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Ahead to フラットパック日文紹介 | FLATPAC中文介紹

The FLATPAC is a life style bag designed for people to pack your stuff easier and unpack your stuff in a seconds. With it is unfold innovative design and minimal style, the redefined daily bag will be the perfect one for you to go anywhere.


FLATPAC - Perfect for 1~2 Days Trip

Two-Bag-Zip-In-One Mode

The more you combine, the more creative ideas you can play!!!



We are a small passion driven team that is excited to change the way you think about daily carry styles. Our journey begins with the versatile ideas of TAKUMI Pen. 

When we design our products, we focus on one simple rule: adapt for every adventure, trip and daily use. We observe the indispensable needs and integrate technical features with a simple and functional design. 

 Thus, the FLATPAC debuts.

Think about every time you've spent tons of time to pack while shopping and unpack again at home - and it happens everyday to keep you annoyed! 

Think about put your stinky apparel into the bag with all the other stuffs together after doing exercise. You don't even know how to pack your running shoes with all the other gears together. Bought groceries are mixed together with your notebook, phone or electronic devices.

Think about how much of your life and time have lost - and will lose EVERYDAY. To frustrate & compromise!

Think how many bags you need to bring when going to the beach or picnic and look clumsy when showing up. 

The FLATPAC takes intense bag-joy in overcoming these frustrations. 

This's FLATPAC that we want to provide people convenient, comfort, lightweight and flexible daily life.

  • Pack & Unpack In A Second: Creating one innovative construction to pack stuffs easily and unpack it like a mat.
  • Minimal Style: FLATPAC combines the benifit of tote bag & drawstring bag with delicate honeycomb pattern and various color.
  • 3 Way Access & 4 Carry Style: For everyone, anywhere & anytime, FLATPAC will fit the different height for different using styles such as backpack or shoulder bag.





The FLATPAC™ is a beautiful, intelligent and adaptable bag designed for everyday use and all kinds of utilities.

It comes in Turkish Green, Navy Blue, Gun Black, Hermes Orange & Snow White. (Outer color: 5 options / Inner color: Snow White)









When something is wonderful, it means each tiny detail does its job perfectly and fits together flawlessly. This bag is totally, indubitably, unequivocally perfect. See Why:

That means: It totally fits your lifestyle and you can use it anytime and any moment.

What do all conventional daily use bags in common? It always takes time to pack & unpack everyday.

The FLATPAC is able to be flat opened that we learned from Japanese traditional furoshiki. So you can organize your personal belongings in a second and prompt to get anything with just a simple step. 

No more take time to look for your gears since everything is so clear to see and easy to reach. 

The FLATPAC also includes 8 separated pockets , with flap to protect your precious gears and prevents them falling outside.


Always being annoyed to pack your running shoes or sweaty apparels after sports. Or even wanna separate your fresh grocery from your gears. That's why we create pouch layer

Pouch Layer is with water resistant textile to prevent the objects from 2 different layers to be touch with each other.

The FLATPAC is also allowed you to reach your stuff from any direction. No matter you backpack or lay it on your shoulder, it is just that easy and prompt to take stuffs in a second.


The volume of FLATPAC reach up to 16 Liter Volume and it is perfect for a daily trip or become an organizer in your luggage when travelling.


The versatile FLATPAC provides 4 ways to match your lifetyle: Backpack, Messenger, Shoulder, and hand carry. 


The FLATPAC is made by ultra light textile and foldable to be slim size to bring with you all over the world.


Strap length adjustment to meet all kinds of situation. The straps of FLATPAC is able to adjust its length to fit your height and for different using styles such backpack or shoulder bag styles.



The textile we chose is originally used for outdoor activity. That means it provides water & dust resistant features to our FLATPAC and easy to wash for daily use.  



The FLATPAC weights only 110 gram and three FLATPACs are just equal to a canned soda.




Who are these great for?

The FLATPAC's versatile style makes them perfect for everyone to do anything, go anywhere, with any outfit. With a minimalist, stylish design, you can pack your clothes, shoes, underwear, gadgets or dirty cloth in it easier, and unpack them quicker than ever. The various color options will great fit for both men and women, even kids.

  • Commuters:  The FLATPAC's versatile style allows people to go out light and relax with your sport cloth or shoes.
  • Shoppers: The light weight and compact usage for people can pack and unpack the bag in a second, saving your time, getting more time to relax.
  • Runners: The separated pouch layer provide sport lover to carry their clean clothes, shoes or wet clothes together in one bag but seperated in each layer.
  • Travelers: The large volume of space is able for 2-to-3-days clothes or 1-to-2-days clothes with 1-to-2 shoes. And several pockets for gadgets or underwear.
  • Students: Won't having to think about what bags to take, your FLATPAC will be the perfect one to go with you do anything.
  • Parents & Kids: The FLATPAC is easy to open, pack and unpack any toys. Your kids will use this cloak bag to create their adventures.
Minimalist style for any outfitMinimalist style for any outfit


Take a break anytimeTake a break anytime


Comfortable for any casual dayComfortable for any casual day


Perfect for all day city walkingPerfect for all day city walking


Easy to reach your gearsEasy to reach your gears


Time to relax with FLATPACTime to relax with FLATPAC


Flexible to carry any gadgetsFlexible to carry any gadgets







  • Material: 68D Honeycomb Polyster with Water & Dust Resistant Treatment
  • Weight: 110 Gram (3.88 Ounce)
  • Packing Mode Size: 55 cm (21.7") x 60 cm (23.6")
  • Flat Bag Mode Size: Φ 19 cm  (7.5") x 60 cm (23.6")
  • Colour Ways: Turkish Green, Navy Blue, Gun Black, Hermes Orange & Snow White


We are working with experienced supply chain professionals to ensure that we all get high quality product in a timely manner. Any update we will let you know. 

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