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Facial fitness PAO

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160 $160.00

Your face become addictive, rhythmic muscle treexa size

Facial fitness PAO's own training items strengthen face muscles leads to a charming smile, was born by the advice of the experts. Creates a culture strengthen the facial muscles in PAO movement continued fun and rhythmic.
Daily fun and Shape up, Face up!

3-color color variations! Now if all Pao fees mask (3pcs box 1) with!

Black, please choose from white, red (Christmas limited edition color).


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■ product name: facial fitness PAO (Pao)

■ color: black, white, red (Christmas limited edition color)
■ dimensions (approx) :W540×D65 x H 35 mm
■ (approx.) weight: 110 g
■ material: (body) thermoplastic polyurethane, stainless steel, polycarbonate + ABS, (mouthpiece) thermoplastic elastomer, (balance) zinc, ABS plastic
■ Accessories: mouthpiece mouthpiece case, balance weight ( 18 g, 23 g, 28 g ) 2 each pouch, instruction manuals, how-to guides, facial fitness mask 1 box

If you do not use.
-How to understand instruction manual contents on your own
And cannot express yourself better. Sensory impairment
And body for disabled people
-Heart-people with disabilities
• Those with abnormal cervical hernias or cervical spine
• Those that pain or numbness in the hand and neck
-Temporomandibular joint jaw in pain or abnormal person or
• Those that allergic reactions to rubber and plastic products
-You have feel nauseous during what her symptoms (vomiting reflex).
Do not use in the State, such as the following.
And state my mouth, chewing gum, candy
-While driving, such as automobiles, ships, boarding-onboard

Cosmetic 180x150

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