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DV8 Sports Golf Gear

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699.95 $699.95

Because traditional golf clubs are bulky, heavy and cumbersome, they create obstacles that all too often force you to either sacrifice golf entirely or sacrifice your other lifestyle passions and pursuits to practice or play.

Urban transit, let alone a cramped apartment, is an obstacle.

Lack of trunk space is an obstacle.

For bikers, cyclists and scooter riders, having no trunk space at all is definitely an obstacle.

Bring No Baggage

First we reinvented your clubs, then we reinvented your bag. So space is not an obstacle. Weight is not an obstacle. Convenience, function, video lessons and even airline over-sized baggage fees aren’t obstacles. In other words, your DV8 bag has no baggage.

Inside the Bag
Bag Features #1
  • 13" x 19" x 6" and only 15 lbs with full set of DV8 clubs
  • Interchangeable panel available in 8 fashion colors
  • Lower zippered 9"x 4" storage compartment
Bag Features #2 data-image=
  • Comfort padded, adjustable shoulder straps
  • Breathable comfort padded back
  • Slots for optional tripod mounting
Bag Features #3
  • Adjustable waist strap prevents shifting while biking
  • Cart-mount straps hold bag securely & upright, loop easily over club holding bar in rear of cart
Defy Convention

Forget 14 clubs with 14 shafts. DV8 clubs let you carry 14 different heads, but only one shaft. We simply vary the lower shaft length from coupler to club head, keeping each club true to its regular length and shaft flex. Nothing conventional. Just pure wisdom.

One Mother of Invention

This patented, quick-connect coupler is forged from 5 years of meticulous design and innovation that you can snap-to in 3 seconds. Precision engineered and crafted to allow DV8 clubs to swing, hit, feel and perform like your clubs. In other words, sacrifice is no obstacle.

Better Yet, Destroy It

Next, we compared the DV8 driver and 5-iron (with couplers) against these same three brands and again, our 5 iron was near the top in performance and our driver showed only a minor (~3%) overall distance impact. So repeat after us: “performance is not an obstacle.”

How is it possible for a club to be interchanged?


There are two couplers located on the club.  One located in the middle of the shaft which helps reduce the size of the club and one located at the top of the shaft which allows the head of the club to be changed.  To make any changes to the club, it takes about 3-5 seconds.  I watched as Rick Smith and I were in the middle of discussing his recent travel to China, he casually popped off the PW head to a 9i head in a manner of seconds without even needing to look down at the club.  He then handed me the club to see if I could get the club head on and off.  I’ll admit the first attempt to me a good minute because I was afraid I’d break the club.  The second attempt took me a good 30 seconds.  The third attempt took me under 10 seconds.  It really was that easy.


It looks like a golf club, but does it feel like a golf club?

I took a good 30 swings on the simulator.  I started my swing off at 50%, so I can get a feel for the club itself.  Midway thru my test swings I was swinging at a full 100%.  It’s a true flush impact. It weighs the same as any golf club would feel. Overtime it felt like I was swinging one of my own clubs.  You really forget that this club has the ability to “break” apart.  It really had a great feel.

Here are the specs for the irons:


I took these specs from PING for the G25 irons so you can see the comparison between a DV8 club and a regular golf brand.  No big differences, except you know that you can take apart the club…

ping g25 specs


Aren’t you afraid that the club will fall off?

Unless you don’t follow instructions, then there is no way for these clubs to break apart.  The couplers are locked in tight so that the strongest of swings speeds even have a hard attempting to make the club fall apart.  Once your couplers are locked in, you are ready to grip and rip.  My only concern about the couplers involved the lower coupler.  It was black and not a flush steel color like the rest of the club.  To the “core” golfers that could be distracting, but it really wasn’t a big deal.  While I was testing out the club, I pretty much forgot that the black lock was there.

Breaking Down the Press Launch:

If you’re going to have a “Golf” press launch in the middle of New York City on the coldest day ever recorded in the month of November, then there’s no better place than Golf and Body NYC.  If you haven’t heard of Golf and Body NYC, it is the perfect golfer’s man cave.  A perfect spot for a launch as specific as this.

