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to hear to a weakened gastrointestinal.

to hear to a weakened gastrointestinal.

Ebios lock The

The power of natural materials nutritional yeast (brewer's yeast) to a weakened gastrointestinal

Ebios tablets, is born from natural materials of nutritional yeast (brewer's yeast) specified quasi-drugs. 
The 40 species of gastrointestinal nutrition component is weakened, such as "Hari also sauce, indigestion, stomach stomach" that is included in the beer yeast gently caring, we will return to a healthy state.

Your gastrointestinal, or not weak? People complain of leaning, heartburn stomach, as before if you feel that was often stomach lean tends to increase with age, if you feel that no young appetite If you feel that you can no longer eating and drinking it, the pressure You may sign the gastrointestinal was weakened by age.

Of Ebios Tablets

Features dietary fiber other three species, including 40 species natural materials derived from nutrient nine of vitamin 18 kinds of amino acid nine mineral ※ vitamin related compounds (two nucleic acid, total glutathione) specified quasi-drugs

It is recommended to those who like

Also to maternal Ms. 5 years of age or older child to illness of nutrition for those who feel the gastrointestinal is weak

and actively the work of the point.1 weakened gastrointestinal

Point.2 to replenish scarce nutrients

To replenish the indispensable essential amino acids in Point.3 body


Daily dose (30 tablets) medium ... dry yeast 7125m g

The tablets in the yellowish white to pale yellowish brown, there is a yeast-specific smell and taste. 
The containing lactose, calcium hydrogen phosphate, silicic anhydride, hydrogenated oil as an additive. 
So we have this formulation was a natural product as a raw material ※, there can be some variation in taste, color and smell, but it is not is safe to take.

With delicious beer, also born brewer's yeast.

I wonder What is brewer's yeast? The work of the brewer's yeast?

Brewer's yeast is a type of yeast, known for such as yeast of making bread. In the process of beer making, and has been used to ferment the wort. Its magnitude is what about 10 microns (1 millimeters of 1 micron = 1000 minutes). It is if you look under a microscope spherical or egg-shaped. 
Glucan and mannan in the cell wall, into the cell is essential amino acids and vitamins, etc., it contains a lot of nutritional ingredients.

help digestive function, there is work to increase the useful bacteria (good bacteria), such as lactic acid bacteria.


The delicious beer making, delicious and water, good wort quality, and it is essential to brewer's yeast. Brewer's yeast is responsible for fermentation with plenty absorb the nutrition of wort. And it born is nutrient-rich brewer's yeast.

Grain to "beer barley" is large and skin uses a thin two-rowed barley. And delicious beer, brewer's yeast of nutritious grew up in this wheat.


"Beer barley" to be germinated by giving the water and air, and then to "malt". 
In this case, it increases the enzyme activity to change the starch in the wheat to sugar.


By the "malt" in flour, to create a "wort" Boil slowly with auxiliary materials such as starch. This is maltose, amino acids, vitamins, contains plenty of nutrients such as minerals.


Place the live brewer's yeast that was pure culture in the "wort" of the fermenter. While brewer's yeast were grown, changed the sugar content of the wort into alcohol and carbon dioxide, we will make the beer. This I say with the alcohol fermentation.


Brewer's yeast that has finished fermentation will precipitate. "Young beer" supernatant of the newborn. Sunken beer yeast, it has plenty of absorbing the nutrients of wort.

Ebios tablet bottle type specified quasi-drug choice line-up Ebios lock pouch type product information, click here

◆ effectiveness and efficacy

  • Stomach leaning, indigestion, stomach, abdominal bloating

  • And eat too much, drink too much, heartburn, You can also use the chest, nausea (nausea, upset hangover, drunken sickness, nausea), vomiting

  • Dyspepsia, anorexia (loss of appetite)

  • Nutrition, malnutrition

  • Nutrition of pregnant or nursing women, frail health who

Pregnant women, lactating women's to illness of nutrition to supply nutrients for those who beamed leaning-belly stomach anxious for those who feel the gastrointestinal is weak, the nutrition of children over 5 years of age

◆ Precautions

  1. The next person doctor before taking, please consult your pharmacist or registered seller.
    • Who are receiving medical attention.
  2. In the following cases, stop taking the drug, please consult a doctor, pharmacist or a registered seller.
    • Even taking about a month, if that is not seen improvement of symptoms.

◆ Dosage

The amount of the following three times a day, please take with water or lukewarm water after meals.

age 15 years of age or older.            11 years of age or older.            
           Less than 15 years old
            7 years of age or older. 
          Less than 11 years of age
                         5 years of age or older. 
                         Under 7 years
Dose 1 times 10 tablets             8 tablets once             Once 5 tablets                           Once 3 tablets

◆ component

Component in the daily dose (30 tablets)
Dry yeast 7125m g

The containing lactose, calcium hydrogen phosphate, silicic anhydride, hydrogenated oil as an additive. 
Ebios tablets is a tablet with a taste and smell of yeast-specific in yellowish white to pale tan.

Since this formulation is derived from natural materials ※, there can be some variation in taste, color and smell, but it does not is safe to take.

◆ Nutrition

General composition
Energy               22.3kcal
Protein              3.9 g
Lipid              0.28 g
Carbohydrate                 0 ~ 0.10 g
Dietary fiber              2.0 g
sodium              2 ~ 29m g
Vitamin B 1 0.72m g
Vitamin B 2 0.20m g
Vitamin B 6 0.17m g
Niacin 3.1m g
Folic acid 92μ g
Pantothenic acid 0.34m g
Biotin 9.3μ g
Vitamin related compounds
Inositol 26m g
Colin 19m g
calcium 8 ~ 23m g
iron 0.39m g
potassium 124m g
magnesium 18m g
Rin 131m g
copper 0.02m g
zinc 0.43m g
manganese 0.05m g
selenium 4.6μ g
Protein (as amino acid composition)
lysine 290m g
Isoleucine 170m g
Leucine 265m g
Methionine 61m g
Phenylalanine 160m g
Threonine 190m g
Tryptophan 51m g
Valine 206m g
Cystine 36m g
Tyrosine 112m g
Histidine 91m g
Arginine 210m g
Alanine 254m g
Aspartic acid 377m g
Glutamic acid 450m g
glycine 167m g
Proline 138m g
Serine 201m g
Total glutathione
15m g
Nucleic acid
RNA 296m g
DNA 9.0m g
Purine bodies
Purine bodies 113.3m g


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