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Fogo Adventure Gadget Set

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Quick overview


Meet Fogo, the only gadget that includes GPS, bluetooth, digital voice messaging, USB backup battery, and a powerful LED flashlight. Whether you're biking or hiking, fishing or hunting, navigating or camping, the Fogo keeps you safe and lightens your load!

Engadget: “Ordinarily, the term ‘smart flashlight’ would make me cringe as much as the next person, but having seen the Fogo flashlight first-hand, I'm sold.”

Techcrunch: “Fogo has a fun vision to take a standard consumer device, and pack it full of intelligence and capability.”

Gearcaster: “The ultimate outdoor gadget you never knew you wanted.”

Connected Life TV:“The Fogo flashlight has so many functions that we can’t even tell you about all of them in one video.”

The Fogo was built to get you off the beaten path and keep you safe while exploring. With GPS tracking and waypoint navigation, the Fogo can be your guide as you blaze a new trail. Load points of interest from your smartphone via Bluetooth or USB and see everything the outdoors has to offer you, while the built in pedometer keeps track of every step you take. When you get there, communicate with other Fogo users via text or voice messaging. Don't worry if the real world comes calling, the Fogo has enough power to recharge your phone and still light the way home with its 1000 lumen flashlight.

Uphill, downhill, or cross country, the Fogo was made to ride. With the Fogo you can track your speed, distance and elevation, as well as integrate data from bluetooth heart rate monitors or cadence sensors to have a complete overview of your ride. With automatic crash detection and automated location sharing, the Fogo helps to keep you safe on your journey. You can even ride into the night using the Fogo's automatic light control, which will adjust the brightness based on daylight, speed and battery charge.

The Fogo is a full bicycle computer. We will have two bicycle mount adapters available for pre-order on our website after the Kickstarter campaign: one that is compatible with the Garmin mounting system and one that is compatible with the GoPro mounting system. This allows you to take advantage of the many mounting options available for these two systems.

Whether you're at the campsite or on the hunt, the Fogo is there for you. You can keep track of your friends, mark points of interest, and communicate via walkie-talkie. Stopping for the night? Fogo's move-to-turn-on feature makes it easy to find when rummaging through a dark tent.

When you're on an adventure, space and weight are precious. That's why the Fogo was designed to be as feature complete as possible, so you can save room in your bag and stay safe on the trail.

Fogo Feature Summary:

  • GPS Receiver
  • Flashlight
  • USB Backup Battery
  • App Based OS
  • Bluetooth LE (aka Bluetooth Smart)
  • Motion Tracker/Pedometer (Accelerometer)
  • Backlit LCD Screen
  • Ambient Light Sensor
  • Digital Compass (Magnetometer)
  • Bicycle Computer (Speed, Elevation, Odometer, Bluetooth Sensors)
  • Rechargeable, Field-Replaceable Batteries
  • SmartCap Interface (USB/UART/5V Power)
  • Clock/Calendar/Alarm
  • 128MB built-in Flash storage

Digital Walkie Talkie SmartCap Feature Summary:

  • Send/Receive Text Messages
  • Real-time Voice Communications
  • Digital Voice Messaging
  • Built-in Microphone and Speaker

SmartCap Interface:

The Fogo USB connector functions as an expansion port, allowing you to add hardware to the Fogo. We are launching the Fogo with the Digital Walkie-Talkie SmartCap which allows you to communicate with other Fogo users via voice or text. The Digital Walkie-Talkie SmartCap will also be available for pre-order after Kickstarter for those that don’t choose it with their initial order. In addition, we will have a Satellite modem SmartCap available next year and are also working on an Avalanche Beacon SmartCap and a Laser Range Finder SmartCap.

Bonus Features

In addition to the convenience of having it all in one device, combining a GPS receiver, flashlight and walkie-talkie allows you to do things you couldn’t do before. Here are some examples of a few of the applications.

Crash Detection:If the Fogo detects forces consistent with a crash or fall, it will bring up an alert on the screen and ask you if you need help. If you do not respond to the alert before a timer expires, Fogo will send a radio message alerting your friends of your plight.

Blink When Bumped:The Fogo can be set to blink when bumped, making it easy to find in a dark tent.

Adaptive Lighting:Fogo uses its sensors to intelligently adjust the flashlight brightness. For instance, the Fogo will automatically set the light to low beam when pointed at the ground in front of you and high beam when pointed at distance objects. In addition, the Fogo can automatically adjust the brightness based on ambient lighting conditions or speed - low beam for low speed/good ambient light or high beam for high speed/poor ambient light.

's video poster

Blink to Get Back on Track:When hiking to your destination or next waypoint, the Fogo will blink the light if you stray from your intended path.

Advanced Power Management:Fogo has a fuel gauge that will tell you how much battery life you have left. You can also set an estimated trip duration and the Fogo will adjust the light brightness, and it’s electronics settings to make sure you have just the right amount of battery power to finish your journey.

Emergency Beacon:Fogo can be set as an autonomous emergency beacon, flashing the light periodically to flag down help. The software will automatically adjust the brightness and frequency based on lighting conditions and battery power to maximize the battery life.

Text Over Fogo:The Fogo can be used to send and receive text messages from your cell phone when you are out of range. This feature requires the walkie-talkie SmartCap and will require a software upgrade and smartphone app, both available next year.

More to come: Since we are releasing an SDK so that anyone can create apps, this is just the beginning of many, many awesome features that will come to the Fogo.

The Fogo

Note: The LCD bezel shown on the prototype is stainless steel, but the production LCD bezel will be a black high strength polymer alloy.

Digital Walkie-Talkie SmartCap


The following accessories will be available for pre-order following the Kickstarter campaign. The pricing below will be for backers only.

  • Go Pro Mounting Adapter: $3 USD
  • Garmin Edge Mounting Adapter: $3 USD
  • Belt/Backpack Clip: $5 USD
  • Lanyard: $2 USD

Fogo Hub

The Fogo Hub allows you to browse and install apps on your Fogo using USB or Bluetooth. Runs on Mac/Windows/iOS/Android.


's video poster

Fogo has an upgradeable OS capable of running apps developed using the Fogo SDK. The OS handles all of the complicated processing in order to provide a simple, easy-to-learn API.


The Fogo is completely app driven. We talk about a few Fogo apps here, but the possibilities are endless.

Flashlight App

The flashlight app provides a simple, highly configurable way to control the light: low, med, high, and strobe. You can enable/disable as well as set the power output for each mode using the in-app menu.

Flashlight App Screen Shots
Flashlight App Screen Shots

Track App

The tracking app lets you hit the trail and track your performance using GPS. You can also keep track of the data from any incoming bluetooth sensors--great news if you are watching that heart rate. With the walkie-talkie smart-cap, you can also get real-time updates from nearby Fogo users.

Track App Screen ShotsTrack App Screen Shots

Messenger App

The messaging app uses the digital radio to send voice/text messages to Fogo users in your vicinity. Available users will show up in your active contacts list so that you can send messages or connect using push-to-talk. You can also see where other users are and share your location.

Messenger and Clock App Screen ShotsMessenger and Clock App Screen Shots

Fuelgauge App

You can keep close tabs on your battery life with the Fuelgauge App.

Fuel Gauge App Screen ShotsFuel Gauge App Screen Shots

Maps App

The maps app allows you to explore points of interest, trails, and generally see where you are.

Maps Screen Shots (Still, Zoom, Pan, Pan Details)Maps Screen Shots (Still, Zoom, Pan, Pan Details)


The Fogo SDK allows anyone to create apps for the Fogo. Apps are written in C++ and can be developed, debugged and distributed using the Fogo Hub.

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