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DreamGlass Air - Private AR Screen for PHONE

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399 $399.00

DreamGlass Air is a lightweight personal cinema that plays on its 100” AR screen anything from your smartphone/tablet (Android,iPhone,iPad), game consoles (PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch), PC&Mac, and other electronic devices. It frees up your hands and shows everything in private, delivering the most comfortable viewing experience. Unlike Virtual Reality headsets, DreamGlass Air packs up cutting-edge Augmented Reality technology that usually costs thousands of dollars, for mobility, daily life assistance and surrounding safety awareness.    

Have you ever felt your phone screen is too small?  Tired of holding it?  Suffered from neck pain after using it?  

DreamGlass Air sets you free by projecting anything from your phone into multiple 100’’ immersive screens wirelessly.  With 2.5K  resolution and unparalleled 90° FOV, every single detail comes to life to entertain you in any posture you like.

Incredibly Immersive Experience

The newest games and movies are better when viewed on a large screen. Powered by the most cutting-edge imaging technology today, DreamGlass Air delivers vivid, high definition, immersive viewing experience on a gigantic AR screen. Get ready to be amazed, your digital world will never feel the same!

Your Own Private Theater

Everyone needs some private time. With DreamGlass Air, the content you are viewing is totally private and cannot be seen by others from any angle. Combined with the hands-free feature, you can relax and enjoy your personal world anywhere and anytime.

Immersive But Not Isolated

Worried about trip hazard from the isolation of VR headsets? DreamGlass Air is different! You can see and use your phone's touchscreen to control, and have awareness of the surroundings while enjoying your favorite contents. Never miss a phone call or text message. During travel, you can turn any seat into first class with VIP entertainment, and never miss the food service or notice of emergency.

90° Ultra-Wide FOV

With the unparalleled 90° FOV (Field of View) and stereo sound, the digital world has never been this real! 

2.5K  Screen

With 2.5K resolution at 600 ppi (Pixel Per Inch), DreamGlass Air delivers a smooth, clear view even for the most sophisticated images. Every single detail comes into life with the most vivid color.

DreamGlass Air is compatible with any smartphone (iPhone and Android), games consoles, PC&Mac, local media in a Flash Drive,  as well as most other electronics devices. Old devices become new again when paired with the immersive world inside DreamGlass Air! 

With 3 degree of freedom head tracking, DreamGlass Air can display multiple 100” AR screens, providing hands free visual aid for your daily life tasks. Imagine you can watch instructional videos while repairing your car without holding your phone. Or read recipe and watch drama simultaneously in the kitchen. Multitasking has never been more convenient and entertaining. 

DreamGlass Air is feather light, weighing at only 5 oz. With a unique foldable design, it is of the size of a pair of ski goggles, perfect for on-the-go use. You can easily put it in your backpack or handbag and bring your private Dreamworld with you wherever you go. 

Eye Glasses Friendly 

A lot of us wear prescription glasses. No worries. DreamGlass Air has enough eye relief for any correction glasses you may have. Enjoy your private IMAX theater without uncomfortable interference.

5G Compatible for a Glimpse of the Future

5G is coming and Augmented Reality is its immediate application. Compatible with smartphones, DreamGlass Air can fly you to the future by delivering high bandwidth and low latency contents through the 5G network (DreamGlass Air relies on the modem in your phone for 5G network).   

5-Hour Battery Life + Inverse Charging your phone

Despite the small size, DreamGlass Air has its own battery and can last for more than 5 hours. So you can binge watch 2-3 films without worrying about your phone’s power, as  we understand the battery of your phone is always not enough. DreamGlass Air can even back charge your phone when necessary.  Never get caught again by a dead battery dilemma.

 1. Wireless Display (Prototype Demo included) 

 project video thumbnail

2. Plug & Play via HDMI and USB (Prototype Demos included)

 project video thumbnail
 project video thumbnail

 Based on our extensive experience in optics, DreamGlass Air uses the most cutting edge imaging and coating technology with the widest field of view, delivering the most immersive and vivid visuals all the time!

Did you feel eye strain after watching movie on your phone? It is caused by the near distance (~0.3 meter) and the intensive blue light of the phone screen. DreamGlass Air uses advanced optical technology to project contents at meters away,  and employs over 10 layers of special optical coatings to reduces blue light and glare,  delivering much more comfortable viewing experience. 

 We really appreciate the help from our backer community, and we value your inputs. That’s why we seize very opportunity to meet our backer in person, showing live demos to him/her, and collecting feedbacks.

Our CEO, Kevin Zhong, met Eliah in Los Angeles on Aug 25th. Eliah is a retired professional gamer, and a super backer who has backed 233 projects on Kickstarter in the past. Eliah liked DreamGlass Air very much and provided a lot of constructive suggestions.

On Sep 7th&8th, we also met with 5 of our backers, Kevin, Glen, Mario, Ben and Krystyn in the Silicon Valley Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum. They all tried our DreamGlass Air and Pro in person, and they all liked it. We'll inform you once we have more opportunities to meet with you in the future. Stay tuned!

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