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Elliere Puana Wet Tissue

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14.99 $14.99


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Puana is a family-friendly wet tissue that provides gentleness to the skin with the value of "no additives" *.

The product concept is to provide safe and easy-to-use products with no additives * to the skin of an important family, and will gently snuggle into your everyday life.


99% pure water

Body (62 pieces)

Bactericidal non-alcohol type

Body (47 pieces)

Eradication 99.99% alcohol type

Body (42 pieces)

Puana's commitment

point1 Chemical component

Our original `` no additive * prescription ''

* Mineral oil, parabens, IPBC, MIT / BIT, coloring, PG, BG are not used. For pure water 99% / sterilized non-alcohol type, alcohol is not used.

  • * IPBC: propynyl iodide butylcarbamate, MIT: methylisothiazolinone, BIT: benzisothiazolinone, PG: propylene glycol, BG: butylene glycol

Patch tested

The patch test is a test to determine the irritation to the skin, which is often used in cosmetics.
Puana has been confirmed to be gentle on the skin from the test results.

* Not all people are not allergic.

Ingredients for food

It contains ingredients used in many foods, making it a product that can be wiped safely around the mouth as well as fingers.

Ingredients used in food
  • Grapefruit seed extract (derived from food ingredients)
  • Rosemary dried extract * 1 (Food additive grade)
  • Citric acid (food use / beverages)
  • Na citrate (Food / Beverages)
  • Glycerin (food use / confectionery)
  • Na benzoate * 2 (Food use / margarine)
  • * 1 Used for sanitizing non-alcohol type
  • * 2 Used for pure water 99% / sterilized non-alcohol type

point2 seat features

99% pure water, sterilized non-alcohol type

Natural plain non-woven fabric with emphasis on texture

Considering the use for fingers and mouth area, we adopted a natural plain non-woven fabric that feels good.

Eradication 99.99% alcohol type

Stripe mesh non-woven fabric that is easy to catch skin + dirt

Considering the use around the table, children's toys, and other things around us, we have adopted a striped mesh nonwoven fabric that is soft and easy to scrape.

* Striped mesh non-woven fabric: Natural plain and mesh non-woven fabric are alternately arranged.

point3 容器特長


It can be snapped open from the middle for easy refilling. No need to turn the container over.

  1. 1Open the container from the center and refill the bag with the sheet.

  2. TwoPeel off the seal at the top of the bag.

  3. ThreeClose container tightly toward center.

One push! Wide button

The push button is a 17㎜ × 80㎜ wide button.
This way, women can open with one hand while eating, cleaning, and while making and working.

Antibacterial container

The container has an antibacterial treatment to control the growth of bacteria on the surface of the container. It has been registered with the Antimicrobial Product Technology Council as an antibacterial container.

The SIAA mark is based on the results evaluated by the ISO22196 method and is displayed on products whose quality control and information are disclosed in the guidelines of the Antibacterial Products Technology Council.

It stops right! With non-slip


Prevents the container from slipping during use, as well as slipping during use.

Fashionable silhouette

It is a simple and stylish silhouette that reflects the voices of consumers and is familiar with living rooms and dining tables.

Which type you are?方 How to choose wet tissue

You can find out what type of diagnosis you have!


Elliere Puana Wet Tissue

Pure and natural. An additive-free wet tissue that is gentle on bare skin.

  • Elliere
    99% pure water body

  • Elliere
    Pure water 99% refill 62 sheets x 3P

  • Elliere
    99% pure water refill 62 sheets x 8P

  • Elliere
    Sterilized non-alcohol type body

  • Elliere
    47 pieces of sanitization non-alcohol type refilling * 3P

  • Elliere
    47 sheets x 8P for refilling sanitized non-alcohol type

  • Elliere
    99.99% of bacteria elimination Alcohol type body

  • Elliere
    99.99% of bacteria elimination Alcohol type refill 42 sheets x 3P

  • Elliere
    99.99% of bacteria elimination Alcohol type refill 42 sheets x 8P

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