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AMPL - Smart Backpack

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299 $299.00





Flexible Power Configurations




Awards & Recognition

We are proud to have been named a 2015 CES Innovation Awards Honoree in two categories, and to have received three "Best of" awards at the show.

In the Press


SmartBackpack Features



Do you ever worry about running out of power in your phone, tablet or laptop? 

And do you struggle with the mess of plugs and cords required to recharge your gadgets every day?


The AMPL SmartBackpack can recharge all your devices, from a single power cable. Keep your gear charged and ready to go. 

Then when you need a boost throughout the day, it can recharge your gadgets anywhere by intelligently routing power from multiple modular batteries to USB outlets in every pocket. 



And yes, it can even charge your laptop with the optional LaptopBoost battery.




Easy access to 6 USB Outlets

You can access USB ports in every pocket, and the convenient smartphone charging-holster on the shoulder strap. 



Modular SmartBatteries

The internal 18.5Wh SmartBattery packs enough power to recharge a smartphone up to 3 times, or a small tablet once. There are also docking bays that accommodate up to three (3) additional SmartBoost expansion modules. 


All AMPL SmartBatteries incorporate innovative adaptive fast-charging technology from Qnovo 
that constantly monitors the condition of the battery and adjusts the charging rate accordingly. As a result, AMPL SmartBatteries charge 2.5 times faster when docked into the bag, and last twice as long as batteries employing conventional constant-rate charging. You get the best of both worlds! 



AMPL SmartBatteries work together when docked into the bag
, so you don't need to worry about how much power is left in each battery. And they can also be removed and used separately as a standalone charger, so you don't have to take the bag with you to have that backup power.  


Have you ever forgotten your bag at home in the morning when you left for work or school? Have you ever accidentally left it at a coffee shop?


The AMPL SmartBackpack will alert you if you do. When the Bluetooth connection between the bag and your phone is lost, you will be notified that either,
1. you left your bag behind, or 2. it is leaving without you... 

Monitor your gear without opening a zipper

SmartSensors in the bag keep tabs on battery levels, power flows, operating conditions and temperature. You can monitor and control everything from the AMPL mobile app. 






Do you ever worry about whether your expensive portable electronics are safe inside your current bag? 

The AMPL SmartBackpack has shock-absorbers integrated into its lightweight but durable bottom sole that protect all the electronics in the bag from accidental drops. 


And a water-resistant coating on the exterior fabrics helps keep the rain out. 

Do you ever struggle with compartments of your bag that just aren't quite the right size to hold your gadgets? 

With 7 main storage compartments, including a hanging tablet pocket and a universal smartphone holster on the shoulder-strap, you'll have a place for everything.


And the adjustable laptop compartment form fits to almost any-sized laptop and allows easy access from the side, or the top. 

Plus the TSA-friendly lay-flat laptop compartment 
and integrated trolly handle pass-through make traveling with your SmartBackpack a breeze.



We have a plan to get the AMPL SmartBackpack into production by this summer.

Power Questions

Q1:   How much battery power does the bag come with?
A1:   The AMPL SmartBackpack has one 18.5Wh internal SmartBattery that can charge a smartphone up to 3 times, or a small tablet once. You can add up to three modular expansion SmartBatteries (sold separately) to power more devices including tablets, laptops or almost anything you would normally plug into the wall.

Q2:  What expansion SmartBattery modules are available?
A2:  There is an 18.5Wh TabletBoost module ($59) that can charge USB devices, a 55Wh LaptopBoost module ($139) that can charge most PC laptops and a 55Wh LaptopBoost module with SmartInverter ($179) that can charge MacBooks and almost anything else you would normally plug into the wall.

Q3:  Are there any limitations on how many of each SmartBattery module can be installed into the bag?
A3:  The AMPL SmartBackpack has a total of 3 SmartBattery docking bays: one inside the front-top pocket, one inside the front-bottom pocket and one inside the rear laptop compartment. The front-top pocket only supports the TabletBoost module only, which has a smaller form-factor. The other docking bays will accept any SmartBattery module. So the maximum configuration would be two LaptopBoost modules and one TabletBoost module.

Q4:  How long does it take to recharge the SmartBatteries?
A4:  AMPL SmartBatteries feature fast-charging technology from Qnovo which monitors conditions inside the battery in real-time and adjusts the charging rate accordingly. This intelligent adaptive charging enables them to recharge more than twice as fast as traditional Li-Ion batteries while also doubling their expected useful lifetime by reducing degradation caused while charging. The batteries can charge from 0-80% in about an hour. 

Q5:  How do I charge the batteries in the bag?
A5:  There is integrated AC adapter housed in a specialized pocket in the bag. It will charge all SmartBatteries docked into the bag, as well as all connected laptops and USB devices, using an intelligent prioritization algorithm to efficiently route power to every device. Plug in all your gear and the bag will change everything over-night through a single power cable.

Q6:  Does the SmartBackpack charge all cell phones?
A6:  Yes, any cell phone or device that utilizes a 5V USB port can be charged.

Q7:  Will the SmartBackpack charge my laptop?
A7:  The optional LaptopBoost SmartBattery module will charge most PC laptops through a direct DC output and the correct adapter tip for your laptop model. And you can charge a Macbook (or almost anything else you would normally plug into the wall) via the A/C outlet on the SmartInverter attachment to the LaptopBoost battery module.

