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BIBI LAB Nomad Suitcase

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Quick overview


The waiting time at stations and airports

Well some waiting time at stations and airports on a business trip.To you not to waste even a vacant time also Tari 1 second. PC work hard and honest operation sitting on the bench. It entered the cafe because temporally subtle. In such a case, the Nomad suitcase that can be deformed to immediately desk on the spot. Good desk work can be done efficient anywhere.

※ carry-on can not be.

The blue sky office

By changing the mood, desk work outside. If Nomad suitcase, anywhere office. Such as rooftop and parks, can usually of desk work at the location of the stomach containing the notice to settle the mind. It guarantees that the inspiration is stimulated in a fresh environment.

To camp

Camping in the suitcase? ! It's a surprisingly convenient. Gunto up comfort if there is my table.

To the flea market and small shops

Flea Market and fortune-telling, portrait, and other craft in the open air, it is useful for various small-scale store openings. There is no need to prepare a table and chairs, can be a small opening in one suitcase. Product to large lower cargo compartment, help exhibitors and sale stress free to put a safe deposit box and equipment class in the upper luggage compartment.

As Kos Player of carry case

Easy-to-use cosplayers for carrying case to participate in the event. 
2BOX structure that can change of clothes and and costumes paper storage and, of valuables fractionation storage. Fractionation housed also useful for storage of delicate wig and make-up goods.Furthermore, in Deburu & chairs, anywhere calm makeup OK. Big props, also can be stored in the carry next to the chair storage or pocket.

To make in the field

Outdoor location and, in hair styles and make-up of the small location, such as outdoor cosplay. It transformed into a desk carry case everywhere. Makeup fix easy because can move. Since the luggage can also be sorted storage, it is also useful for separation, such as make-up, hair and makeup, costumes.

In the event the acceptance of open-air

In the event reception, such as photo session that takes place in the field. Only widen the package and suitcase at the meeting place, reception is completed. If nothing at all in the meeting place, confusing even to the participants, or to say even one by one to prepare the Nagatsukue and Paipuisu hard time. Events run by Hassle will be smooth.

As luggage box to the hobby events

Something to the participation of luggage a lot of hobby events. Or put the tools and parts, or put their own radio-controlled car. Steep maintenance there is a table also become necessary because it tackled concentrated.

Street performance

Ideal for surprisingly luggage a lot of street performers. With so tables, or to show off the card magic, it is also a possible sale of goods on the table.

To sketch Travel and sketching trip

Carefully to sketch the memories of the trip on the fly. Because it transforms into a desk Nomad wherever suitcase, firmly landscape and Mukiae in a comfortable position, you can until the coloring on the fly using the desk space. It is recommended for those who spend to enrich the second life.

The sewing machine table

It uses but, surprisingly trouble sewing machine and sewing machine table to everyday storage. Convenience If "Nomad suitcase × sewing machine". Houses the sewing machine table and sewing on the case, to the storeroom usually. In addition to sewing machine sewing and table deformation is removed.

To travel

Move in four-wheel tire easily. Safely in the long journey in the high-capacity 71 liters. Also It is also ideal for loading and unloading of luggage up and down Separate storage. It can also be used to travel abroad with TSA lock.

Product Specifications

Product image

BG2-279 (carry state)

(Desk state)

BG2-280 (carry state)

(Desk state)

Product size

Carry state

Desk state

Product specs

product name Nomad suitcase capacity About 23L (top), about 48L (bottom)
Product No BG2-279 / BG2-280 Country of origin China
Color BG2-279: navy, BG2-280: Yellow Withstand load Accessories chair: 80Kg, table: 10Kg
size Size about 440 × 294 × 689mm JANCODE BG2-279: 4589946130652 
BG2-280: 4589946130669
weight Table chair removal state: 4.86Kg 
table chair wearing at the time: about 7.15Kg
  • ※ carry-on can not be.
  • ※ The TSA lock there is a keyhole, but this keyhole is intended when the TSA officials to unlock, the products that I was purchasing, "key" is not included.
Product features

Major features

There is My office If the ball lands on the door step. Suitcase with table.

Anytime, anywhere. Retractable table

Deployable folding table built-in 15 seconds. My office in any location should widen the table.

Detachable chair & chair bag

And Nomad suitcase dedicated chair, it comes with a detachable chair case. The chair case there are two places pocket, it is also useful for storage of small items. 
In addition, built-in shock-absorbing material is to chair the case.When placed next to the case is the design, which is also considered (chair case is shock and noise at the time of contact with the floor).

Tire lock

Lock with tire is two-wheel accessory. To prevent the rolling of luggage in such a slope. In addition, it can increase the stability at the time of table use.

Separate box type

A structure that the top and bottom of the luggage compartment are independent. Work tool is at the top, change of clothes at the bottom, at the top of my change of clothes, it is possible to separate stored separately a change of clothes, I do not want to mix, such as luggage of partners is at the bottom.

Large capacity 71L ※

Large-capacity storage of total 71L (※ upper 23L, lower 48L). Long-term travel and, luggage a lot of business trips, various shops and such as flea markets, serving for a wide range of uses, such as transportation of hobby tools.

Comfortable wide table

Even a simple table to assemble a quick, w600 × h430mm size loose wide size. The material is to use the nylon is reinforced plastic, and more comfortable and also include the case width of about 30cm. Is a specification that can be immersed in the desk work.

Luggage jumped prevention curtain

At the bottom of the luggage compartment is equipped with a curtain of luggage jumping out prevention, has become a mesh pocket is easy to use.

Mesh pocket

Deployment each and toothbrush, ticket, the luggage compartment, such as a possible storage mesh pocket tablet is up and down. It helps you organize small items.

Peace of mind TSA lock also travel abroad

At the bottom of the luggage compartment is equipped with a TSA lock, safely in overseas travel. It can be set to your favorite number.

Four tires

Tire deployment four that work with small turn to rotate 360 degrees.Also a large luggage you can carry without burden.

How to deploy the table

1. Press the tire of the suitcase (red button 2 places) to lock the tire.


2. While pulling a suitcase bottom rear of the red knob, and then expand the table.


3. Spread the legs on the back side of the table section, and firmly secure the lock of the leg.


4. While holding down the button on the leg bottom, further pull the leg, extend the legs to the place written the Kachin and the lock.


5. Spread the table support bracket on the back of the table portion, and attached to the groove of the suitcase side.


6. It is complete if I check the fixed condition of each part.


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