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Door Scope Camera

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Quick overview

Can be mounted on your own "entrance before automatic recording door scope camera" door scope, recording,
In order to protect themselves as well, visitors but it is want to make sure before you open the door. 
You can check who has come if there is a intercom with monitor, 
You can not come with in rental properties, construction and even if they want with you or was very. 

This door scope camera unnecessary work. 
Only be installed in door scope, Check visitors monitor. 
Even if home is away, the camera makes sure you automatically recorded. 

As one of the security measures, this door scope camera installation is simple is recommended!

Product introduction

And or shot with motion detection, you can shoot Once chime is pressed

Door phone camera, you can shoot still images and video. 

When the chime is pressed that is attached to the camera, and start recording. 
If you motion detection mode, you can start recording automatically when something moves outside of the door. 
It is possible to automatically recording even at the time of absence, you can see who has been asked.

I foresee the outside of the door from inside the house day or night!

Door scope is whether you know easily deviate to the fact. 
Because some types can also possible to remove from the outside, possibly might someone is peeping secretly. 

If installing this door phone camera, so that you can peek before being peep! 
While have in the house, you can monitor the front of the door. 
Because the camera is equipped with infrared LED, can be monitored even at night! 
I do not miss the suspicious visitors!

Construction unnecessary, installation is easy.

Unlike full-fledged intercom, construction there is no need. 
Remove the door scope that is attached in advance, there is only installing the camera and monitor. 
Since there is no worry about damage to the walls and door, there is no problem in rental properties.

Monitor & intercom overlooking up to 120 degrees

Narrow range visible in the door scope, 
If the monitor with intercom, also be a little visitor of position is not displayed with the bad. 
This camera viewing angle of 120 degrees! 
You can see a wide range in the monitor!

How to install and size



Size Camera: 47 × 57 × 164 (mm) 
Monitor: 146 × 85 × 17 (mm)
Weight 190g
Power supply Charging and the power supply from USB 
1020mAh lithium battery
Accessories Camera, monitor, USB cable (115cm), lithium battery, mounting hardware, 6 screws, charger, stickers, simple Japanese manual
Recording file Video: 640 × 480, AVI format (length of one file by setting recording time) 
※ can be set in 10,20,30,60 seconds. About 8MB in 20 seconds 
Still images: 640 × 480, JPG format (1 file about 80KB)
Recording Media microSD card 4GB-32GB
Charging time About 4-5 hours
Operating time 10 seconds to about 200 times in the recording
Monitor 3.5 inches
Digital zoom Quadruple
View angle 120 degrees
Motion sensing Within 3 meters
Corresponding size Door hole diameter: 12 ~ 46mm 
Thickness of the door: 35 ~ 120mm
Door phone sound 25 different
Notes ※ Please prepare a Phillips screwdriver for installation work. 
※ No sound is recorded. 
※ connect or disconnect the camera connector should be carried out from as much as possible off the power to the monitor body. 
※ Please treat with care so easy to cut the camera cables. 
※ When you first turn on the power most, chime sounds. And the volume is turned up to the initial setting stage, please note that you will hear a pretty loud sound. 
※ If you shoot in motion detection mode, battery power will be violently in a high-traffic location. In the case of battery operation, we will recommend the use of in a mode to shoot Once chime is pressed.
Package Size Width 188 × depth 110 × height 63 (mm)
Weight I (including package) 401g
Warranty period For a year
Support Information Manual (PDF)

※ Specifications are subject to change without notice for improvement.

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