens, which can be annoying when it overlaps with text. We will try to make Glovys with as little of these as possible. From our experience, having less spacer dots is the most effective way of getting an overall better transparency.

The film: The material used to make Glovys has to be treated with a thin layer of ITO (indium-tin-oxide), which is a metal. Although it is very thin and transparent it still reflects and filters the light from the display. In our opinion the only solution is to work with the manufacturer of the film and search for alternatives with similar properties and test, test, test. With enough orders we hope to get better options for the material and improve the overall transparency even further.

The circuit: This is the core of Glovys and it allows the touchscreen to sense pressure even without the presence of a finger. It has an analogy to resistive touch screens. Regular photochemical procedures for circuit etching require large volume production and are less flexible for development. We had to use more precise laser etching techniques which enable Glovys to seamlessly connect with the existing touchscreen. With enough support we will be able to finance more development time on the machines and test new ideas to improve it’s design. 

Glovys is patented: This is not to hide anything from you, but to protect the technology from companies using cheap labor and low quality standards. We would like to stay in control of the production to make sure that everybody who is involved with Glovys get’s a fair treatment and all the products will be of the highest possible quality. Glovys will be produced and shipped worldwide from Slovenia.

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