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Ezaki Glico Pocky Adult Gift Set

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19.99 $19.99

Image result for 江崎グリコ ポッキー 大人の琥珀・女神のルビーギフトセット 冬バージョン

Image result for 江崎グリコ ポッキー 大人の琥珀・女神のルビーギフトセット 冬バージョン

Amber scene

Adult amber

When a person who sticks suddenly comes back to myself.

When you enjoy relaxing time with important people.

I want to deliver luxurious sweet happiness there.

Put a pretzel kneaded with malt (malt)

Coated with rich bitter chocolate. Excellent compatibility with whiskey "Pocky adult amber".

Please enjoy sweet harmony.

Ruby scene

Ruby of the goddess

To adults who love glamor

I want to deliver the shining times of time.

A rich taste with a cheese and spice incorporated

I got pretzel sweet and rich aroma

Coated with bitter chocolate.

Excellent compatibility with red wine

"Ruby of the Goddess of Pocky",

Please enjoy yourself.

Adult amber sticking

Amber description 1Amber description 2Amber description 3

Commitment of flavor

We prepared the pretzel dough with malt extract (wort).

Whiskey uses barley as part of the ingredients, so you can eat deliciously when you eat together whiskey by using the same ingredients.

Commitment to sweetness

I coat salt on the surface of pretzels. Moderate saltiness relieves the sweetness of chocolate, enhancing compatibility with whiskey.

Also, because it is a pretzel with a good mouthfeel, it does not disturb the deep reverberation of whiskey.

Commitment of fragrance

In the chocolate, the characteristic fragrance of whiskey is put together, and when it is eaten together it finished in a natural way to taste it.

Goddess's ruby ​​sticking

Ruby description 1Ruby description 2Ruby description 3

Commitment of flavor

I kneaded cheese · black pepper · cloves into pretzel.

A rich flavor enhances compatibility with wine.

Commitment to sweetness

A salty taste well coated on the surface of the pretzel

It relaxes the sweetness of chocolate and enhances compatibility with wine.

Commitment of fragrance

Make the chocolate aromas of three kinds of berries,

When combined with wine in the mouth, it finished in taste that naturally adapts.

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