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Foldable Sunshade Windshield Umbrella

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32.99 $32.99
A compact folding umbrella becomes a sunshade! A sunshade umbrella that would be useful if always in the car

When a fierce summer sun hits a parked car, the car gets so hot that the handles are too hot to touch.

Therefore there may be many people installing a sunshade on a car. However, when you are using it, it will take up a lot of space even if you are not using it.

This sunshade is of the folding umbrella type, and it can be really arranged like a folding umbrella. Its size is less than 30 cm and does not get in the way at all.

When installing, just open it like an umbrella. It is just a sunshade of a folding umbrella.

The difference is that there is no sunshade in hot summer. A must have to survive hot summers!

Sunshade is a season with strong sunshine

Sunshade is a season with strong sunshine

When the sun shines in the middle of summer, the car that you parked becomes a scorching hell, the temperature in the car is more than 50 degrees, and the dashboard and steering wheel are more than 70 degrees.

In such a case, the sunshade is a huge effect without the need for power. By blocking sunlight and heat, it prevents the car from getting too hot.

In this sunshade, the silver fabric reflects sunlight, so the temperature is considerably reduced compared to the case without the sunshade.

You can now drive with the steering wheel firmly, even if you return to the car.

Also, because the dashboard doesn't get too hot, it also helps to warm the cold air from the air conditioner when riding.

Sunshade is a season with strong sunshine

Sunshade which becomes super compact size

Sunshade which becomes super compact size

How much can the sunshade be folded, but surprisingly, will it take up space for storage? Have you ever been troubled by a place to use it?

There are many cases where you can force your feet at your feet, put them in the back seat, put them in the trunk, and so on. But don't you get in the way?

The best point of this product is folding umbrella size! It is a sunshade that doesn't get in the way at all even if you leave it in the car.

Sunshade which becomes super compact size

It can be placed in the car and used conveniently because it can be placed in a really small gap such as the door pocket or the side of the seat.

As a temporary umbrella / parasol

As a temporary umbrella / parasol

This sunshade can also be used as a temporary umbrella.

For example, on a rainy day, when you just leave the car. When I forgot my umbrella again and it was a sudden rain. When we forgot parasol or hat in midsummer.

If this one is always on hand in the car, it is a useful item that will help you in case of emergency.

Size details

Size details


When in use: Width 1200 × height 355 × depth 630 (mm) / When folded: diameter 60 × height 270 (mm)
Body, cover, Japanese manual
Folding hand-held umbrella
※ Please do not use this product with broken hands and bones. 
※ When using this product when opening and closing the shaft, please use away from the face and body. 
※ Please be careful not to get your fingers caught when opening or closing the umbrella. 
※ Other than the listed ones are not included. 
※ Please do not drop or give a strong impact. 
※ Please do not disassemble. 
※ Damage to the product caused by using this product is not covered by the compensation. 
※ Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Package size
Width 65 × height 280 × depth 65 (mm)
Package included weight
Warranty period
6 months
Release date

※ Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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