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Evoz - Smartest monitor & toolbox

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Quick overview



Modern parenting is really hard - the days are hectic and building a strong connection with our little ones takes everything parents have. The Evoz Parenting Monitor was specifically designed to help busy parents stay connected. Using the monitor remotely is a supplement to responsible adult care for the baby. Parents should NEVER leave a baby unattended. 



Connecting to a wide angle HD camera, the free Evoz app can turn your smartphones and tablets into a monitor to watch your baby, capture precious moments through snapshots and recorded video, play soothing lullabies, control the nightlight, talk to your baby or even get cry & temperature alerts – all with a touch of a button.




Evoz is the first Parenting Monitor that enables a one-of-a-kind toolbox: a suite of services including baby data tracking, parenting content, scrapbooking and even sleep coaching solutions with Kim West “The Sleep Lady”.


Get information & consult with experts

The Parenting Toolbox offers a wealth of content (videos, short texts and tips & tricks) from experts on important parenting topics edited for easy reading/viewing on mobile devices.


For sleep and wellness information, Evoz has been working with Kim West, the Sleep Lady, for over 2 years to understand data trends and get parents the best possible information and expertise.

Kim West, The Sleep Lady, content & support at the tap of a button

Kim has personally helped tens of thousands of families gently find sleep for over 17 years. Kim has sold over 100,000 copies of her books, including Good Night, Sleep Tight which has been dubbed “The Sleep Bible”. Her sleep method, The Sleep Lady Shuffle is gentle, accessible, and can be catered to each family and child.


Parents who use the Evoz monitor and parenting toolbox also have the opportunity to access sleep and parenting experts that Kim has trained and certified (over 100 all over the world) through her support dashboard.



Feature Comparison



Always stay in touch with your little one

HD video streams that reach you anywhere in the world - downstairs, work, dinner, China .... anything goes


Can't watch the video because you need your phone or are doing something, leave the Audio on in the background



In a meeting, at dinner or just too busy for audio - get real Cry Alerts with a real-time picture from the monitor as push notifications, SMS or email alerts.


See everything, place anywhere




Nightlight control


control the brightness of your baby's nightlight that is built into the monitor



Play lullabies, songs or audiobooks

you can choose what soothing audio your baby hears from lullabies for the young babies to advanced audio books for older children



Calm baby remotely or give directions to the sitter

at the press of a button parents can open a direct audio connection to their baby's room to either sooth them or even to give the sitter directions


Track baby’s daily activity

The Evoz monitor helps parents automatically create a sleep/wake up log the first step to any sleep improvement. Additionally, parents can can keep track of baby’s feeding, changing, temperature, environment and milestones.


Evoz Parenting app presents the data in an intuitive graphical interface highlighting the trends and even lets parents export the data to share with coaches and pediatricians.


Evoz has developed data mining algorithms to look for patterns in the baby data that experts told us were meaningful. For example, if a baby is older than 6 months and daytime naps are consistently less than 45min, the parent is presented with a simple, step by step guide to increasing nap times.


Capture and share those special moments


Simple data..... useful content....... all that is well and good but parenting is so much more. There are the really fun things - the memories, the precious moments that melt your heart and you remember laughing about them years later.

Evoz lets parents capture snapshots and even short video clips at any time from their monitor and then offers parents to upload those, other media and milestones to our interactive scrapbooking feature. So simple! Capture,save & share the moments.


So easy to setup



Where are we - Delivery in April

We are so close to realizing the vision from 8 years ago and the plan from 5 years ago.  We are almost at the finish line for this amazing product but nowhere near the end of adding great services constantly.

Tech specs




Hardware - the connection to the physical environment


product 3D what is everything.png

Evoz Parenting Monitor hardware is a combination of high end electronics, advanced and powerful enough to run so much of the critical software parts of the system, and sleek and practical Industrial design driving usability and functionality.


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