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GlocalMe G3 Global Private Wi-Fi

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139.99 $139.99



These days, you almost expect to have Internet access anywhere you go. Sometimes, when you go abroad there are missing connections or technological incompatibilities that make an Internet connection almost impossible. GlocalMe will solve these problems by introducing its cloud SIM technology and a never-before-seen smart user interface. 

Simply put, GlocalMe is redefining the way we stay connected to the network globally.

We’re doing this two ways. 

You can connect your tablet, your phone, and your laptop to the best network no matter where you are. GlocalMe keeps you online wherever you are without roaming charges. 

Manage your data usage smartly and effectively through GlocalMe's user interface and App.



Internet connection has become one of the main needs of people in our days. This is why about 40% of all the people find it the most  annoying aspect of traveling. 

This fact prompted us to dig deeper into a solution where we started to envision "GlocalMe' and all the possible benefits.


To break away from tradition - SIM card is a carrier of restrictions, whereas GlocalMe's Cloud SIM technology allows users to enter  different operators' networks, and gives people more freedom and effectiveness when moving from one country to another.

Cloud Sim technology, which means it requires no local SIM Card to connect, and users can travel without worrying about signals and coverage to more than 100 countries in the world.

While there are several top competitors in the market when it comes to providing international internet service, ours is heads and shoulders above the rest.

Unlike the Apple SIM which only connects on Apple's mobile devices or Google Project Fi focused on Nexus 6 respectively, GlocalMe is offering its availability for all types of devices and software. It is also offering network compatibility with a number of carrier networks in 100+ countries around the world. 

The Apple SIM network compatibility is only universal in name since major carriers like AT&T are blocking the services for Apple SIM. Where network compatibility with Google Project Fi is concerned it is only available for Sprint and T-mobile while the date speed becomes limited to 256Kbps in many areas outside of the US. The coverage and service offered by GlocalMe is again very noteworthy because this is the only project of its kind that offers worldwide 3G/4G network. GlocalMe therefore takes an edge over Apple SIM and Google's Project Fi.


Smart-hotspot operating system, touch-screen interactive features, and the GlocalMe APP allow users to manage the data usage effectively and smartly. 

GlocalMe brings affordable, predictable and flexible rates to fit your need: 

No Roaming -- Avoid the high data roaming charges all over the world.

No Contract, Unlocked -- Only pay for the exact amount of data you use.

Our pricing is completely transparent, and there are no hidden costs or surprise changes in the terms our clients sign up for. We protect our clients from shocking, expensive international roaming charges.

Pick a suitable plan using GlocalMe's App or website if you need more data, and enjoy the hassle-free global connection. GlocalMe's pricing options include 1GB worldwide package for $33, and Pay-As-You-Go for $0.056/MB.

*Packages provided on Kickstarter (200MB, 1GB, 3GB, 9GB) have one-year validity, whereas packages on GlocalMe's app and website ($33/1GB) are valid for 180 days.


GlocalMe G2 supports up to 5 devices connected simultaneously. Through the smart UI, users are able to monitor the amount of device connected to the GlocalMe network.


G2 can also be used as a traditional unlocked Wi-Fi hotspot with the insertion of local SIM card so as to receive local 3G / 4G network signals.


The last but sometimes the most convenient feature: It acts as an additional battery and saves you from the trouble bringing a bulky power bank. Battery Pack 6000 mAh will recharge a standard smart phone over 3 times.

Large battery also lasts for up to 15 hours of continuous use.


We have been doing some tests on GlocalMe's very first model, the G1, and networks throughout the world since 2014.  

Quotes by users who have tried our prototypes all over the world.



I have always loved to travel and share my photographs and experiences with others. But I haven't always found internet service whenever I go, and sometimes, when I do, I've found that my wireless carrier has slapped me with fees and other bogus charges. To get mobile service, I had to collect local SIM cards and figure out how to use them with my phone and my network. It was just a hassle. Finally, I had enough, so I decided to create my own technology that would let me connect with my friends and family no matter where I went or what I saw.                                                


Founders of GlocalMe are ex-Huawei engineers and specialists who've aligned to provide the largest roaming mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) to international travelers throughout the world. Our mission is to be the global mobile internet access entrance for everyone, and to be the global integrator of mobile broadband data services above all other competitors.           

Kevin has been working in telecom industry for 16+ years and another 6 years in consumer electronics. He has numerous patents and extensive experiences with product innovation. Having worked together for over 5 years and even collaborated with several other talented professionals, Kevin and I have been able to develop the cloud SIM technology.

Niko is a founder of several luxury hotels. With her valuable experiences in global marketing and brand management, we are ready to deliver GlocalMe into your hand.  

 project video thumbnail

Cloud SIM - The smart switch between mobile networks in over 100 countries

Through our patented Cloud SIM technology, GlocalMe taps into a world's worth of SIM cards that are located throughout the globe. Our SIM cloud continues to grow leaps and bounds as we tap into new countries. By turning on the G2, your device will find the most optimal network and the corresponding SIM card in the cloud SIM which starts to convert the local mobile connection into Wi-Fi signals, making sure that it's within "domestic" roaming boundaries, and saving you, the user, from international charges.

G2 is the world’s first global 4G Wi-Fi hotspot. Even as advanced as Google's Project Fi, our competitors don’t have the worldwide 4G coverage, and their networks only function at a slow data speed.  

G2 overview

1. Tough, durable fingerprint-proof glass panels that use comprehensive steel processing, with the addition of explosion-proof membranes to increase the strength and toughness even further.  

2. The device's casing side uses the latest CNC technology with extreme processing of up to 30,000 rpm. It is also surgically and precisely made by using superb crafting techniques such as sandblasting, cutting, laminating, oxidation and highlighting.


GlocalMe service covers 100 countries worldwide! We have included the most exciting travelling destinations! We are discovering and covering more of your favourite places every month!


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