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EyeDrive Holographic Car Assistant

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When your smartphone is on your dashboard, you're still tempted to pick it up or look at it, while driving. 

EyeDrive offers a safe way to get information from your phone apps while driving and without endangering yourself and others.



EyeDrive allows you to display your favorite navigation app, directly on your windshield.  

Enter your desired address on our app, Waze or Google Maps. Get the best route and follow it without taking your eyes off the road.

Our transmissive technology provides the biggest virtual image you can get on the market. 



EyeDrive Gesture Control© is a truly intuitive wireless technology. Our gesture sensor uses infrared technology to detect your hand movements and launch different actions.

Use natural swipes to accept/decline a call, manage your music or launch our backup camera.


EyeDrive integrates a rear view camera compatible with any car. Enjoy a perfectly clear and lag free image displayed on your windshield.

Easy to install. Waterproof. Wireless.  5 times cheaper than a built-in option.

No need to drill any holes or to root cable into your car. Just peel off the sticker and stick it to where you want it to be installed. 

The camera is equipped with a removable battery. Easy to remove and reload.


Last but not least, all EyeDrive devices are compatible with your phone's voice assistant. 

Safely operate your apps via voice control while driving. Ask Siri or Google Assistant to play the music you love, place calls, get directions, find parking just with your voice.


Our display is fully transparent, which means there is nothing to block your view. 

It takes on average 3 minutes to get used to the technology. Access the information 10 times faster* than your phone.

*According to public safety organization, you lose 5s of attention due to the smartphone use while driving. Head Up Displays reduces that to 0.5s means you get the information 10 times faster.


We are in the production stage and are proud to share a few testimonials.







EyeDrive is a high-quality, premium-design hardware device, operating holographic display. A unique optical combination that brings 10 times brighter images than your iPad.

EyeDrive was created for any car in the market, no matter what you're driving.

The EyeDrive display is 10 times brighter than other solutions (4000 nits). Thanks to its brightness sensor, EyeDrive's display screen is clear under any lighting, even on those really sunny days or during the night.


 Our magnetic secure-fit technology allows no vibration on the device and a simple way to remove the device when you leave the car.


Don't waste Time. Set-up in seconds.






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