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  • Antimicrobial Phone Case
  • Ionic Silver Germ-Killing Properties
  • World's Thinnest Phone Case


Tough on Scratches , tough on germs!

We all have phone cases to protect our phones from falls and scratches, but what if there was a phone case that protected your phone from germs? Well, now there is: GermGuard by PhoneSoap, the world’s first ionic silver antimicrobial case!


The Only
Germ-killing Case!

Phone cases have always protected against falls and scratches, but now, with PhoneSoap’s new germ-killing case, your phone can protect YOU from getting sick! With ionic silver embedded into the soft-touch plastic, this case has an effective kill rate of 99.5%, which means any germs transferred from your hand to your phone won't be there for long!

Kills Germs
with Ionic Silver

GermGaurd utilizes a patented inorganic antimicrobial agent that releases microscopic silver ions into the moisture layer surrounding bacteria and viruses. These ions then penetrate the cell and bond to several key enzymes in the bacteria that controls how the cell "breathes". This bonding inhibits the bacteria from consuming the energy it needs to live, and the cell dies off. This technology has been used in hospital equipment for years to keep equipment germ-free, and now PhoneSoap has made it available for your phone!

World'sThinnest Case

Besides being the only phone case in the world to kill bacteria with new ionic silver technology, it also happens to be the world’s thinnest case at just 0.3mm thin! Having high density plastic, this case packs a lot of protection into just 0.3mm without making your thin phone a bulky monstrosity.

How Dirty is a Cell Phone?

Our phones are filthy and it's not hard to see why.

Lets face it, we are always touching dirty things. The problem is, we are also always touching our phones, transferring that bacteria to our devices! We wash our hands, but never clean our phones! Have you ever used your phone in the bathroom? (Don't worry, we all have.) Then it shouldn't surprise you that 1 in 6 cell phones have fecal matter on them!

Dirtier than you think!

Have you even used a paper towel to open the door of a public restroom? Or tried to squeeze out without touching the handle after someone else opens the door? Do you use your foot to flush the toilet? Of course, because those things are loaded with germs!

Did you know that your cell phone has 18x more harmful bacteria than that handle in a public restroom we all try to avoid? If you have ever used your phone after leaving the bathroom, you made them dirtier than you did in the bathroom.


How Does My Phone Get Dirty

Whatever our hands touch our phones touch.

We wash our hands but do we wash our phones?

It Gets Worse

Warmth Breeds Bacteria

Phones are warm and we keep them in warm places

Breeding Ground For Bacteria

Our phones don't just collect the bacteria from all of the grossness we touch, they BREED bacteria! Our phones are always warm from the battery and we store them in tight, dark spaces like pockets and purses. Your phone is where germs go to party.

So What?

The way we use our phones makes us sick

  1. Others get sick
  2. They spread the germs
  3. We touch our phones
  4. We wash our hands but our phones stay dirty
  5. Dirty phones = dirty hands (again)
  6. We get sick

Not Just Sick

No more acne

Not only are the extra bacteria on our phones bombarding our immune systems, they can also cause some serious facial effects. Some types of acne come directly from talking on the phone! Pressing your cheek and chin against your phone can exacerbate acne by allowing bacteria to get into those pores, causing chaos.

Theres More?

Be Healthier

It's true, some bacteria is good to keep your immune system active, but in the same way that a little sun is good for the skin, too much of it can cause serious problems!

We are in contact with small amounts of bacteria all day, but our phones are growing them out of control, potentially overwhelming our ability to fight them off! Not only are they overloaded with germs, they are harboring bacteria that we should not be in contact with, such as E. coli, MRSA and the flu.

"People are just as likely to get sick from their phones as from handles of the bathroom" - Dr. Jeffery Cain (President of the American Academy of Family Physicians)

Help Me

The PhoneSoap Solution

PhoneSoap was developed to easily solve this "growing" problem.

Charge and Sanitize any phone using UV light!





Phone Soap

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