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ALDOM Portable Ionic Hair brush

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19.99 $19.99

Quick overview

19.99 $19.99
hair brush detangler brush detangling brush ionic hair brush

· Negative ion antic-static

· 1100 Hz low frequency rhythm vibration

· Portable and compact, it can be placed in a bag

· Massage the scalp to soothe the scalp and rejuvenate the hair

hair brush hair comb detangler brush detangler comb
hair brush detangler brush ionic hair brush electric mini brush

· The traditional comb is only responsible for detangling or smoothing, while our ionic hair brush could release abundant negative ions

· Neutralizing static electricity and effectively stimulate the head points give the best care for your hair

· This detangler brush has metal tooth comb 3D airbag,and won't snag or pull hair,works on wet or dry hair,straight or curly,adults and children

· If you forget to turn off the power,don’t worry, IC controller automatically turns off the power after 4 minutes

detangler brush hair brush detangling brush

The mat is detachable for easy cleaning

Note: Only the comb mat can be washed with water. Do not wash other parts

Install and remove the comb components:

1. To remove comb tooth component

2. press the release comb switch button to remove it.

3.To install comb tooth component

4. press it down into the comb, and when the installation is correct, you will hear a (click) sound.

Install and remove the battery:

Anionic vibration massage is used in two sections 1.5 V AAA alkaline dry cells.

1. Remove the comb tooth component

2. Load the battery into battery storage or remove from battery storage.

3. Install the comb tooth component

hair brush detangler brush detangling brush

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