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Fizzing Bottle

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 GIA Global Innovation Awards
GIA Global Innovation Awards

We all know it feels good to be hydrated and that it’s good for us, but here are some details of how it benefits your body.  

Humans are 70% water. A lack of consumption of water leads to the dehydration of our cells, which can contribute to lower cognitive function and ultimately diabetes, high cholesterol, and a rise in blood pressure.

This is why it’s important that we do everything we can to get that precious H2O into our systems. 

We know that some people find it quite boring...


Add sugar? Sugar can lead to weight gain as well as all kinds of other health problems. Isn't there a healthier option? 

What about sparkling water?


Drinking sparkling water not only quenches your thirst, it also makes you less likely to drink sugary carbonated beverages. That’s because a lot of what people crave in a soda or other carbonated drink is actually the bubbly texture, not the sugar. 

Researchers have found that not only are people enjoying the carbonation revolution-but that giving your water a bit of texture, that extra kick, is increasing the amount of water that people take in.

Source: A survey done by Toluna

Bubbles make it better, and companies have been bottling sparkling water for a long time, so we’re all used to having them around; they're everywhere, and easy to get.

But what about the environment?

Plastic bottles are such an integrated part of our landscape that we barely notice them anymore, but they’re all over the place. On shelves, in homes, and ultimately as garbage that gets sent to landfills or ends up littering our forests and oceans. 

Despite recycling schemes being commonplace worldwide, less than half of all plastic bottles are actually recycled. Waste plastic is poisoning our land and air as it is dumped in landfills or burned, but the largely unseen victims of discarded plastic waste are in our oceans, where marine life is endangered by the rising volume of floating plastic. 

It’s up to us to decide the legacy we want to leave behind. Will we contribute to the growing landfills and the trash island in the Pacific Ocean (or anywhere else), or will we take the high road and choose conservation?  

That’s probably not the best idea.

Fizzing Bottle is not just a bottle; it’s an all-in-one on-the-go carbonation, hydration machine.

Two lids, one super-compressed air chamber, total satisfaction.

Pour, click, and fizz.

The carbonation system is right in the bottle! With a handheld carbonation kit, you can truly take control of what goes into your body.

Wherever you are, indoors or outdoors, on an adventure or relaxing at home, Fizzing Bottle fits your hand, in your bag, or even slides into the drinks holder on your bike. With such simplistic design and ease of use, it's hard to believe this bottle contains a state of the art carbonation system. It also opens at both ends to clean, refill, and dispense your beverage with no fuss. 


Insert a carbonation cartridge. 


Twist, fizz, and enjoy.

Medical Grade Stainless Steel #316

Medical grade stainless steel is not only resistant to dents and leaks, it also doesn’t absorb flavor, so you can rest assured that the beverage you put in will be exactly what you taste, however long it’s in the bottle.

Easy-Twist Knob

Plug in the CO2, twist, and fizz. If you’re looking to get a quick fix, we’ve got you covered, and with no need to return to the kitchen and make more.

Vacuum Insulated Walls

Maintain beverage temperature and prevent moisture from getting where it shouldn’t be. No worries in the “staying dry” department.

Two Ends

Pour, mix, and clean with ease. Thanks to the stainless steel, you can easily toss it into the dishwasher and save yourself some work. 

People use more than 500 billion plastic bottles a year.

Just one universal eight-gram CO2 cartridge can put the fizz in 2400ml of water. What’s more, each cartridge costs fifty cents, whereas that amount of bottled sparkling water will cost you eight bucks! With our unique fixed dosage design, the Fizzing Bottle pays for itself in no time.

1 Cartridge = 4 Fizzes!

Hydrate yourself, keep your wallet in check, and ultimately contribute your part to saving the world.

You can pick your color, fit your flavor, and design it yourself to fit your taste. Your lifestyle has its own needs, and its own look. Make it as unique as you are. Add accessories and stickers. Your look, your choice.

Whether it’s gone flat or just needs a kick, you can carbonate or re-carbonate your beverage to your liking. Just like the outside, you also pick what’s on the inside. Add flavors that get you moving and excite your taste buds.

The Fizzing Bottle is the first product of its kind to offer you the fizzy satisfaction of beverages that would normally require a trip to the convenience store or the use of an at-home carbonation device.

No large machines, no fuss, no extra costs or waste.

Not into carbonated drinks? Well we have good news for you! With nitrogenous beverages, you can get that creamy satisfaction anytime. The Fizzing Bottle is also compatible with nitrogen cartridges, which fit the same 8g spot in the Fizzing Bottle, you can have creamytea, nitro cold brew, juice or liquor anytime! 

Dual-ended, easy cleaning, convenient. All the features of the Fizzing Bottle but the Fizz.

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