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Fallin Drop Contact lens loading solution

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9.99 $9.99

A feeling of leaping freshly ♪ It is the optimum base essence for contact lens's foreign body feeling and thirst.

■ Rubbing and drying · Suppress foreign matter feeling and irritation at the time of wearing, suppress drying, give moisture comfortable. 
■ Cloudiness / dirt prevention Ingredients that make it difficult for dirt such as protein contained in tears to adhere to the lens. 
■ Eye nutrition "Taurine" 
Taurine (aminoethylsulfonic acid) promotes metabolism of corneal cells and nourishes eyes. 

specification Specified quasi-drugs
Weight / capacity 15 ml
* It can be used for all contact lenses regardless of soft / hard. 
※ Please wear the contact lenses with 1 to 3 drops of this agent wet both sides.


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