This was DV8’s second session of the launch as there had been on that took place earlier in the day.  I was part of the evening session which I thought was perfect.  It was more intimate, more personable and we really got a true feeling for who DV8 was and how they were trying to revamp the golf industry.

Charles Mclendon, VP of Business Development,  analyzed the current state of the golf industry and market and how DV8 was created.

He then introduced us to Richard Stamper, President and CEO of DV8 Sports, who literally broke down the product and gave us an in-depth look at the product’s design:

DV8 Starter Package

Product Description

Thank you so much for your interest in DV8 Sports! 

Starter Package Options:

  • Driver, 5 Iron, 7 Iron and 9 Iron.
  • Bag comes with a black front flap.

Note* $30 Domestic Shipping (USPS). For all International Shipping we will follow up with you to discuss shipping methods and rates.




DV8 Practice Package


Product Description

Thank you so much for your interest in DV8 Sports! 

Practice Package Options:

  • Driver, 3 Hybrid, 5 Iron, 7 Iron, 9 Iron, Pitching Wedge and Sand Wedge.
  • Bag comes with a black front flap.

Note* $30 Domestic Shipping (USPS). For all International Shipping we will follow up with you to discuss shipping methods and rates.




DV8 Play Package


Product Description

Thank you so much for your interest in DV8 Sports! 

Play Package Option:

  • Driver, 3 Wood, 5 Hybrid, 5 Iron, 7 Iron, 8 Iron, 9 Iron, Pitching Wedge, Sand Wedge and Putter.
  • Bag comes with a black front flap.

Note* $30 Domestic Shipping (USPS). For all International Shipping we will follow up with you to discuss shipping methods and rates.





Frequently Asked Questions

Is DV8 looking to compete with brands like Callaway Golf or Taylormade?

No. Our product is not intended to be a golfer’s primary set of clubs. While they certainly could be primary, our focus is on providing golfers with options where the size and weight of traditional equipment simply doesn’t make sense.

Does DV8 equipment conform to the USGA and R&A rules of golf?

No. But that’s only an issue if you plan to play a round and post the score for handicap purposes. Otherwise, you’re good. By the way, less than 10% of all golfers actually have an official handicap.
Can I carry DV8 onto an airplane as carry-on luggage?
Not yet. In March 2012, the TSA announced that 2 golf clubs could be carried on to commercial flights (DV8 is technically one). That decision was rescinded in April 2012 due to backlash surrounding pocket knives being approved for carry-on as well. We are actively working with the TSA to reinstate the golf club ruling and will keep you posted.

If I check my DV8 set, will I have to pay excess baggage fees?

No. DV8 is smaller and lighter than most suitcases. You might have to pay a bag fee per the airline but you won’t have to pay the $100 or more excess fee each way that golfers often face when traveling with traditional equipment.
DV8 clubs feel heavier than normal clubs. Is this true?
Yes. The DV8 driver is approximately 50 grams heavier than drivers from other brands. The irons are about 40 grams heavier. That’s about 1 ½ ounces or roughly the weight of one golf ball. Really.

I have a spare set of clubs. Can DV8 retrofit them with your technology?

Yes and no. It is our goal to offer a retrofit service at some point but we’re not there yet. That’s the yes part. The no part revolves around the shafts in your spare set. We would have to change those out to be compatible with our coupling devices.
I play steel shafts in my irons but the base DV8 set has a single graphite shaft. Is this an issue?
Depends on your swing speed [with your irons]. Stiffer shaft flexes, especially steel, makes it more difficult to get the ball airborne. Unless you’re really swinging hard, like 90+ mph with a 5 iron, you might benefit from graphite. Try our graphite shaft and if you still want steel, we offer that as an option.
Will DV8 offer products for lefties and juniors?
Yes. We’re working on them now and will make announcements in the near future. Stand by.
Does DV8 make its own shafts?
No. Like almost every other equipment manufacturer, we source them. DV8 shafts come from Matrix Composites, one of the leading shaft brands globally.
Golf clubs take a beating. Will DV8 equipment hold up?
Yes. DV8 coupling devices are machined out of high-tensile stainless steel. It's pretty strong stuff. The bonds between coupler and shaft rely on time-tested hosel technology (same as shaft in head) plus a one inch pin inside the shaft on each side of both couplers providing additional strength.
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