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Felix Flexwarm Handheld Steam Mini Iron

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59.99 $59.99


1, mini body, volume and value subversion industry, is the first product to make professional irons so small .
2, nano ironing technology. The water is decomposed into nano-scale steam, and the generated steam is fine and uniform, and the penetration is super strong.
3, flat hot hang hot two in one.
4, dry and wet 4 gear adjustment , different temperatures suitable for different fabrics, drying clothes function is more intimate and practical;
5, more functions, easy to use.
6, goose egg shell shape, with a dust cover, the lower layer of wire, the upper layer of the fuselage, the middle of the high temperature barrier. Comes with a portable handle and a must-have for home travel.

7, high temperature tiny water molecules in the negative ions can quickly reach the depths of the clothing, regardless of the thickness and material of the fabric, can effectively sterilize, eliminate bacteria and mites. The beds are smashed and can be sterilized. (There is a quality inspection report)

  • CCC certificate number:  2018010710126032
  • Electric iron brand: FLEXWARM / Felix
  • Model: 9903-1A
  • After-sales service: Shop three bags
  • Color classification: pure white [spot sale] cherry powder [spot sale] turquoise green [spot sale] sapphire black [sold for sale] deep blue [spot sale] charm yellow [pre-sale]
  • Whether mini: mini
  • Temperature regulation method: electronic temperature adjustment
  • Electric iron maximum power: 1000W or less
  • Electric iron type: corded iron
  • Electric iron gear selection: 3 or more
  • Place of purchase: Mainland China

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