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Electric Screwdriver COCOON

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Characteristics of the electric screwdriver cocoon (Cocoon) ADC-102

Palm-sized monster wearing a natural design!

Was not likely, so cute electric screwdriver. Women in feel free to use design, no cuteness of discomfort even in the room. This electric screwdriver of "DIY women" also recommended recently in surge, can be a powerful screw tightening while cute form. 

10 kinds of bit fulfilling. Positive and negative drivers of course, fully equipped to hex wrench. 
Orthodox of electric screwdriver while small, and assembly of assembly furniture is definitely a big success in the DIY!

Color variations

  • Photo (White)  Photo (Green)

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I use Easy ultra lightweight ♪ about 250g

Palm size that does not bulky even put in a bag, even weight ultra-lightweight 250g.Women even manageable size and weight type, work is also very easy.

2WAY charging USB even can be charged even AC

A built-in USB connection terminal to the body, can be charged immediately by simply sliding the protrusion of the lower body. AC charger is also compatible.

High torque 4N · m! Small to powerful

Compact, USB charging, and says and than power is not enough ... I worry is useless. Not only DIY, you can use for a variety of furniture and appliances for the home.

Electric screwdriver cocoon (Cocoon) ADC-102 function

  • The more I do not know if it is not said to be a electric screwdriver, cute and rounded form. Electric screwdriver it was it was lumpy "tool man" until now, has become so cute. And even in the women's room, you familiar at all without discomfort.
  • One can be 270 screws tighten the charge. In once about 90 minutes charging, I can screw tightening of 270 this (※). Because it is built-in battery, it is possible to use in cordless, you can work in any location. ※ full charge when ※ use conditions: cedar plate 13mm / wood screws 3 × 12mm (2.5mm pilot hole of)
  • Japanese easy to use! 10 kinds of bit set. In easy-to-use 10 kinds of bit set, I will be tailored to a variety of furniture assembly and screws. 
    Bit set 
    (1) extension shaft 
    (2) 3mm drill 
    (3) 2mm drill 
    (4) # 1 Phillips 
    (5) # 2 Phillips 
    (6) # 4 minus 
    (7) # 5 minus 
    (8) 3mm hex 
    (9) 4mm hex 
    (10) 5mm hex
  • I can work even in a dark place in the built-in LED light. A built-in LED light, is happy also work in dark places, such as gap. You do not want to use the driver, but can also be used by itself LED lights.
Feature image

Electric screwdriver cocoon (Cocoon) ADC-102 Product Specifications

Product Name Electric screwdriver cocoon
Model number ADC-102
Color / 
Size deployment
White (WH) / Green (GR)
Specs Voltage: 3.7V 
Size (approx.): Width 11.2 × depth 4.4 × height 5.9cm 
Weight (approximately): 0.25kg 
Bit chuck: hexagonal axis (width across flats 6.35mm) 
Battery Capacity: Lithium polymer 1Ah 
Rotational speed: 280rpm maximum tightening torque 4N · m 
Charging time (approx.): 90 minutes 
Protection: overvoltage or overcurrent protection function 
cocoon dedicated AC adapter / input AC100V 50 / 60Hz Output: DC5V 1A
The set includes Body, bit set (extension shaft, 3mm drill, 2mm drill, # 1 Phillips, # 2 Phillips, # 4 minus, # 5 minus, 3mm hex, 4mm hex, 5mm hex), strap, AC adapter, USB cable, instruction calligraphy, warranty card
  • ※ Specification of goods is a thing of the time release. Please note that there are times when you have to change the specifications for product improvement and improvement.
  • ※ Product image and the real thing is the colors may vary.




回転数:280rpm  最大締付トルク4N・m  
cocoon専用ACアダプター/入力AC100V 50/60Hz 出力:DC5V 1A 

株式会社マツムラ 076-242-1122


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