Q8:  Will it harm the battery if I charge it before it is completely empty?
A8:  Actually, it is best to recharge batteries when they have between 20-80% remaining power. Our SmartBatteries protect the health of the battery by regulating the charging intensity based on real-time feedback of how the battery is performing, regardless of the charge level.  Most battery degradation occurs during charging, and by applying a more intelligent charging process the damage can be minimized.

Q9:  Is it harmful to charge overnight?
A9:  No, the batteries will stop drawing power from the SmartBackpack when fully charged.

Q10:  Will the SmartBatteries get hot when charging?
A10:  They could get warm, but should not get hot. Temperature will increase if a laptop or other devices is left on while charging, but our App will alert you if any devices begin to overheat. The design of the bag also includes vents which help maintain safe internal bag temperature.

Q11:  Will my phone charge faster using your fast charging technology?
A11:  No, AMPL SmartBatteries will charge faster when docked into the bag, so they can store power very quickly. But your phone will charge at same rate it always does – you just won’t have to be plugged into the wall the whole time. All USB ports support 2.1 amp charging current.

Q12:   What is difference between milliamp-hours (mAh) and watt-hours(Wh)?
A12:  An amp (A) or milliamp (mA) is a measure of electrical current. A watt (W) is a measure of energy (for DC power in a battery, Watt = 1 Volt * 1 Amp). Therefore, watt-hours (Wh) tells you how much total energy a battery can provide for 1 hour, while milliamp-hours (mAh) tell you only how much current can be provided for 1 hour. Different battery configurations will have different voltages, so watt-hours (Wh) is the more comparable unit of measure between different batteries.

Q13:  How do I know which battery to use to charge each of my devices ?
A13:  For USB devices, you don't need to worry about which battery to plug into, the bag will aggregate all the power from all the batteries and route it to any of the 6 USB outlets accessible from every pocket. The bag will create a charging “playlist” of all connected devices and efficiently charge everything in order, as many at a time as possible. You can always reprioritize the playlist order using the mobile app on your phone, tablet or computer.

Q14:  How many devices can I charge simultaneously?
A14:   It depends on how many AMPL SmartBatteries you have installed in the bag, and the power requirements of the devices you are trying to charge.  As a general rule, the internal SmartBattery in the bag can charge 1 or 2 device at a time, and each additional modular battery installed increases the number of devices that can be charged simultaneously by 1.

Q15:  Does the AMPL SmartBackpack have pass-through charging?
A15:  Yes, Batteries and devices can be charged simultaneously when plugged into AC power. The charge priority system will allow you to select the order in which devices charge.

Q16:  Can I charge the SmartBackpack through USB?
A17:  No the internal SmartBattery in the AMPL SmartBackpack must be charged using the integrated AC adapter. The optional TabletBoost expansion module can be charged via USB, but fast-charging is only active when the modular batteries are docked into the bag and charged using the integrated AC adapter.

Q17:  Do I need an A/C inverter to charge my laptop or other devices?
A17:  Most PC laptops can be charged directly from the LaptopBoost SmartBattery without the use of an inverter. However MacBooks and any other PC laptops that aren’t supported by direct DC charging can be charged using the optional AC SmartInverter module that attaches to the LaptopBoost battery.


Connectivity Questions


Q1:  How can I check battery levels and monitor smart-sensors?
A1:  Two ways. A free mobile app will allow you to do all that and more, or you can quickly check vitals inside the bag using the OLED display and touch controls on the bag itself.  

Q2:  How does the mobile App communicate with the SmartBackpack?
A2:  The AMPL SmartBackpack communicates via Bluetooth LE with the AMPL Mobile App to will allow you to monitor battery levels and SmartSensors or prioritize the charging playlist of devices connected to the bag. 


Backpack Questions

Q1:  Is the backpack water resistant?
A1:  Yes, all the exterior fabrics have been lined with an advanced water resistant coating to help keep the rain out.

Q2:  How does the AMPL SmartBackpack protect all my devices?
A2:  A lightweight shock-absorbing bottom sole absorbs the energy from the impact of drops, so your electronics don’t have to.

Q3:  Why did you add a rubber sole? 
A3:  The rubber sole comprises the structural endoskeleton of the bag.  It keeps the bag up right so you don’t have those annoying bag roll overs.  It also houses the air vents that allow the bag to passively cool the charging electronics in the bag.

Q4:  What is the warranty?
A4:  SmartBackpack: Limited Lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects. 
All electronic devices: 1-year warranty from the date of purchase.

Q5:  Do you have to register the product for warranty to be valid?
A5:  No, but if you do we can keep in contact with you and send you information on new and discounted items that work with your SmartBackpack .

Q6:  What phones fit in the smartphone-charging holster?
A6:  The holster adjusts to custom-fit phones of all sizes.

Q7:  What is the largest laptop that will fit in your SmartBackpack?
A7:  Maximum laptop size: 16.3” (height) x 11” (width) x 1.6” (depth). Most 17” laptops will fit, and the laptop compartment is customizable to snugly fit smaller laptops.

Q8:  Is this SmartBackpack TSA friendly?
A8:  Yes, the bag will lie flat so you don’t have to remove your laptop while going through security at the airport.

Est. delivery: OCT. 2015

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