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Fever Smart - Smart Patch Thermometer

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Quick overview


Fever Smart is a smart patch thermometer that allows you to monitor your child’s temperature continuously and remotely.

You’ll never have to wake your sleeping child again to check their temperature. Using our simple device and your smartphone, you can easily track your child’s temperature for signs of fever. Fever Smart provides important information to parents monitoring their children’s health.




Fever Smart is one of the first children’s products to have full integration with iOS 8 and Apple’s Healthkit platform. Our simple system is the easiest way for parents to keep track of their children's health.


Fever Smart’s core features make it the most effective device on the market for temperature monitoring.

Designed with parents and children in mind




We created this device with children in mind. The Fever Smart team worked together with parents and children to create the best design and product for our users. We performed extensive testing to ensure quality, accuracy, and safety.



Why we are different


Easy to Use: Fever Smart’s system is quick to set up, and our device is extremely easy to use.

Comfortable: Conventional thermometers can be uncomfortable for children. Kids don’t like things in their mouth, ears … or elsewhere! Fever Smart sits comfortably under a child’s armpit.

Continuous Readings: Normal thermometers can’t catch dangerous temperature spikes because they only provide one-time readings. Fever Smart can help address a health problem before it’s too late.

Accurate: We chose to measure axillary temperature because it is the most accurate non-invasive temperature reading. Fever Smart is less prone to effects from ambient temperature than other devices that measure temperature on extremities like hands or feet.

Affordable: Fever Smart is less expensive than most other wearables on the market.



Product Development


Our device is designed and developed- we are 100% ready to manufacture. The machines are tooled up and the sample devices have been tested.


After two years of hard work, we’ve come a long way with Fever Smart. Now we need your help: your support will allow us to finalize the first round of manufacturing so that we can make Fever Smart available to the public. Help us share our technology so that together we can bring peace of mind to millions of parents around the world.


How it works


Place the small device underneath your child's armpit using one of the disposable patches.



The device constantly measures the child's temperature and sends the data to a relay unit, which is any iPad, iPod touch or smartphone that sits in the same room as the child. This relay unit then sends the data to the cloud, so you can access the information from anywhere in the world via a smart device.  



Download the Fever Smart app on your phone and use it to track your child's health. 

You can set individual parameters for temperature thresholds: when the child's temperature exceeds the set thresholds, you will receive alerts so you can take immediate action.





Is Fever Smart safe to use?

Fever Smart is absolutely safe. We have FDA certification and our device is designed to provide the most accurate temperature readings in a safe, non-invasive way. 


How does Fever Smart measure temperature?

Fever Smart uses axillary (under the armpit) temperature. Axillary temperature is usually 0.5°F (0.3°C) to 1°F (0.6°C) lower than an oral temperature reading.



Why does Fever Smart use axillary temperature?

Fever Smart uses axillary temperature because it allows for accurate non-invasive temperature readings.

What is a "relay unit"?

The relay unit is a iPad, iPod touch or smartphone that sits in the same room as the child. The relay unit is able to receive the bluetooth transmission from the Fever Smart device and relay it to you over wifi. The Fever Smart device can also communicate directly to your smartphone via bluetooth, but the range is limited (15 feet).

What devices can be used as a "relay unit"?

We currently support any device after (and including): iPhone 4s, iPod Touch 5, iPad 3, and iPad Mini. The new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will also be compatible with the device.


Will Fever Smart work with Android, Blackberry, Windows? When will my platform be supported?

Prior to launch, we are developing for iOS. In the future, Fever Smart will also be accessible through Android, and a mobile-friendly and tablet-friendly web app which can be accessed on any web-enabled device or any device within Bluetooth range.

Does Fever Smart come with any of the disposable patches?

Of course! Each Fever Smart is shipped with 10 disposable patches. Additional patches can be purchased at an affordable price. 


How can Fever Smart help my child's pediatrician?

With Fever Smart, you can track your child's temperature trends over time and send this information to their pediatrician. Doctors can use the data to create personalized healthcare solutions.

Is the battery replaceable?

Yes - if the battery ever runs out, you can simply replace it. Fever Smart uses CR2025, which can be purchased at any convenience store.

Is the device waterproof?

No. Fever Smart should not be used in the bath or pool. 

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