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Don! Japon

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Rice is ready in 2012, was released from the Nagoya Asahi metal microwave Steamer "rice steamer Japon'. In blockbuster still commonly found in kitchen supply stores and grocery stores across the country. The new products have evolved from "Japon". And body in the pot of cooked at the same time rice and ingredients in structure 2-stage. Can make easy rice bowl, its name is "Don! Japon ' is.

We also of course gorgeous hardcover recipes with. Bowl, of course, includes a variety of Japanese dishes and dessert recipes.

Body 'lid' and ' in the pot "and divides into 3 parts of the body. In can put the ingredients in the pot and the body of another, for example side dishes, plus rice and ' side dishes + soup "the combination dessert + source and that at the same time cooking can be. You can also put the lid on one or the other use as well as the two-stage your.

• Immediately made a bowl of rice with shrimp

So let's try to bowl with shrimp ball immediately listed in the recipe.

How to cook a basic rice the same 'Japon' with the white rice if you are 30 minutes-1 hour water time should be. To prepare for the fixture with the immersion time and not waste. After flooding once in a colander, put rice and water in the body (lower).

In the Pan and the ingredients to put in order. Onion is sliced. Grate the grated Peel 揉mi込nnda ginger put turn the shrimp do not overlap, and eggs, light soy sauce, Mirin, honey, it's a mixture of things.

Put on the lid, 600-Watt microwave oven to heat for 9 minutes. Left intact for 10 minutes after heating, and steam it. At least finish cooking. Easy...

So far out of range, opened the lid. You can see such as egg and shrimp and cooked.

Lower rice. Also moist and cooked up.

• Taste really is.

Set the ingredients, just heat in the microwave was that had done during the bowl. Speaking of work remain, with rice and ingredients over, just accompany the trefoil. What one thing without the cooking techniques in the now I can bowl of rice with shrimp (about to slice onions if nothing else), I really.

Now, how important taste better? I tried shrimp ball Bowl actually finished.

Yes, delicious. Shrimp is just addition and subtraction better fire (heat) as PRI was as, and texture also some of the other ingredients.

Is however shrimp jade bowl made using a pot if you have no unconditional raving about products, buy him, so fair to tell neat can't beat an honest impression. But side by side material after letting all the microwaves of maybe, judging from the super easy dish that say 'enough that demonstrate passing over performance"is accurate.

In the point becomes chunks of pancake ingredients firm fixture Pan stereotypically so little noticed. Could be made more airy than perhaps earlier than the prescribed cooking time took fixture only once.

Click on the ▼ smooth noodle challenge

Well, the following are on recipe book also "click on the smooth noodles '.

Sold at supermarket bag Chinese noodles (one steamed) and water put steamer bottom.

Of boiled pork, bamboo shoots in top shape of dice, spring onions (chopped), Sesame, Tubingen, garlic grater of soy sauce, chicken soup, water, mix.

Stacked steamer lid, heated for 5 minutes at 600 W.

After heating the noodles in sesame oil mixture to loosen up, completed.

I tried to eat ▼

Been made as easily as well, disappointing "click on the smooth noodles '. What will taste better.

Perfectly delicious.
Can say shrimp ball Bowl felt somewhat of arrangements, compared here's a golden recipe was perfected. The noodles entwined with spicy sesame oil, spicy on who matched exquisitely.

When I first started eating the "a little less noodles. Was the amount of women-friendly? A failed. "And catch a try when it comes after eating I thought put meat and bamboo shoots notice rainforests than anyone thought. Quantity and taste and impeccable. Spicy hot discipline of Tubingen into too much as it will stimulate the appetite who endlessly so I could eat, but this later rice balls would, if there were one in the male belly becomes painful.

Cooking seems to be cooking, if you have material to diced boiled bamboo shoots and green onion to small pieces about ( thumbing it also cut green onions bought ). Really quickly that it made during the. Can make and scoot home from work tired, so is recommended. Say that even the ensures repeat griddle recipes.

• Summary

Will come into view and arrangement of this steamer tips there that is also depending on your microwave oven some recipes as rather than arrangements. think you're familiar. Don't have to worry that anything big fail. You might have other errands during the majority of the cooking time in a neglected state OK, so also available. Use as an intact, even washing dishes require minimal. Such as, seeing overall quite often benefits products. Bet's handy home from work tired, busy, etc.

Product specs

[Out size: 18 x 18 x 15 cm 
[In size] 17 x 17 x 13 cm 
[Full water capacity: 1350 cc 
[In a pot capacity: 600 cc 
[In the lid full water capacity: 560 cc 
Material: silicone rubber 
Accessories: hard cover recipe 
[Production] China

Rakuten Global Market

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