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De Ou medicinal protection Deca ball deodrant

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6.99 $6.99

Thorough block / high adhesion + sterilization / [waki (smelling odor), skin sweat odor, antiperspirant] Mentholatum Deodorant RL [Quasi-drug] / Introducing! Direct coating roll-on type antiperspirant

Thoroughly block odor with high adhesion and sterilization effect! !

[POINT01] Direct adhesion on armpit for high adhesion! & Paint with a big ball!

Goron and one coat

It is a direct-on roll-on type that can be applied firmly to the armpit, so it sticks well to the odor and lasts for a long time!

Bactericidal ingredients block the odor of armpits!

(1) Sterilizing ingredients * 1 block the odor of armpits for a long time! / ② Contains antiperspirant ingredients * 3. Hold sweat! / ③ Functional fragrances will turn bad odors into good odors and will also absorb them!

* 1: Benzalkonium chloride
* 2: Effects of functional fragrances
* 3: Zinc paraphenol sulfonate

  1. A sterilizing ingredient * 1 thoroughly blocks the odor of armpits from morning to night! Blocks up to the aging odor * 2 with a formula unique to De Ou®!


De Ow® Roll-on blocks odors from morning to night! !

A man's day is full of odorous scenes! ! * The scene is an image.

AM 8:00

[Scene ① Commuting] Inside a train or bus

When I slept over and dashed to the station, I sweated a lot, and I'm really worried that I might smell a lot now.

It is inevitable to sweat when you are in a hurry, so I would like you to take care of odors if possible. There are quite a few odors that come to the seats nearby ...

It does not smell during commuting with a single morning coat!

[Scene ② Going to work] Inside the elevator

A close environment like an elevator where someone is riding in a sweaty state ... I think "Wow! Worst !!" I feel awkward if I smell sweat.

Narrow closed room elevators are naturally close to each other and the air does not circulate, so I'm more concerned about odors than usual.

It does not smell even in a closed room with a single morning coat!

[Scene ③ at work] Closed room meeting

If you are nervous, your side sweat may not stop. I think this can't be helped, but people who are together there will be irresistible (laughs)

It ’s a closed room during the meeting, so there are many cases where the smell is worrisome, and sometimes you ca n’t concentrate on the content.

It won't smell even if you get nervous in the morning!

[Scene ④ After leaving the office] Night date

I especially care about odors before a date! I don't want her to be hated, and I want to be careful!

If my boyfriend is nio even though it is a precious date, my tension will drop a little ... It ’s a waste of romantic scenes and words…

It does not smell until the end of the day with a single morning coat!

The odor scene you care about every day can be completely blocked from morning to night if you have De Ow® Roll-On! / Just get up in the morning and apply a quick coat!

De Ow® Roll-on blocks odors from morning to night! !

De Ou® Medicinal Protect Deodorant Roll-on (Unscented)De au® Medicinal Protect Deodorant Roll-on (citrus herb scent)

Description of item

"De-Oh's Protective Deodorant Roll-on for Medication" is a roll-on type direct-coated antiperspirant.
By simply painting with Goron with a big ball, sterilization * 1 and antiperspirant * 2 ingredients will thoroughly block sweat, odor and wakiga!
Care for aging odors with the effect of functional fragrances.
Apply in the morning until the night.
Citrus herb scent.
* 1: Benzalkonium chloride * 2: Zinc paraphenolsulfonate [Precautions for use]
・ Do not use on the face or mucous membrane. Do not use immediately after treatment of unwanted hair, when there is an abnormality such as a wound, swelling, eczema or rash.
・ Take care not to get this in your eyes.
Should it get in your eyes, immediately rinse with cold or warm water.
If any abnormalities remain, consult an ophthalmologist.
[Consultation points for use]
・ Please use carefully to make sure there are no abnormalities on your skin.
Discontinue use and consult a dermatologist if any abnormalities such as redness, swelling, itchiness, irritation, color loss (white spots etc.) and darkening appear during use or in the sunlight after use. Symptoms may worsen if continued to be used.

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